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Panavis, High Priestess
Biographical information

Other names:

Panavis, Will of Darumel


Taken (Heroic)


Dragon's Breath







Combat information


The Dragon Priestess


Scatter Rifle


Summon Dragon's Breath Operatives
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Ally Enhancement
Arc Barrier
Summon Archon Guards
Summon Taken
Summon Blights
Darkness Bolts
Restorative Blights


"You will not win, Guardian. You are only a murderer, and nothing more. Dragon's Breath shall stand forever!"
— Panavis scolding the Guardian

Panavis, High Priestess is the Archon Priest of Dragon's Breath and eldest daughter of Vulpis, the Dracobane. She is seen in the European Dead Zone on Earth rallying House of Dusk Fallen under the Dragon Banner. She is the most favored of her mother.


Panavis was the favored of her litter. She followed the ways of Servitor worship and personally recruited Fallen to the Dragon Banner. Her methods of recruiting have shown to be ruthless and bloody, currying the favor of Vulpis.

She deployed herself and a small platoon of Dragon's Breath Operatives to the EDZ to recruit Fallen from the House of Dusk to Dragon's Breath. There, she "baptized" the Fallen, making them strong and integrating them into her forces. Her work, however, was discovered, and was run off. She hid herself away deep beyond Trostland, continuing to recruit more Fallen to her ranks. She was eventually hunted down and killed.

However, her corpse was picked up by her disciples and her soul restored. She returned to the EDZ to establish a new den. Then, a Taken invasion resulted in her getting taken by Darumel, Pride of Xîn and made his will. She was killed a second time by the very same Guardian.


  • Hanging from her hip appears to be a Fallen Archon's Helmet with a singed bullet-hole. How she received it is unknown.