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The Dragon's Breath Order


Vulpis, the Dracobane
Bharad, the Mutualist
Panavis, High Priestess
Kavahn, Head Guardsman
Tuliks, the Emissary
Khlendiss, the Demolitionist
Ephiliks, Scourge Hunter


Noviks Prime, the Warmachine
Noviks-2, the Datatap


Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone, Earth
European Dead Zone, Earth
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Meridian Bay, Mars
Glacier, Hoth


The Dragon's Breath Order is a secretive, exclusive Fallen organization which prioritizes in developing new weapons and technology (much like the Black Armory). It was started by Vulpis, the Dracobane after making a deal with an Ahamkara just before she killed it. Working with the Thirteenth Battalion, they work in secret in the Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone under the cover of The Tribals.






Head Leaders[edit]

Major Characters[edit]

Minor Characters[edit]

  • Klendiss, the Demolitionist-Baron of Dragon's Breath
  • Ephiliks, Scourge Hunter-Baron of Dragon's Breath
  • Noviks-2, the Datatap-High Servitor of Dragon's Breath

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Dreg-Although Dregery is banned by Dragon's Breath, it has become near impossible to ascend all of them. However, many don't need to ascend when they get to pilot a mech! They are extremely agile, and can throw 5 inaccurate, although powerful grenades, and toss Shock Daggers to apply the Shock defect.
    • Dragon Dreg
  • Wretch-With many of the aspiring Dregs seeking ascendancy are the Wretches of the House of Dusk. They are extremely agile and can throw their Arc Spear to pin their enemies to the landing spot.
    • Dragon Wretch
  • Initiate-Former Dregs blessed by Noviks Prime, they seek to become entrusted members of Dragon's Breath. They are extremely agile, can dodge roll, and toss impact Incendiary Grenades.
    • Dragon Initiate
  • Vandal-Now that the Initiates have been initiated (or if a Vandal wants to join Dragon's Breath), Vandals are made to not just work on the assembly lines. They can summon a Shank which will apply an Arc Absorption shield to the Vandal. The (extremely) resilient Shield can be depleted or the Shank can be shot down.
    • Dragon Vandal
  • Gunman-Vandals who serve as Dragon's Breath shock-troopers and act as Ringmasters' lieutenants. Can place Cluster Mines which can instantly kill lower power enemies. Can also summon a decoy to throw off enemies.
    • Dragon Gunman
  • Guardsman-Vandals who serve as guards (big surprise) who protect Ringmasters and Servitors. Can emit a smoke-screen to conceal allies and are only armed with a spear and a grappling hook for movement and closing gaps between rivals.
    • Dragon Guardsman
  • Marauder-Dragon's Breath is all about incognito. So their ground troops prefer to go about cloaked in plain sight. Can place down traps which will lock and slowly damage enemies who stepped in it temporarily until the enemy dies or the trap is destroyed.
    • Dragon Marauder
  • Hunter-Vandals who serve as hitmen, assassins, and mercenaries, earning their profits from those they kill. They are armed with cloaking tech, always armed with a Seeker Rifle and uses a Bolt Revolver for close quarters engagements.
    • Dragon Hunter
  • Enforcer-Heavily armored Gunman variant doing what they do best, enforce the ideals of Dragon's Breath. They are armed with a Fallen Barrier Wrist Shield and a full arsenal of Dragon's Breath weaponry. Can place down a dome shield which can be fired through only by Dragon's Breath troops. The shield can be diminished by gunfire.
    • Dragon Enforcer
  • Captain-Captains, either by joining from another house or ascended at last, are Dragon's Breath most entrusted and innovative soldiers of the order. They are enveloped in an Arc Absorption shield, as per usual for Captains, can rapidly teleport, and own a second Overshield made by a Shield Drone. Shield Drones can be replenished if the Captain is not disposed of yet. Can summon reinforcements if threatened.
    • Dragon Captain
  • Ringmaster-Captains who serve as weapon-smiths, gunrunners, and lieutenants. They are enveloped in a Void Absorption shield, can rapidly teleport, and armed with a gauntlet which can fire off Solar Fireballs, increase allies health and damage, and create an Arc barrier for allies to hide behind.
    • Dragon Ringmaster
  • Valkyrie-Elite Captains who've proven themselves to be formidable warriors and weapon-smiths. They are enveloped in a Solar Absorption shield, and can take to the skies with their jetpacks and launch missiles. Most resilient Dragon's Breath enemy variant.
    • Dragon Valkyrie

Notable Groups[edit]



  • Shock Pistol-Fires off Arc bolts which relentlessly tracks down their targets. Can charge to fire off a Stun Blast which severely slows and temporarily blinds their targets.
  • Shock Blades-Shock Blades now with the capability to apply the shock debuff.
  • Shock Rifle-Fires off zig-zagging Arc rounds which, like it's counterpart, tracks down their targets. Can fire off tracking Arc Grenade which detonates upon impact and leaves behind an area-of-denial.
  • Bolt Rifle-Arc Assault Rifle which fires fast, powerful bolts in a straight line. Can be used by any enemy variant except for Hunters, Guardsmen, and Enforcers. Enemies will have the weapon's firing mode randomized with either full auto, burst, or semi-auto among the enemies.
  • Shrapnel Launcher-Flechettes now burn their targets upon impact. Charge shot fires a grenade which forms a "Firewall". Firewall only burns opponents.
  • Scatter Rifle-Solar Shotgun similar to a Shrapnel Launcher, but the rounds will explode and deal knock-back damage. Requires a charge time and fires in a 3-round burst. Can be used by any enemy variant except for Hunters, Valkyries, Guardsmen, and Enforcers.
  • Bolt Revolver-Powerful Solar Pistol used only by Hunters if any enemies are attempting to close in on them.
  • Wire Rifle-Projectiles apply Shock damage if it hits an enemy and briefly blinds and slows them. Can switch to a burst-fire mode for closer engagements.
  • Seeker Rifle-Void Sniper Rifle used only by Hunters. Fires a slow moving projectile which locks onto a target and swiftly tracks them once locked. Capable of penetrating thinner surfaces.
  • Bolt Repeater-Void Machine Gun used only by Enforcers. Fires fast, powerful bolts with an extremely rapid rate of fire. Although inaccurate, can quickly sunder shields and health.
  • Prism Rifle-Solar Trace rifle which fires a powerful beam which burns targets if hit. The longer the beam stays, the more lethal the burn is. Used by Valkyries and some Major Dragon's Breath troops, but not Enforcers, Hunters, Marauders, or Guardsmen.
  • Blast Cannon-Grenade Launcher which fires Void Grenades at a rather rapid rate. Projectiles can bounce off three surfaces, or is in close proximity to an enemy before detonating. Charge mode can fire eight grenades simultaneously in a scattered burst. Upon impact, these charged grenades form a net similar to Anarchy which quickly sunders health. Violently detonates after a short period of time.
  • Molten Welder-Rocket Launcher which fires fast explosive flechettes which tracks their targets aggressively. Leaves behind a burning area-of-denial. Can also swap element types at will. Can be used by any enemy variants except for Hunters, Guardsmen, and Enforcers.
  • Bolt Cannon-An "Ultra" version of a Bolt Rifle which now fires semi-explosive rounds. Firing modes for this weapon are also randomized.


    • Dragon Shank
  • Exploder Shank-Shank variant which leaves behind a Solar area-of-denial after detonating. If brought down to a certain level of health, will regain all of it, and quickly charge it's foes. In this berserk mode, it will leave behind a flame trail and detonate, releasing a frontal burst of napalm, quickly and lethally burning their opponents.
    • Dragon Exploder Shank
  • Tracer Shank-Shank variant armed with the Dragon's Breath Wire Rifle. Emits a smoke cloud if threatened and attempts to quickly dash away.
    • Dragon Tracer Shank
  • Heavy Shank-Shank variant armed with twin Rotary Cannons and a Missile Pod. If it's health hits a certain threshold, it will lose it's hood and attempt to "melee" it's enemies with Arc energy much like S.A.B.E.R.-2.
    • Dragon Heavy Shank
  • Servitor-Servitor which fires a burst of Void projectiles and is capable of the Servitor Melee attack. Has the ability to Immunity Shield allies and increase their health in it's aura. Can fire off slow and destroyable projectiles which can resurrect any dead Fallen in it's vicinity. Can also fire off tracking Void "Missiles".
    • Dragon Servitor
  • Pike-Armed with Solar Cannons and can fire while boosting. Dodge has been severely overhauled, launching the Pike in the direction. Energy bar depletes inconveniently quickly.
  • Fallen Walker-Walker Tank which deploys Shanks, fires off tracking grenades which leave behind an area-of-denial, Laser Cannon fires off an incendiary tank shell, dropping flames while traveling in the air, Arc Missiles which can now track, and owns a Void Rotary Cannon. Shock Emission now disorients enemies, slowing and blinding them.
    • Sentinel Walker-Fallen Walker variant piloted by Servitors. Can deploy Heavy Shanks, Rotary Cannon is replaced by an overhauled Servitor Melee, has 2 Rotary Cannons on it's port and starboard sides, has 2 missile pods, and it's Laser Cannon replaced by a Servitor Cannon, which fires Servitor Blasts at a rapid rate-of-fire. Armed with 2 immune frontal shields on it's front, which can be disabled if it's generators are shot. Shields will quickly reboot. Once overloaded, the Servitor will be revealed. While overloaded, the Walker is able to defend itself with it's Rotary Cannons and Servitor "Missiles" like a Dragon's Breath Servitor.
  • Draco's Claw-Resilient mechs piloted by chosen Dregs and are extremely powerful war-machines. Armed with a thrust-pack, a Void nose-mounted Machine Gun, an Arc Repeating Heavy Cannon, a tracking Solar Missile Pod or Solar Blade for CQC, and a Shock Emitter which can instantly kill any foe. Can be piloted by guardians IF the Claw is a random drop.