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The Underground


Solar System


Criminal Armistice


Expand a criminal enterprise through unity
Maintain peace between Crime Syndicates and other Gangs


Varies, mostly uninvolved


None, though is influenced by some of the more notorious and malicious syndicates and mercenary organization

Notable information:

Known to welcome and sell goods to Guardians


"You want to make some Glimmer off dirty deeds, get your hands on unsanctioned hardware or, if your lucky, make some friends, the Underground is the place to do so. Just always keep your head on a swivel and your hands close to your weapon."
Wren Kinsing

The Underground is a criminal union between former rival gangs and crime syndicates. It was created as a means for these organizations to thrive both economically and influentially. Despite the ever-growing size of the illicit alliance and some of the actions of the gangs within, it has long remained under the radar of larger factions such as the Vanguard and the larger Cabal legions and Fallen houses.


Before the rise of the Guardian, large criminal elements, syndicates and mercenaries would develop an uneasy truce after years of contending with and battling each other, thus creating the rigid alliance that is now known as the Underground. Throughout years of uneasy peace, these organizations would continue to work to each other's and, mostly, their own best interests in tandem and honoring the unspoken rule of secrecy from those already unaware of the Underground's existence. Though the rules and history of the Underground hasn't really changed throughout the years of it's existence, those who enforce it has, with countless of the original progenitors of the criminal concord disappearing and being replaced by equally, if not more, powerful and influential organizations such as Castris's Criminal Empire.

Notable Syndicates and Mercenary Groups[edit]