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Dragon's Den


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Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone, Earth


Defeat Dragon's Breath at it's source.

An offer you cannot refuse.

The Dragon's Den is a Raid where a fireteam of Guardians attempt to put an end to the Dragon's Breath at it's source within the Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone.



Noviks Prime, the Warmachine[edit]

First, the Fireteam will land at Point of No Return, which is an old and surprisingly abandoned highway. There the team pushes through the abandoned highway, their Sparrows leaping over insurmountable pits until they reach The Moshpit, where ruins of old building stand with Dragon's Breath operatives lurking around. In the center of the rather small town is the Prime Servitor itself, Noviks Prime. It floats passively over a barriered hole coated in an immunity shield comprised of a single shield drone. Once the shield drone is destroyed, the Prime Servitor will fake it's death and fall down the hole. Then, the beginning of the encounter is open.

To begin the encounter, a Heavy Shank, named a Barrier Conduit, needs to be destroyed. Once destroyed, it will drop an explosive which needs to be thrown at the barrier. Once the barrier is destroyed, Noviks Prime and it's Tank Chassis will emerge from the hole to confront the Fireteam. Once finally emerged, a Darkness Zone will activate.

A Holomap will appear in one of the ruins showing the area. A pop-up text will say "Generators Shield the Warmachine" and dots will indicate the location of these generators. They are completely randomized, with either 2 or 6 Generators spawning. Dots above the Generators will indicate the amount of Guardians required to stand on those Generators. The quota of those Generators must be fulfilled. If the number of Guardians are too low or high, the team will be wiped. The Generators must be held to enable the next step. Occasionally, Noviks will deploy a Melee Phase Heavy Shank named a Guardian Hunter. These Heavy Shanks cannot be killed by the Guardian it was sent after and can quickly sunder the Guardian's health if within range. These Shanks can only be killed by another Guardian. Noviks will also be on the move, using it's leg-mounted Thrusterpacks to move around the map. Noviks will most likely be seen on rooftops to "snipe" the defending Guardians or confront them personally.

The Generators must be near-simultaneously deactivated or will be wiped. Once deactivated, Ultra Captains, named a Generator Engineer will spawn to deal with their individual generators. Once killed, they will drop explosives which are necessary to destroy Noviks' Shield. While the Engineers spawn, Noviks will go back to the center of the map and begin a wiping sequence. If the explosives aren't thrown at Noviks fast enough, the team will wipe. When the explosives do hit the Servitor, the damage phase will begin. During the damage phase, Noviks will be launched out of it's chassis, forced to fight on it's own. It will fire it's Servitor Blasts and Void Missiles much like a Dragon's Breath Servitor. Two-thirds into the damage phase, Noviks will activate a Solar Flare ability which can quickly sunder Guardian health and even challenge a Warlock Well of Radiance. If Noviks isn't destroyed fast enough, it will retreat back into it's Sentinel Walker, and the Generator phase must be repeated. If not, the Servitor will be destroyed and it will fall into it's Walker and fall down the no-longer barriered hole, thus-forth allowing the Fireteam to progress.

The Stables[edit]


Bharad, the Mutualist[edit]


Yellowstone Weapons Array[edit]


Vulpis, the Dracobane Phase 1[edit]


Vulpis, the Dracobane Phase 2[edit]


Blighted Gulch (Hidden Encounter)[edit]


Grasp of Darumel (Hidden Encounter)[edit]