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Meme Squad (Joke Faction)


Hoth (temporary)
The Empty Tank


Stop the House of TV (formerly)
Draw attention away from the House of Lions and AJ's Host (currently)


Joskaa, Piano Kell
The Memester
Joseph, Guardian
Silent pants
Fin, the Karen-Slayer
Bernik the Jokester


"Meme Review..."
Joskaa when introducing the Memes

The Meme Squad is a group of hypnotized Scorn, Hive, and Cabal created by Joskaa, the Kell of the House of Lions to get an edge against the Fallen House of TV. They current serve as a distraction for the House of Lions, The Spider's Crime Syndicate, and AJ's Host.



When the House of Lions found the Hoth Planet, they planned on mining resources there, but they actendently met the House of TV, and fought against them, to get an edge on the House, Joskaa stoled old weapons from Hiraks, the Mindbender, and modifeied with the help of the Lion Splicers. they later used it to control the Scorn, Hive, and Cabal on the Reef. Joskaa, joined forces with a Guardian fireteam and created Meme Squad, However they both lost Hoth to the House of Dusk. In advance the House of Lions sent the ambassador, Lions' High Emissary to cooperate with TV, Meme Squad resided at the Empty Tank Fallen Nightclub, and Joskaa sended bounties against Srikes and swadi.

The War of Dimensions[edit]

"(Sigh)...AJ, how many portals you been opening?" "Um...48.." "(groaning) Of course...well more bounties to open."
Joskaa and AJ, discovering opening of dimensions.

Road to the Dimensional Wars[edit]

Mysterious Human in the Dusk[edit]

"It saw Some Guy with a green hat with the Fallen on mars. He's no Guardian, but he has some "magic", to be honest he can change his face. So obviously he came from the portal I guess."
Norlan explains what he saw

Rise of NBA Stars[edit]

"Ugh I hate Trash go to hell you pity TV"
— Granook Destroying the TV with his Solar Boomer

Somewhere in early events of Shadowkeep, Granook was Cleaning, he Saw on the television That Space Jam is on air. He told some members Why is there a tv, he would say he want to change the Channel but instead it shows the Brave Little toaster, which leads him to Shoot the TV.




Notable Members[edit]

REEE, the Noob Screeb
Unnamed Colossus
Val "Bruh"
Bullet Prince

Notable Groups[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]


National Anthem[edit]

Meme Squad's National anthem