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Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind
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Unknown Vex Collective
Virgo Prohibition (mistaken)


Axis Mind



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"The Dimensional Mind is mine to face alone."
AJ, declaring his hunt for Menkrodos

Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind was a powerful Vex Axis Mind that was notably slain by AJ, the Relentless.


"The Dimensional Mind was a bigger threat, that could destroy our safe city and our universe at any minute."
"Yeah, it's good thing, he took care of it."
"Yes...He did
— in-game description of The Grasps of Menkrodos

Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind was created by the Vex to look through dimensions, and a find a solution for their perfect future. While the Dimensional Mind, was look through dimensions, it accidently open a portal and teleported AJ into their world, however it killed him, through a unknown process. AJ was later resurrected by a Ghost, without a memory of what happen to him. Later in his adventures, he intercepted the Axis Mind, later found out it killed him, sought for revenge. After, multiple adventure and battles and puzzles. AJ finally found the Axis Mind and destroyed it. depriving the Vex a possible future through the Dimensional Mind. However after, it's destruction, AJ found his memories through is brain mind core, restoring his memories, and used it's brain to go through dimensions.

Season of the Relentless[edit]

Despite it's destruction, the Mind was later resurrected as a Nightmare by the Pyramid and fled to Umbriel, one of the moons of Uranus. However it was later destroyed by The Guardian, while they were searching for one of AJ's weapon stashes. Its death also helps in unlocking the Exotic Hand cannon, Firebringer.

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