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Scour new lands
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AJ, the Relentless


AJ's Host is a ragtag team of Guardians and freelancers, led by the Warlock: AJ, the Relentless.


The fireteam was formed when, a Warlock, known as AJ attempted to destroy a Vex Axis Mind, called Menkrodos, that was able to open Dimensions, and rips holes through space and time to make the Vex's future come true. AJ began pulling up friends, allies, and fellow competitors, he had in the Crucibles. One of them, was a 6-time Sparrow Racing League Race Winner, and a former rival of AJ, Inferno-7, and a unnamed ex-Redjack. The team then began infiltrating dens and testing grounds, used by Menkrodos. Later to find were Menkrodos was operating in the Vault of Glass. AJ's Host used the Fallen as bait to open the Vault, which somehow worked. according to AJ's view. They infiltrated the Vault and was almost destroyed by a Vex swarm, led Prothon, Subservant Mind, who was guarding the path to the Dimensional Mind. But they survived long enough for AJ to enter deeper into the Vault and successfully destroy Menkrodos. The Host later disbanded, only to later reform when the Vanguard order them to infiltrate a Cabal mining field and kill their leader of the operation. Which was a success and then served as a scouting operations to find and report any new leaders to the Vanguard.



  • AJ's Host is known to utilize Frames to use as scouts and cannon fodders when in battles.
  • AJ' Host can be identified by with a number 5 with a Fireball behind it as their logo.