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Vulpis, the Dracobane
Biographical information

Other names:

Vulpis Nine-Tails
Vulpis, Exiled Devil
Vulpis, the Technopriest
Vulpis, Wrath of Darumel




House of Devils (Formerly)
House of Exile (Formerly)
The Tribals (Puppet Faction)
Dragon's Breath
Taken (Final Encounter)




Ringmaster (Special)



Combat information


Dragon's Den


Vulpis' Claymore
Dragon's Fist Missiles


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Static Emission
Immunity Shield
SIVA Swarm
Summon Shield Proxies
Weapons Core Failsafe
Summon Weaponsmith
Summon EMP Charge
SIVA Density Critical
Dragon's Wish
Summon Taken
Voidfire Bolts
Voidfire Fissure
Summon Blights
Consuming Darkness
Abduct Guardian
Drain Light
Surpress Abduction
Corrupted Light
Break Arena
Quasar Bolts
Summon Shade of Sins
Dragon's Challenge
*Shadow Touched
*Curse of the Abyss
*Watching Darkness


"We are Weapon Smiths and Assassins who strike with fear and precision. We are the nightmares that our enemies deny exist. We are missionaries seeking the great machine. We will succeed where all other Eliksni have failed. We are Dragon's Breath. Join us and prosper!"
— Vulpis rallying her new followers

Vulpis, the Dracobane is the Fallen Kell of the secretive Dragon's Breath Order. She is known for many feats, mostly considered myths, most notably the slaughter of an Ahamkara Dragon and younger sister of Srikes


Devil Baroness[edit]

"Once, I was a Baroness of the House of Devils. Oh, what a mess they were in. The the power vacuum you Guardians left. You might as well say they were fighting a Three Front War"
— Vulpis addressing her days as a Devil

Vulpis was born into the House of Devils slightly after the Battle of the Twilight Gap. She quickly ascended the ranks from Dreg to Vandal to Captain. Making enemies along the way and eliminating them before they become a threat. By 15 Earth years, young for the Fallen, she was allowed access to a fleet of Skiffs and Ketches. Cleverly, she tended to avoid Vanguard attention by leaving Vanguard convoys alone, avoiding important Human ruins and even taking prisoners. Rarely did she and her fleet attack any Vanguard or Guardian operatives. Although, against other Houses and races, she was brutal. Reports have stated that she personally docks other or disobedient Fallen with her bare hands before throwing them with the Thralls.

As a Baroness, she tended to deploy shock squads to manage Glimmer excavation all around the Solar System. At her peak, it was said she had accumulated 402 tons of Glimmer. Some were gained through the ransoms she demanded from prisoners, others from ransacking other Houses, and, sometimes, trade deals with the aforementioned Houses. Her fellow Barons some times referred to her fleet as The Priceless Armada. Coincidentally, she stowed all of her findings before she was exiled, before others could claim it.

It was until one fateful day, that a certain Guardian and some others uncovered one of their operations in The Divide in the Cosmodrome, it was then a Fallen Walker and a Glimmer Drill were destroyed. It was then her first loss. She, for the first time, lost. Due to this failure, and other failures such as failing to join in and save Sepiks Prime, she was exiled. Although she prospered the House of Devils and razed many Houses over, her legacy was almost entirely forgotten.

Exile to Exiles[edit]

"What I respect about the House of Exile is that they respect me. They've heard what I can do... and what I will do. They knew that wronging me would've been the greatest mistake of their life."
— Vulpis addressing her days as an Exile

After she was deposed from the Devils, she went to the Moon in search of the House of Exiles. She was first found by Frigoris, Exiled Baron, and was quickly brought into the Exiles. She regained her rightful spot as Baroness in the Exiles, as they have heard of her skills and cunning and hoped they would prove fruitful among them.

First, she lead a successful mining operation, fending off the hoards of Hidden Swarm Hive. Second, she personally assassinated a Blade of Crota. Third, she lead a successful heist in the Temple of Crota. And on the fourth attempt, Vulpis lead a massive mining operation with her older sister, Srikes, Exile Veteran, where Srikes killed a major Hive Abomination. After the battle, Vulpis demanded Srikes receive a promotion.

She stayed with the House of Exile until the end of the SIVA Crisis, where the members of the Exiles went to join the House of Dusk. However, even with all of her lackeys leaving to join Dusk, even Srikes, Vulpis left to wander the Solar System to start a house all her own. With her, she took a Servitor named Noviks to feed her on her travels.

The Adventures of a Nomad[edit]

With a Ketch of her own, Vulpis explored the Solar System. According to legend, she traveled as far as Pluto in search of a home. Although alone, she and Noviks have taken on larger threats, whether it be a small Cabal fleetgroup, a Hive warship, or even a Guardian ace pilot. She wandered the ruins of the Ishtar Academy, the floating cities the New Pacific Arcology, or what was left of the Cosmodrome.

One day, she went to Io to contemplate on the Traveler and it's alliance with Humanity. She thought of how it would feel to have a family to trust again. Then, an Ahamkara walked up to her to feed on her desire and disguised itself as Srikes. Detecting the ruse, Vulpis fought the beast and eventually incapacitated it. Before it died, she wished for a house to lead and overpower all other houses, and killed it and took it's skull.

A year later, the Ahamkara came through with her wish, as renegade members of the House of Dusk sought to find shelter under a new banner. In commemoration of the Ahamkara, Vulpis named this new house Dragon's Breath and named herself Kell.

A New Order[edit]

"From a small gang of destitute rats to hell-bent super-soldiers, me and my people have ascended. No one will know, but they will know fear when they discover us... if they discover us. Until then, we lurk in the shadows, pouncing on any... unsuspecting pray, and dragging them back into the shadows, forever lost to history."
— Vulpis accounting the rise of Dragon's Breath

After Vulpis started Dragon's Breath, she and her new followers found their den in the Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone. There, they discover The Tribals waging war against each other, where Vulpis found use in the sound concealing their own work. After some time, Vulpis abolished Dregery to promote a stronger military force and increase morale, however those who wish to remained docked on their own part can become Vulpis' lieutenants. She and her gang made raids on Cabal convoys, stole Vanguard equipment, and even assassinated other Fallen who proved too much of a threat. With all the technology stolen, the ragtag group of bandits became a full fledged army, with new followers appearing everyday.

Vulpis became widely respected and feared among her house due to her openness and strict military discipline, saying that any soldier should fight to the bitter end. She even ended up on the battlefield with her own troops and fought with them. She helped her Splicers develop new technologies, personally trained her troops, and kick-started a mechanization program for a new weapons system for troops.

Some time later, with an unknown spouse, she gave birth to four children who will eventually become Panavis, High Priestess, Kavahn, Head Guardsman, Tuliks, the Emissary, and Bharad, the Mutualist. Like their mother, they will prove to be friendly to the obedient and ruthless to the insubordinate.

Through an incident on Earth, she met Cheghik, Battalion Commander, where they become mutual allies with the goal of developing weapons and using them against their enemies. Together, they took control of The Tribals, ransacked a House of Dusk stronghold, massacred a Red Legion Firebase. Some time later, Vulpis and Cheghik slaughtered a whole fireteam of Guardians, a fireteam sent to survey the Rocky Mountain Exclusion Zone, personally.



Phase 1 (Fallen)[edit]

Phase 2 (Taken)[edit]





  • With Srikes, they both share red eyes
  • Vulpis is the second final Raid boss to be female.