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Mavek, Neonate Champion
Biographical information




House of Devils (formerly)
House of Shadows




Dreg (special)



Combat information


The Shadow Reaver


Marrowshard Wrist Blades
Fusion Projectors


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Pounce Attack
Fusion Blasts
Feral Rage
Marrowstorm Shield
Marrowshard Instability
Blade Deflection


"Step forward, Mavek. You have long been scorned by your superiors for your viciousness and hatred. They feared your feral and tragic anger, leaving you shackled to drekhhood. You no longer have to hide your seething rage, for I shall grant you a gift for you to relish as you show the universe your loathing. Hear me now, my young and brash champion! As the strength of the Marrow flows through me, it now flows through you! Let slip the chains that burdened your endless hate. Tear apart all those who stand in the way of you and our boundless might. Bring fear and perpetuate loathing my champion!"
— Xavyskaa empowering Mavek with Marrow

Mavek, Neonate Champion is a Marrow-empowered and maddened warrior of the House of Shadows and lieutenant of Xavyskaa. Long neglected, tormented and tortured as a Dreg, he became infamous for his bouts of indiscriminate rage that resulted in casualties from both his and the enemies' sides, which resulted in his imprisonment and experimentation by the House of Devils' Splicer sect. Years of mutilation would leave him a scarred and unyieldingly enraged monster. During the events of Paradox, he would be coaxed into joining the House of Shadows by a sympathetic Xavyskaa, whom the both would quickly become unlikely, trusting compatriots, making him one of the first of the few Fallen commanders to wield the powers of the Marrow.



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