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Star, position:

Hoth, 6


Hoth I
Hoth II
Hoth III



7,200 kilometers


1.1 Standard

Length of day:

23 hours, unknown minutes and Unknown seconds

Orbital period:

549 days


Type I

Surface temperature:






Wampa (native)
Tauntaun (native)
Skels (native)
Icetromper (Native)
Talz (Immigrated)
Humans (Immigrated)
Ortolan (Immigrated)
15 other native fauna


Dusk Splicers (currently)
Shiromi Torayoshi (formerly)
House of TV (temporary)
Srikes (speculated)
Sal (Mid Shadowkeep,Controls some parts Of the planet)
Skel Tribes


"The Planet hoth, a former Rebel Base that our Ortolan friend asked us to go here to see a researcher, what happened to this poor place. You better watch out for Wampas, They are Mad so watch your step, let's meet our friend"
— Ghost telling The Guardian about Hoth's Past


Hoth was a Ice Planet in the system with the same name this planet Never met the Traveler(it was terraformed) it was a temporary colony for the rebel alliance and galactic Empire, after the galactic civil war it was abandoned the base was still there when the House of Dusk came and The Discharged in the caves, but worst was the Taken Stalked them and Resided there, Later on In the Clabburn Range A Fallen Base Witness a A cabal group Entering their Land the Battalion Tryed to Claim But the Dusk Splicers And the Reversed Scorn(Scorn who had Mutations Cured) stopped them preventing them Claiming Their 'Favorite' Stronghold having them Build bases in the caves in Clabburn Range so they can leave the fallen alone it has three moons the first one for "Exiled" House for observation Second one for mining operations with cabal tech and third one for Research on making a army by cloning, there is also a Hoth Star Fortress in the orbit, which is owned by the City


Before Destiny[edit]

Click here if for the past

A Warmind names after a historical General[edit]

After Xol, Will of the Thousands was Slain Rasputin Launched a Warmind building Device far away it landed on a icy planet so the vanguard Requested to Bring a crew and a A Imperial Security Droid To investigate and build the Warmind, when they arrived it was finished in a blink of a Eye, K-1VO and Ana Bray were Surprised, K-1VO Named it after A Confederate General by the Name Robert E Lee, K-1VO Decided to make a Camp to have workers sleep,cook,farm,Help their Needs

Fallen Arrival[edit]

1 week Later A Guardian was Called By the 2nd Vanguard to Investigate a distress Signal A Ortolan Asked the guardian to help him and he/she agrees, in hoth the Droid mentions Fallen Set up shop there he mentioned they are building a army in that planet to Take back mars by Ether sacrifice rituals to bring back their lost comrades,and cloning to make them stronger and curing Scorn,Including torturing the Wildlife,using SIVA on the Fauna,and using the snow for ether resupply

A Strange Local[edit]

After Dealing with the Problems with the fallen, A Skel Guardian Told The Young Wolf, K-1VO about this time in hoth and th Trama he had, He Mentions "A Human Companioned by fallen" Who murdered His Daughter and Wife,The Young Wolf Knew That Skels only Grunts and Snarls but that Skel was Speaking English, Bonar said it was a Implant on his vocals

New neighbors[edit]

Srikes Made a trap by sending the Discharged to do some 'business' they made a base in the caves in the Glacier zone to hide from the fallen and the taken, the cabal began to complain about the loud noise the fallen are making one cabal Legionnaire who was so Stupid that he woke up and see the fallen using their Injection Rig that they Borrowed and he walked close to the fallen and he was killed and another Case when a Stupid Psion Sees a Mining Lander Stolen by the fallen the same thing the Legionnaire did that he was slain

The Truth about the fallen[edit]

When Shiromi Torayoshi was slain based on the notes on her phone Rahool Mentions That it wasn't that they followed K-1VO it was a Incident they made them establish a base there

The Lions Vist[edit]

When the House of Lions found the Hoth Planet, they planned on mining resources there, but they actendently met the House of TV who were observing the Dusk, and fought against them, to get an edge on the House, Joskaa stoled old weapons from Hiraks, the Mindbender, and modifeied with the help of the Lion Splicers. they later used it to control the Scorn, Hive, and Cabal on the Reef. Joskaa, joined forces with a Guardian fireteam and created Meme Squad, However they both lost Hoth to the House of Dusk. In advance the House of Lions sent the ambassador, Lions' High Emisary to cooperate with TV, Meme Squad resided at the Empty Tank, a Fallen Nightclub, and Joskaa sended bounties against Srikes and Swadi.

Rise of Sharks[edit]

TBA (Yes Sal would be Stalking the guardian)


The Swordsman's Arrival[edit]

Vanguard Resistance[edit]


Words in bold means the fauna is Extinct

The surviving wildlife in hoth are usually shown to be studied by the fallen for SIVA Experiments for making splicers






World Quests[edit]


  • Hoth is the first Planet that was not from the Solar System
  • Hoth is the first Planet that's not from destiny
  • Hoth is the First Planet To Have a Warmind with a Different name
  • hoth is shown to Had the same music on Entrance as Mercury in Destiny 2