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Darumel, Pride of Xîn
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Darumel of the Sharp Edge
Last of the Ahamkara (Allegedly)




Blood Sect







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Dragon's Den
Masochist's Prison


Dragon's Wish
Dragon's Challenge
*Shadow Touched
*Curse of the Abyss
*Watching Darkness
Dragon's Swipe
Voidfire Blast
Devote power to Avatars


"Be careful for what you wish for... Power is a very much corrupting thing, especially for someone like you. I just hope you understand my warning, O Conquerer Mine..."
— Darumel warning Vulpis

Darumel, Pride of Xîn is the adopted Ahamkara of Xîn, War's Eternity. He has the mysterious and scary capability to Take. After his discovery after the Dragon's Den Raid, he was swiftly hunted down in his personal Ascendant realm and, unfortunately, re-imprisoned in it.


Enemy of my Enemy[edit]

"What my siblings say about you is wrong young one, you could follow The Sword Logic if only given the time. [...] Therefore, you are welcome in my family. I shall name you Darumel, "Enemy of my Enemy" in Hive tongue, and you shall forever define it."
Xîn, War's Eternity fostering a young Darumel

After the banishment of the Blood Sect, a young Darumel was born. He was discovered by the Twin Sisters and brought to Xîn, War's Eternity. Rather than being killed, despite the beliefs of the other Worm Gods, he was fostered by Xîn and named 'Enemy of my Enemy'.

Under Xîn, he served as an "inquisitor" of sorts, keeping his mother's horde in line. Any who dared step out of that line suffered... greatly. Despite his ruthlessness, he was quite well respected among the Blood Sect, even among the veterans of the Hive. There, he filled his hunger for desire by making deals, more often than not, with other Hive who seek to become ascendant. However, he would never make such sour deals with Xîn, for she was too complex to find a true desire and too risky to betray. He also consumed a Worm to truly earn his mother's trust and feeds it through pain. For every insubordinate Hive he killed, the larger his personal Ascendant realm grew.

Once arriving to Europa, he helped to grow the tunnels of the Blood Sect's new lair and help to shape the desires of his mother. However, he would decide to leave the Blood Sect to their own devices as he goes to satisfy his hunger for desire.

A Hidden Death[edit]

"You are clever young one, but you are not at all satisfied. I know what you want, and I can give it all too you. All I ask of you is that you give me the sweet release of death! And you shall be set for life [...] Power is a very much corrupting thing, especially for someone like you. I just hope you understand my warning, O Conquerer Mine..."
— Darumel fulfilling Vulpis' wish

The Last Hunt[edit]

"You may have slain Riven, but I am a whole new... "bag of tricks". I shall not fight you directly, but I most certainly will make you bleed. Me, my Hive, and Taken shall give you a whole new level of pain... oh such sweet pain..."
— Darumel threatening The Guardian



  • So, you have defeated what WAS my power. Do you know how surprised I am? My Avatars are the apex of my power, my greatest of desires. The shackles which now anchor me to this world have been re-brandished, re-brandished by you. But I don't blame you. I too would lock you back into the cycle of pain and suffering if I have saw you as a threat, only because of your old doctrine of pointless death. Bigot. No matter, I will come back replenished, these chains will need... replacing, and my Avatar's stronger than the last. I shall eagerly await that day, aren't you excited, O Warden Mine...