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AJ, the Relentless
Biographical information

Other name(s):

"The Piercer of Stars' Veil"
AJ, Joskaa's Champion
Mr. V
"The Kell of Sparrow Racing" [note 1]
"The Lost Wisher" [note 2]


Venus (resurrection)


Human (mistaken)



Political and military information


The Last City
Thanatonauts (briefly)
Dead Orbit (formerly)
House of Lions (associate)
AJ's Host (commander)
Symmetry (briefly)
Future War Cult (formerly)
Meme Squad
Veist (inferred)


Vanguard Scout
Baron (honorary)
Last City Ambassador (House of Lions)


Warlock (Voidwalker) (Stormcaller) (Shadebinder)

Notable info:

Slayer of Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind
Ally of Joskaa, Lion Kell
The winner against Kralikss, Gladiator Champion of the Kell's Arena
Famous Wielder of the Firebringer
The Guardian of Cinnamon the Ghost
A 10-time Fallen-theme race winner of Sparrow Racing League.

"Oh it is fitting that not all of my kin are gone, there are some still out there, even one that is now, one of yours..."

AJ, the Relentless is a Guardian that works with The Last City and is allies with the Fallen House of Lions. Originally he was an Ahamkara that would be resurrected into a Guardian through transcending death to grant the wish of a unconnected Ghost who wanted to find her Guardian. AJ is also known for the Exotic Hand Cannon, Firebringer.


Story of Boundless Stars[edit]

"This wish was a glorious one for the wish-maker, giving him the power that he wanted, and he broke the barrier above the Stars..."
Cloak of Boundless Stars

The Tale of a Ghost and a Dragon[edit]

"I...I wish I could be able to save you..."
"Heh heh...I t-thank you for the wish...O friend mine....
Cinnamon and the Ahamkara before his temporary demise.


Hunting the Dimensional Mind[edit]

"The Dimensional Mind is mine to face alone."
— AJ, declaring his hunt for Menkrodos

Meeting the House of Lions[edit]

Rise of the Storms[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Search for his Lost Identity[edit]

"I remembered that day where AJ asked for me to go hide in a safe place while he goes over to the Dreaming City, believed it could give answers to his past. He goes into the place of where that Dead Dragon was. Comes back and I asked him: "Well...?". And he then goes to say this: "My eyes are clear now...I have founded out on what I was..." And this is the part that scared me a little: "O friend mine...""

Personality and Traits[edit]

"Wishes, Wishes, oh I remembered making wishes, all but nothing of tricks and manipulation for my kin to feast on...oh how much I hated it, but it was addictive...and delicious"
— AJ

Much like all Ahamkaras, AJ is born as deceiving and self-interested, although he has been able to atleast block them out, being more kinder but a bit more mysterious to his friends and allies, although more aggressive and trickery with his adversaries, feasting on their desires rather than those he friended, although he has been noted to have done so from time-to-time, he has apologized for that behavior. He is also known for his immense power with the Void, even powerful enough to create himself a personal Ascendant realm-like world where he can freely go through other Dimensions and worlds, and even having his own form of Taken under his command. Due to his Shapeshifting abilites, he mostly stays in a, presumably, human-like form, although wears the attire of a Warlock, mostly keeping his helmet on even when he isn't in battle, as well as having a monkey's tail which he has it hidden but wrapped around his waist like a belt. He is also known to mimic other species' abilities as well, such as even preforming a Ultra melee of a Knight one time, and has the ability to wield the Light (along with the Darkness though the use of Stasis later on) and has extreme resilience against his foes, which earns his moniker: "The Relentless". AJ also has a liking to the Fallen, mostly their machinery like their Servitors, and uses the Fallen to help cancel out his appetite for desires.



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  1. ^ nicknamed by Marcus Ren
  2. ^ tited by The Nine Emissary