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AJ, the Relentless
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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Jay Mertens
AJ, Finn's Brother
AJ, Joskaa's Champion
Count AJ
AJ, Void Elemental
The Ringmaster
The Memester
Mr. V
"The Kell of Sparrow Racing" [note 1]
"The One who seeks for Understanding" [note 2]
The Sorcerer (Arzayna)


Venus (resurrection)


Sayian/Tuffle (hybrid)



Political and military information


Adventure Time
The Last City
Thanatonauts (briefly)
Dead Orbit (formerly)
House of Lions (associate)
AJ's Host (commander)
Symmetry (briefly)
Future War Cult
Meme Squad
Veist (inferred)


Vanguard Scout
Baron (honorary)
Last City Ambassador (House of Lions)


Warlock (Voidwalker) (Stormcaller) (Shadebinder)

Notable info:

Slayer of Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind
Ally of Joskaa, Lion Kell
The winner, against Kralikss, Gladitor Champion of the Kell's Arena
Famous Wielder of the Firebringer
The Guardian of Cinnamon the Ghost
A 10-time Fallen-theme race winner of Sparrow Racing League.


"Some Warlocks are able to stare into The Void, but AJ speaks to it and it...spoke back"
— Armor description of the Robes of the Void

AJ, the Relentless (also known as AJ, the Ringmaster, AJ, Captain AJ, and Jay Mertens) is a Guardian, who is from another Dimension. He is known for having a very strong connection to the Void, as well as being famous for wielding the Hand cannon, called: Firebringer.



For his story.

Becoming a Guardian[edit]

When a Vex Axis Mind, known as: Menkrodos, the Dimensional Mind, who has the ability to look through and pull things out of a Dimension, AJ would be lulled from his Dimension by an accident, however upon seeing this, Menkrodos would kill AJ. However, after a couple of years, prior to the Wolf Rebellion, AJ would be resurrected by a Ghost, named Cinnamon, who would guide AJ out of a Vex territory on Venus, AJ would arrive to the The Last City. Where, he would begin his journey as a Guardian.

The Search for his memories[edit]

Battle against the Dimensional Mind[edit]

Finding the House of Lions[edit]

Returning to Home[edit]

Learning the Void[edit]

Further Adventures[edit]

Season of the Relentless[edit]


"Kirito...yeah I heard of him, he is from another Dimension...I guess he stumbled upon here...and now has killed Zavala and has united all our enemies-excuse me WHAT? gotta be kidding me. Guardian, I'mma join your bandwagon, your gonna need all the help you can get, this guy needs to be put in his place, or be taken back to his Dimension or.....have a Bullet lodge in his head"
— AJ speaking of Kirito

The last Defense[edit]

"Hello, you must be?...”
“M’kay...and you?”
“Alright, my name is Jay, or AJ. are we gonna beat the crap out of this guy?
— A conversation between AJ, Nagihiko, and Brayden-4



Destiny 1[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]


Destiny 1[edit]

Destiny 2[edit]



  • AJ was originally a Titan, but was changed to a Warlock instead, due to his ablilties and a little bit of his personality. But still has some aspects from Titans, such as his sobriquets, echoing from his original class.
  • Despite AJ being Warlock, he has some traits from Titans and Hunters, that only hunters and titans are known to have, such as the ability: Vanish in Smoke, that only Nightstalkers are known to have, as well as having a similar manner to Hunters. While he has the strength of a Titan, such as Shoulder charge, and one-time using the Crown-Splitter, a weapon exclusive for Titans, to defeat a platoon of Cabal.
  • AJ is also known to be a Jedi, however this is not really shown that much, the only times he ever did so was when he was Finding Force-sensitive Eliksni, and during the Shadowkeeper Apocalypse.

List of appearances[edit]


  1. ^ nicknamed by Marcus Ren
  2. ^ tited by The Nine Emissary
  3. ^ This weapon isn't really a Power Weapon, as it is AJ's personal weapon from his own dimension, but since it's a Sword, it can be inferred to be a Power.