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House of Lions
Lion Members.jpeg


Yorvik, Kell of Lions (deceased)
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Grayria, Queen of Lions
Andax Prime
Julsis, Lion Baron
Fesshsa, Baroness of Lions
Fin, Lion Baron
AJ, Joskaa's Champion (associate)
The Guardian (associate)


Jobiks Prime (missing)
Andax Prime, the Contructor
Ether Runners


Unknown asteroid belt (formerly)
Lions' Run 
Splicer’s Watch
The Empty Tank
Prime’s Nest
The Watchtower (temporary)
Lions' Pride Relay (formerly)


Gray Wars
Taken War
Gray's Return



A Fallen house Hostile level: 0 (Presumably non-hostile)

Base: 2 Pallas

Personal Response: non-wolf fallen, but has unknown objectives.


—A reef agent to command base

The House of Lions are a vigilant Fallen House, distinguishable by their white armors and round blonde fur cloaks, they are allies to The Last City and The Reef.



"House Winter, attack. House Devils, plot. House Kings, plan. House Wolves, circle. House Judgement, wait....but House"
— A Unknown Lion Captain

The House of Lions were a Legendary mighty House, they were said to be "Strong like the Wolves, Wise like Judgment, and clever like Kings". They're the most respected House by most of Eliksni, even by the House of Kings. Untill the Whirlwind. they escaped into a Unknown asteroid belt over a unknown space system and the Lions were said to have warred with the House of Gray.

Gray Wars[edit]

One of Lions' enemies, House of Gray

Phase One[edit]

The War started when a house known as the House of Gray entered Lions territory and raided multiple camps killing countless Fallen. This caused Yorvik, Kell of Lions raged war against them. it was long courses of Battles, until Grayria a spy for the Lions found the House of Gray's Lair, The Lions Manned a raid against them with their powerful Forces, they destroyed the Lair killing Kell of Gray.

Phase Two[edit]

With the Kell dead, the House of Grey took Revenge. while Yorvik was trying to collect Ether from one of the Astroids, Gray pined him, and destroyed Lionship Jobkis-Fel, killing him with it. with Yorvik's Death, The House of Lions fell to civil War by splitting into 3 groups, Tariks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skeklos, the Prowling.

War within the Lions[edit]

Skeklos began strangly rose to power. He Destroyed Skrisah's fleet, and tricked the House of Gray into Destroying Tariks. With all of his rivals dead, He became Kell of Lions, Although his leadership did not Last, Most Lions saw him as a cruel and unfair Leader, when thing began uneasy, The Lions revolted with the help of Joskaa, Burning Blade, Grayria, Winter Lost, and Andax-5. The attack led into a chase, ending in The Prison of Scars, A House of Gray facility, With the bulk of the House of Lions, they were able kill Skeklos, who apperntly was spy for Gray, and Destroyed the Prison, causing the Gray to trapped, with the War over, The Lion crowned Joskaa, as the new Kell.

Arriving in the Reef[edit]

The House of Lions later arriving into the Solar System, they moved into The Reef, living out by the Awoken, and at some point, Their Prime Servitor, Jobkis Prime, went missing. Later on while living on 2 Pallas the Lions had face the Siege of Pallas, because of this, the Lions began trying to driving the Wolves out of reef. Despite this going unsucceseded, the Lions had gained support by the Reef, and they later shared Pallas.

Recent Events[edit]

Return of Gray[edit]

Tikmiks's Rebellion[edit]

In the Aftermath of the Taken War, the House of Gray returned, under the command of Tikmiks, An Archon and Brother of Skeklos. When the threat returned, The House of Lions send a signal to The Guardian into helping them, the Guardian accepted their offer, hunting down the Gray over Mars, Found Tikmiks Rallying the Remnants of Wolves into joining them, despite of this. Tikmiks' rally was put down by the Guardian capturing Tikmiks and sent him into the Kell's Dungon, with the House of Gray on loose, Joskaa opened up the Kell's Wrath.

Kell's Wrath[edit]

Joskaa began providing Bounties against the House of Gray, with the help of the Guardians putting down most of Gray Forces.

Rise of Skarr[edit]

With the Capture of Tikmiks, his Archon Servants began pulling strings over Gray. For Control, they captured Skarr, a fallen Bounty Hunter, and Brainwashed him, into becoming their Kell. when the Lions found out about this, They made a Guardian strike against the mad Kell. While on Venus the Guardians found Skarr leading a group of fallen, with the oppuntunity, they killed the kell.

Rainiks Reborn[edit]

To replace their Lost Leaders they Built Rainiks Reborn, a Prime Servitor, When Hearing about this. The House of Lions Led an assault in Hong Kong, with the help the Guardian they head into the Lair and Destroyed the Prime Servitor.

Gray's Last Stand[edit]

With the Gray in ruins, the House of Lions led an Assault on Mars. With the death of Gray's Generals, the destruction of a Gray ketch and the breaking of the House of Gray. the House of Lions pinned them down, however, instead of destroying them. Joskaa becomes the new Kell of Gray.

Allies of The Reef[edit]

Despite the House of Gray submissioning into the House of Lions, Joskaa believes that there will be some new leaders that will rise against the Kell, and the House of Gray may become can threat again, so in order to keep the Gray from getting strong and coming back again, the Kell open up Kell's Arena, which is a area that is open to gladitor fights with the Help of The guardians. To end Tikmiks' Rebellion, Joskaa staged a gladiator match against the Archon, despite Tikmiks's weapons and follwers, he was killed quickly by a guardian. Joskaa later declares that the House of Lions will do anything to help The Last City.

Rise of Iron[edit]

In the aftermath of Taken War, Skorik and The House of Lions began helping the Awoken in infusing Taken energy into weapons, the House of Lions' Splicers, The Lion Splicers began having a major factor, they began crafting Taken-Infused armor and weapons and giving them to the House of Lions' Soilders, created a new class of Fallen in the called: Infused-Fallen, giving them new ablities for fighting, they also even help Guardians during certain campians.


Despite these new weapons, The Lions faced new problems, the House of Lions hid their Prime, Andax Prime, only to be captured by the Cabal. the House later fell into a civil war with the Scorn, only to fail and barely survive, because of this, the House of Lions moved out of their Lairs, and moved into the Dreaming City with the Awoken. But, later escaped as Taken began corrupting the City, forcing the Lions to move out of the City, now squatting in the outskirts of the City.

A Lion Splicer was on a mission, only to their taken-infused armor being corrupted and transformed them into Kithrax, the Broken.

More problems began to fall under the Kell, as Joskaa has been thinking into docking himself and have the Lions join the House of Dusk. But was stopped by AJ, a Guardian. After a long talk with him, Joskaa decied to bring the Lions back together and formed the newfangled he always wanted.

Return of Lions[edit]

With the Destruction of the Scorn and the failures of The Kell's Scourge Syndicate. The Lions began returning into glory. They first convinced The Spider into joing forces to bring the Fallen into joing Syndicates. They later created a new Christian denomination called: Equalism. and sent their Scholars into spreading these beliefs through out the Fallen. They later sent the Guardians into destroy the Scorn's remaining Dark Ether supply, to keep them broken and depressed. In order to get the Lions into joining Dusk. they rebuilt the Prime Servitor, Jobkis Prime for control over the Lions. suspecting a trap. Joskaa sent a group of Guardians into attack Bracus Za'ourg's stronghold and rescuing Andax Prime, and destroyed the False Prime. With these victories the Lions were able to get most of their Lairs back.

Meme Review[edit]

"skrattar du förlorar Du"
— AJ calling the Meme Squad

When the House of Lions found the Hoth Planet, they planned on mining resources there, but they actendently met the House of TV, and fought against them, to get an edge on the House, Joskaa stoled old weapons from Hiraks, the Mindbender, and modified with the help of the Lion Splicers. they later used it to control the Scorn, Hive, and Cabal on the Reef. Joskaa, joined forces with a Guardian fireteam and created Meme Squad. However they both lost Hoth to the House of Dusk. In advance the House of Lions sent the ambassador, Lions' High Emisary to cooperate with TV, Meme Squad resided at the Empty Tank Fallen Nightclub, and Joskaa sended Big bounties against Srikes and Swadi And Silent pants gives intel of new Exotic bounties for The Spider and the team, and made big bounties on any kind species, such as:(scorn,human,exo,awoken,fallen,hive,Cabal,Vex,frame,Taken,Mandalorian,Magical girl,sith,dark Jedi,Hutt,etc).

House of Tigers[edit]

"Strange is House Tigers, they have a Human Kell, control House TV, need to understand this House...may I speak to.......Silent pants?"
Lions' High Emissary to Joskaa

During the talk with the Kell of TV, the Emissary saw how cruel was the House of Tigers. After His trip back to the Reef. The Emissary talked to Joskaa and urged him to set up a bounty against them, however the idea backfired. The Emissary later talked to Michael the Silent in hopes of learning more about the Tigers.

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

"So, this "Syndicate" made by my sister, thinks there a theat to us, We'll show them whos the real threat to them hehe.."

Joskaa's sister, Seriviks, who was once the regarded Archon Priest for Andax Prime, left the House, due to the Lions making peace with The Last City and Awoken. After years and years of waiting, she gathered up Fallen from all around the system with House of Gray remnants, who refused to bow to Joskaa and Lion deserters who are loyal to Seriviks, becoming the Jackal Syndicate, They later remain underground. However, a Jackal Captain by the name of Chelsik began an attempt to assassinate Joskaa and the Queen by hacking Lion Shanks and Walkers, while his crew infiltrates the area. The Guardian, However thwarts his attempt and kills him, and the Syndicate is revealed, and thus, the Crusades of the Jackals begans.

After the Jackals being revealed, Seriviks, the Kell of Jackals later took refuge on Nessus. When the Lions found out about this, they sended a Guardian to take her down. Ariving on nessus, She was seen along side Giltris, a Marauder. She, however, escaped leaving Giltris behind only to be killed by the guardian. After the attack, Joskaa orders the guardian to stand down and let his Spies deal with her.

Despite the Guardian unable to find her, Magnusk, Lions' Wrath secretly gave the guardians coordinates to her location, due to her Ketch, Jackalship Semkis-Fel being found on Titan. After fighting through her Kell's Guards and Ketch Enforcers, they face her in her throne room. Despite believing in finishing off, However, She escaped. Joskaa orders the guardian of what they were doing, but with driving Seriviks out of her Ketch. He believe that might do better in taking the Jackals down and later left them into finding Jackal bounties, while Kell's Wrath was later reopened to attack the Jackals.

With the opening of Kell's Wrath, Guardians all around the system began hunting down the Jackal's Barons, Baronesses, and Generals such as Thresik, the Swordsman, Graksul, the Headhunter, Kithiks, the Pathfinder, and Pavik, Once Meek, they even made a more bigger blow with the destruction of Semkis Prime, The Crimson Widow, and the Metal Siblings. with these victories the House of Lions staged a full-on assault into the The Jackals' Den to destroy or capture the Remaining Jackal Leadership. With the help of the Guardians, they were to kill most of Jackals' Generals pushing further into their Lair and meet up with Seriviks. Despites of her Stock pile and reforcements, they were able to execute her. crippling the Jackals, and the end of the Crusades.

Wolf Resurgence[edit]

Despite the House of Wolves becoming extinct, by the Scorn, there has been some Wolf Loyalists who have recently joined the House of Lions, notably Trigoris and Lirsis. However it's unknown if they have allegiance under the Lion banner or if they are still truly loyal to the Wolves.

Rise of NBA Stars[edit]

"Ugh I hate Trash go to hell you pity TV"
— Granook Destroying the TV with his Solar Boomer

Somewhere in early events of Shadowkeep, Granook was Cleaning, he Saw on the television That Space Jam is on air. He told some members Why is there a tv, he would say he want to change the Channel but instead it shows the Brave Little toaster, which leads him to Shoot the TV.

Powers of the Void[edit]


The Lions' Kell, Joskaa

While the other house having rules to their house, the Lions have a unusual and abnormal among the Fallen due to the christian religion, the house have a normal but sole leadership, the Kell, but the house have a new leadership branch that only the House of lions have access to, One of them is called Fallen Queens, Fallen Queens serve as the Queen of the house and consort of kell but have other duties, as for an example, if the kell is a female, then the house will pick the second oldest female child or female realative of kell to serve as Queen for Second in command they can also get large amounts of Ether. Then comes the Barons, Most have the same regular duties as all barons, but some Barons has a different duties than a normal barons, the sons of the kell can become a baron if you first start as a prince and then you get in the age of 13 you become a squire to a Lion Guard, then after that you will be crown vandal you the choice of joining a captain's crew or join family Barons’ Lion Guards and join a station called, Rising Guards in order to become a baron after finishing that will become a baron and be crown a captain. The oldest baron will be titled the rising kell and prepare the title of the kell. Then have new stations of the house like Lion Guards, Lion enforcers, Lion pike gangs, Invisible Claws, Lion Scouts, Lion Scavengers, Lion Kell's Guards, Lion mechanics. They also have a similar apperance to the House of Wolves, except, the Armor is White and the Fur Scarfs and Capes are Yellow. Their House is also seen to have a primarily large amounts of Vandals and Shanks, With Captains and Barons commanding them.

In Destiny 2, however nothing has changed about them, however their Major variants has a Honey Beige color armor and Black body suit, as for Ultra versions, Their armor color is red and yellow, similar to Joskaa, Lion Kell. Their servitors, same as D1, but for their major versions, they have the same model as the Lion High Servitors. As for Ultra Servitor variants are the same as Overpowered Servitors, however, They're painted with red, yellow, and orange marks, similar to the Ultra Lion Members.



Lion Council[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]





  • Flavored Ether
  • Stone soup
  • Ether Soup
  • Solid Ether (Ether Cubes, Ether Popcicles, Ether Nuggets)



  • The House of Lions could be the descendants of the House of Wolves, since their Kell was formerly part of the wolves.
    • This theory was later debunked as not true, due to Joskaa’s predecessor, Yorvik was the kell and not a former wolf.
  • To the Lion members, they call the House: "House Lions", while rival Fallen or Non-Fallen will call the House: "Lion Pack".
  • Even though Fin, Lion Baron works for the House of Lions, his colors shows that he belong to the House of Exile.
  • They are one of 3 houses that to not worship Servitors, the other 2 is House of Dusk and The Scorn.
    • They are also the first and only house that worship the christian religion.
      • However, after the Crusades of the Jackals, Joskaa allowed the Lions to have the freedom of religion, meaning that the Fallen can worship whatever they want. Most of the Lions went back to worshiping Servitors, while others continued to follow the Christian religion and other Earth religion, notably Joskaa and Askar, Lions' Patriarch.
  • The Lions are the first that eat other food that is not Ether.
  • It was seen that the Empty Tank, was a Hideout to the Lions, seen by it Lion Banners and white flags over the areas (Fan Fiction Story/theory).
    • It was confirmed by Joskaa, however, the lair was supposed to be used a celebration party area, which was used for victories for the Lions, it also use as a relaxing and cooling down area for Joskaa, as the throne inside the fighting pit chamber was actually a replica of his throne, which the original is inside of Lionship Andax-Fel (another Fan Fic Story/theory).
  • It has been rumored that there's a House of Lions' Den in the vicinity of Jupiter, as it been noted that there's some Lion Scouts seen on Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter.

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