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House of TV


Jerkers, TV Kell
Lazyboners, TV Archon
Brainless, Stupid Captain
Mr. Ugly


Unknown Prime


Hoth Moon 1, Hoth Orbit
Dreaming City
Olympus Descent, Mars (main base)


Hive Sabotage
Discharged Shutdown
Chaos Raid
Draw attention away from House of Dusk and Dusk Splicers
Battles against the Meme Squad


"We're going to shoot Your Butt and you'll face the Biggest you had and once you die, we'll be watching Comedy films after that"
— The TV's giving away their Commands like total Idiots

The House of TV is a Fallen House who acts as a TASK FORCE for the House Of tigers.



Its unknown how the House of TV was created, but it's seen to acts as a subordinate to a Fallen House.

Recent Events[edit]

Meeting with Lions[edit]

"Awwwwwww Great, we have team who try to opse us, tell Kell about this.."
— a TV Captain

During the House of TV's Patrol, they Met the House of Lions, a battle later occurred and later created the Meme Squad. however, they both lost Hoth I to Srikes and Swadi. later The Lions sended Lions' High Emissary to negotiate with the TV's Kell in a peace offer.

Tigers angered[edit]

On the defeat, some thot was raged and idk how to end this


The House of TV, is not a exiled house, but a it's a TASK FORCE for the House of tigers.

Unique Forces[edit]



Notable Members[edit]

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