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Srikes, Exile Veteran
Biographical information




House of Exile (Veteran)
House of Dusk (current)


Ultra Dreg/Kell


Dreg (D2)



Combat information


Rebirth of a Gate Lord
Snow Way


Molten Welder (Phase 1)
Shock Blades (phase 2)


Elemental Shields
Brief Immunity
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Summon Hive
Summon Vex
Summon Cabal
Rally Henchmen
Rally Bodyguards


""Is that all you got? I have a big crew, so try me, and you die in hell and I'll Cook you and your ghost for my Recipe of my Ether Chili!""
— Srikes taunting The Guardian in The Snow Way Strike

Srikes, Exile Veteran is a Veteran of the House of Exile and older Sister of Vulpis, the Dracobane she is known for Enslaving Hive the most and Conquering Hoth to the House of Dusk


Early Days in the moon[edit]

"Srikes, you proven yourself alot. It's optional if you want to regrow your lower arms. If not it's okay you can ask when you're ready. So anyways, you are permitted to command Skiffs and Ketchs. I'm very proud of you, Srikes. Keep it up. Oh, also, here is your Ether ration. Very big."
— A Baron Promoting Srikes to Baron

Some point after the SIVA Crisis before the Red War Srikes was a Dreg in the House of Exile who always liked to study, motivate her teammates and kill Hive. She was a smart, well-regarded, brave Dreg. At some point she killed an Ogre, which changed her life. She was rewarded a big promotion to Baron. She was offered to regrow her arms. She refused, but she accepted the promotion and was offered a very big Ether ration.

Red war[edit]

"Ah, a member of the exile. Welcome to Dusk. You can keep your colors, you have your ketch I like that. You're interesting."
— A Archon meeting Srikes

During the being of the reunification of the houses, Srikes was informed that the houses are now merging to the House of Dusk, which told her to join. She agreed and she told one of the Archons to keep her colors and they said yes. In her adventure, she had an idea of having a crew of her own. She went to tell a baron if she needed anything to go on her adventure. She told the Baron she going to capture non-Fallen species. The Baron gave Srikes the necessities to go and the Baron wished her luck.

Hunt for the Scorn[edit]

"Scorn, Ha Zombie jerks so ugly and sick, I would be taking some for my crew!"
— Srikes making fun of the Scorn

During her adventure she enslaved races that they were at war with. She got a Pet Ogre from the Hidden Swarm to serve her, where she enslaved the whole Hive fireteam and went to the Ogre, took its eye out of its socket, and attached it on a Null Cannon, which she saved for Rahn, Dusk Captain and fused the Ogre with SIVA. Further on, she hacked Vex and forced Cabal to work for her. She also thought of a way to brainwash humans into working for her. She later on went to Hoth where she docked her Ketch.

A outcast Cabal and young Kell[edit]

"Name's Swadi, I'm here to learn your techniques and your race"
— Swadi Inducing himself to Srikes

2 Weeks later A Outcast Sand Eater met with her to be her second in command ,which she agreed, she trained him and worked with him, and soon they Became a Good team

Battle of Yarkora[edit]

Despite not physically being in it, Srikes and her crew began shipping captured enemies, such as: Imprisoned Ogres and Cyclopses to the House of Dusk on Yarkora. But was thwarted by The Guardian, killing her lieutenants.

A Divided House[edit]

After the events of Shadowkeep, the House of Dusk was broken apart, and split into 3 groups, in which she was part of one of them. While Dusk tried to survive and not collaspe, her group and the Dusk Splicers went against each other, try to take full Leadership of the House, and full control over Hoth. As well as, as trying to claim that they are the true House of Dusk.