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House of Lions
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Yorvik, Kell of Lions
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Warvriks, the Deserted
Seriviks, Lion Archon
Grayvis, Queen of the Lions


Jobiks Prime
Andiks Prime


The Lions' Run 
Splicer's Watch
Greek Flood Zone
Monégasque Ruins

At war with:

House of Sky (formerly)
Star Blazers
House of Storm (formerly)
Red Legion
House of Dusk
Savathûn's Brood
The Jackal Syndicate
Black Fleet
House of Salvation
House of Emperors (formerly)
House of Vipers
Anarchy's Children

Allied with:

House of Judgement
The Reef
House of Winter (formerly)
AJ's Host
House of Storm
House of Spider
House of Light
Claw of Vrylzesk
Imperial Cabal
Emperor Reformists


Gray Wars
Siege on Mars
Tikmiks' Revolt
Crusades of the Jackals
Season of Dawn
Season of the Relentless


"Not all of the Fallen had faltered to your wrath. Yes?"
Variks, The Loyal

The House of Lions are an old, but vigilant Fallen House, distinguishable by their vanilla colored armors and round dark brown fur cloaks. They are allies to The Last City and The Reef.


Early History[edit]

"Many Houses were known for their worth within Riis, yes? (Wheeze) House Wolves for weavering, House Rain for their prophecies, House Sky for their ships, House Lions for their courage, and House Kings for their leadership. But the Whirlwind tore it apart, and now...not much of us follow our previous ways, yes? What a shame..."
Variks, the Loyal

During the events before the Whirlwind, the House of Lions were amongst many Houses that prospered under the Traveler on their home planet Riis. Known to be one of the oldest Houses within their civilization, they were seen as the pride of their people and were known as crusaders and protectors among their people, and had a strong relationship with the House of Judgment due to their ties of keeping the peace between the other Fallen Houses, as well as being known for their control over many Star Systems and their inspiring courage to many other Eliksni. Their power and influence would rival some from the House of Wolves and Kings, although the Lions' Kell would be part of a council of Kells, from the Wolves, Kings, Judgement, and the House of Rain and Stone. But during the events of the cataclysmic Whirlwind, where the Lions would attempt to defend their home against the Darkness alongside some like the House of Stone and help evacuate many fleeing Eliksni, but were presumed destroyed alongside the Stone and many other Fallen Houses. However, it would be revealed that the Lions survived the event and escaped onto one of their Star Systems, which included a Planet known as Striviis.

Gray Wars[edit]

The Gray Wars initially began around the events of the Long Drift, the House of Sky, influenced by Skevsis, the Prowling, moved out into a Star System that was in control of the House of Lions, and attempted to take over Striviis from the Lions, resulting in many Lions living on the planet to be killed by the invading Sky. This would cause Yorvik, the Kell of Lions to retaliate against the Fallen Sky, causing the Wars to began. During the courses of the wars, the Lions and Sky battled out for control over the planet, lasting for many years, resulting many to be perished, including most of the Sky leadership, would soon end with the revealing of the Sky Kell's location, Yorvik would group his powerful forces and allies to obliterate the Sky's lair and their Kell, which succeeded and would effectively bring a temporarily end to the Gray Wars.

However the wars would continue on as the Lions were reaching to the Sol System, as Skevsis had drawn the remnants of Sky to chase after the Lions across space, and would eventually break the Lions' leadership, destroying Lionship Jobiks-Fel, which caused Yorvik to perish, as he was within the Ketch at the time. This would lead to the Lions to follow the temporary leadership of Jobiks Prime until a new Kell would take over, Jobiks, with the help of Warvriks, would be able to keep its power over the House. Despite this placated the broken leadership of the House, other nobility still attempted to claim Kellship, most notably Tariks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skevsis, the Prowling.

This led to Skevsis defeating both Tariks, and Skrisah, taking over as the new Kell of Lions. Under his rule, he would claim the control of the House from Jobiks Prime and began the usage of veneration of Servitors and docking caps to control the masses, although this had succeeded, many Lions had suffered problems under Skevsis's rule, due to many of the masses were starved from Ether and malnourished, while higher ranking Captains and nobility had the largest amount of Ether, even to the point of Skevsis grew more than the others, and the worship of Servitors being used to control the people. This would lead to a revolt, orchestrated by Joskaa, the Open-Minded, whom was a freelancer working for the Lions, the Lions would rebel and push back Skevsis's power, causing him to flee from the Lions into Sky's territory, but with the Lions chasing in tow, soon Joskaa and his allies were able to corner Skevsis and slew him, along with defeating what remained of House of Sky. This led to Joskaa becoming the Kell of Lions and led the House to reach to the Sol System.

Arrival in the Sol System[edit]

Magnusk, of the Kell's Wrath

"Another Fallen House that have been under our noses...and the Reef supports them?"

After finally arriving into the Sol System, the Lions would settle down in the frontal edges of the Kuiper Belt, but were rumored to have a minor presence amongst Callisto and 2 Pallas. During their early times there, the House would remain in hiding from both any enemy factions and even other Houses, sticking to mostly spy and observe for possible allies or enemies, the only time the House ever made contact was during the Reef Wars in the Siege of Pallas, where the Lions attempted to defend themselves and their location from invading Wolves, and stole minor items from both Wolves and the Awoken, keeping any attention from the two factions. After the War ended, the Lions would approached the Reef to form a neutrality with each other, hoping to at least keep the House's existence a secret from other Houses but mostly, The Last City. The two would agreed although their areas within Pallas would be supervised by the Awoken while the Lions had permissions to some of the Awoken's relics and other Golden Age objects to learn more about the System they currently lived in.

Wolf Rebellion[edit]

Despite not physically being in the Wolf Rebellion, the Lions did however minorly assist the Awoken by keeping the Wolves from going into the outer System, pushing most of them back into the inner system should they tried to expand further outward. Later Joskaa, the Kell of Lions would be approached by Skolas, the Kell of Wolves himself, in hoping to combine their forces together to take back the Traveler, although Joskaa would deny him in order to keep the House from being discovered and not to break the Awoken's trust. After the Rebellion ended, Joskaa kept watch over the wandering Wolves, whom are without a Kell after the defeat of Skolas.

At some point during this time, the Lions would soon be discovered by a young Guardian whom was searching for answers about the Fallen. However, after learning more about the House and their reason why of their obscurity to anyone else, he would continue to keep the House's secret from the Vanguard, in fear of them targeting the Lions. Soon the Guardian would began to help the House out more, eventually becoming their ally and became their Kell's subordinate and friend after gaining an audience with Joskaa and participated in the Kell's Gauntlet, a gladiatorial combat challenge, representing as the Kell of Lions.

Taken War[edit]

During the Taken War, the House of Lions, like many other Houses, were effected by Oryx, the Taken King and his Taken, although the Lions stood strong due to most of their leadership was still intact, the Lions had to abandon their strongholds within the Kuiper Belt as Oryx was traveling into the system, and escaped into the Reef, holed up over at Pallas and acted as a safe haven for surviving Fallen suffered from the Taken invasion.

Later, the House's Splicers, the Lion Splicers began experimenting on the Taken, most specifically their Blights and attempted to harvest them in hopes of turning them into weapons for the Fallen. A few Splicers were also mentioned helping the Awoken infuse Taken energy into their weapons and armor, hoping to learning ways to infuse Taken energy into their own weapons.

Recent Events[edit]

Siege on Mars[edit]

Rise of the Storms[edit]

Following the defeat of the Star Blazers, the House of Sky would finally reemerge once more, although under a new name known as: House of Storm. Led by Tikmiks, the House of Storm would enter the Sol System, and began to pillage from remnants of broken Houses and bringing any Fallen to join their banner, even getting their message from areas such as the Prison of Elders. Soon they attempted to attack the Prime Servitor, Andiks Prime, but would be stopped by the House assisted by AJ, soon this would result in occurring battle between the two Houses, and forced the Storms to flee to Mars, and taking refuge within Cerberus Vae III, resulting in the remaining Cabal inside to be pushed out of the tank and drove a patrolling Fireteam out of the vicinity. Meanwhile the Lions would begin to rally their forces to attack the Storms on Mars, getting those by the likes of Magnusk, Lions' Wrath and Grask, Lion Captain, even gaining help from AJ once more along with Variks to hunt down the Storms. After they found the Storms' location, they would travel to Mars, but would enter a skirmish with the provoked Cabal. Meanwhile the Vanguard would take notice of the displaced Fireteam and sent a Guardian to deal with the odd commotion, running into the fighting Lions and Cabal, and would be forced to work with the Fallen under the influence of AJ, they would take out the Cabal and force the House of Storm out of the tank and drew out Tikmiks, however he would unfortunately escape. This gave the Lions a temporary victory and a loose alliance with The Guardian for the time being until they could catch the fleeing Archon.

Red War[edit]

A few months after the defeat of the House of Storm, and the end of the SIVA Crisis, many of the Fallen had began to pull out from their old hideouts to come together under one banner. The Lions were one of few Houses that didn't heeded the call for union from the Kell of Kings, due to their leadership haven't been destabilized. However, as the Red War began, the Lions suffered from attacks on the Reef created by the invading Red Legion, Hive, Taken, and a rising group of Fallen called the "Scorned Barons", causing the Lions to move out of their lair on Pallas and flew to Earth in a search for a home, arriving in the Monégasque Ruins, attempting to form a home but were stopped by a Cabal Red Legion Company, forcing the Lions to move up into a mountain called Mont Agel and lived there for a while, occasionally scavenging for supplies and pushing Cabal out of their areas. The Lions also conducted raiding parties against the Cabal, this raids would be led by AJ, whom was lightless thanks to the Traveler becoming trapped by the Red Legion, but nonetheless He would direct minor and quick raids over the Cabal's supplies in hopes of learning any possible way to push the cabal out of the ruins.

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

Finally!, I did it, now time to put in this images for seriviks and others.
"The Forgotten Sibling"

"So, this "Syndicate" made by my sister, thinks they're a theat to us, We'll show them whos the real threat here, hehe.."

Joskaa's sister, Seriviks, who was once a notable Archon to Andiks Prime, left the House, due to the Lions making peace with The Last City and Awoken. But after years and years of waiting, she would gathered up many Fallen from all around the system, including House of Storm remnants, who refused to bow to Joskaa and Lion deserters who were loyal to Seriviks, to form the Jackal Syndicate, and remain hidden from the system. However, a Jackal member, by the name of Chelsik would began an attempt to assassinate Joskaa and Grayvis by hacking Lion Shanks and Walkers, to distract any Lions or Guards, while his crew infiltrates the area to kill them. But The Guardian, However thwarts his attempt and kills him, but would cause the Jackals to be revealed, and thus, the Crusades of the Jackals begans.

After the failed assassination, Seriviks, would take refuge on Nessus through a abandoned Kell's Scourge lair. But when scouts, belonging to the Lions found her location, Joskaa send in The Young Wolf to take her down and capture her. While arriving to Nessus, She was seen commanding Jackal operatives. But after She spotted the Guardian, she would escaped and would send Giltris, the Prowler to distract The Guardian, while She escape. After the unsuccessful capture, Joskaa would order the guardian to stand down while letting his Invisible Claw dealing with her capture. But despite the Guardian unable to capture her, they would intercept a hidden transmission from Magnusk, Lions' Wrath, which would include the coordinates to her location, deep within the vicinity of the moon: Titan. The Young Wolf would discover Jackalship Semkis-Fel and would fight her Kell's Guards, to reach her in the throne room, but even though they have almost catch her, She would escaped once again. Joskaa would find the Guardian, and question their motives. But they would explain it to him, he would allow the Young Wolf to continue their hunt over the Jackals, while he would re-open the Kell's Wrath to counteract the Jackal leadership.

With the return of Kell's Wrath, Guardians all around the system began hunting down any Jackal's Barons, Baronesses, or Generals such as Thresik, the Swordsman, Graksul, the Headhunter, Kithiks, the Pathfinder, and Pavik, Once Meek, they even make a more bigger blow with the destruction of Semkis Prime, The Crimson Widow, and the Metal Siblings. But with these victories, the Lions would staged a full-scale assault into the The Jackals' Den to defeat Seriviks and any remaining Jackals. So with the help of the Guardians, they were to kill most of Jackals' Generals, push further into their Lair and face Seriviks. But despites her Stock pile and reinforcements, they were able to execute her. crippling the Jackals, and the end of the Crusades.

Season of the Relentless[edit]

Season of the Emperors[edit]


Season of the Vipers[edit]



"House Lions are not like the rest of the others. They are quiet, they prowl, learn your tactics, learn your ways, and learn your weaknesses. But, just like Variks, they are smart enough to side with you than to face death (laughs)."
Variks, The Loyal
The Lions' Kell, Joskaa

Unlike most Fallen House, the House of Lions follows a more complex and unique structure in a similar fashion to the House of Wolves, following the common leadership of Kells, Archons (although both of the two Archons are currently missing or dead), and a Prime Servitor with Barons and other notable nobility supporting them. However, they also have many stations and groups that operate more freely than those from other Fallen House, as long as it benefits the House.

Newly elected or younger Kells are mostly assisted by a council formed up of the most esteemed members within the House, which they help the Kell lead the House to a better path and works on the rules that the House must follow. Kells are protected by their own group of Kell's Guards, formed from the Lions' best soldiers, to defend and stay close to the Kell at most times, while the Kell's council are served by Lions' Guard, similar to Wolves' Guard, although they aren't hand selected or brainwashed to the point of serving their duty. The Lion Enforcers are there to help cements the rule and authority of the Kell and his council; making sure that the rank-and-file retain their loyalty to the House even if they are allowed to do things morefreely. Similar to the Silent Fang, the Lions have their own sect of spies and assassins, known as the Invisible Claw, a massive network of spies and assassins placed across the system to monitor on potential enemies to exploit their weaknesses. Much like most Houses, the Lions also have a Splicer sect to help with augmenting their fellow Lions with cybernetics, and are in-charge with overseeing and maintain the House's machinery, led by the chief scientist of the House, whom has a seat within the Kell's council. Inspired by the Queen's Wrath, the Kell also have a personal team of elite Fallen who are tasked to target and destroy significant and more dangerous entities whom threaten Kell and take down traitors to the House, as well as placing Bounties on certain targets personally ordered by the Kell.

Outside the political and other leaderships of the House, the society of the House acts very more different than a House normally should. The House consists mostly of large amounts of Vandals (due to Joskaa's beliefs and a number of gangs and groups), with them being allowed a large degree of operational freedom, long as they keep their loyalties to the House and bring valuable data and intel to the Lion leadership. Captains continues their roles as leaders of crews or as elite warriors, given the best weaponry for their talents and to suit their needs. Subject of docking is shown to be very rare within the House, although this is because of the use of docking is used as a sentence to criminals and traitors within the House rather than punishment for certain mishaps, those who are docked serves crews and teams as labor and support, once at a certain threshold, they can be allowed to regrow their lower arms. There are rare instances where few Dregs are selected by the Kell for certain operation mission, which those said Dregs are allowed a small operational freedom in exchange for being supervised by a Lion Enforcer to make sure they do not abandon their mission or betray the House.

Following the events of Forsaken, and the rise of Fallen "syndicates", the Lions would be one of the only Houses that weren't affected by this due to the Lions were able to adapt and grow more thanks to their system they have used during their time on Sol, however this would also cause a growing rift between those who continues and holds the customs of the old ways and those who are more younger and began learning and following Human culture and beliefs. This went even more further with Joskaa, the Lions' own Kell began adopting Humanity cultures, to point of him courting a Exo, which would break the Fallen's traditions; Furthering the rapid decline of the Fallen old culture and ways while being overshadowed by the rising trend of Fallen following human ways within the House.


House of Lions' members


Prime Servitors[edit]


Lions' Council[edit]

Notable Fallen[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]

Former Lions[edit]

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Unique Forces[edit]

Major variants

Minor variants



  • Khvostov 7G-02—uncommonly Used by Veteran Vandals and rarely used by Unbounded Dregs
  • Khvostov 7G-0X—Rarely used by Freelance Vandals and Resilient Captains
  • AK-112 assault rifle—used by Unbounded Dregs, Freelance Vandals, and uncommonly used by Claw Assassin
  • Rangemaster hunting rifle—uncommonly used by Resilient Marauders and commonly used by Claw Assasin, uncommon for a Claw Assassin with a scoped verison
  • Lions' Pride—a Hand cannon that looks and acts similar to Stolen Pride hand cannon, except its has Solar damage and has House of Lions colors, used very rarely by Dregs, and uncommonly used by Unbounded Dregs. Joskaa uses dual Lions' Prides as a backup weapon
  • UP9—blueprints given from the spider when they took a photo on a Rouge Exo
  • Baron's Sigil—A Artifact used by Guardians, will summon a squad of Fallen and Skiff (depending on the area, the user is in), they'll aid you in Combat until all enemies are down.
  • Memory of Jobkis-Fel—A Titan artifact
  • Remnant of a Prime—A Warlock artifact
  • Horn of Telksor, the Shadowed Claw —A Hunter artifact



  • To the Lion members, they call the House: "House Lions", while rival Fallen or Non-Fallen May sometimes call the House: "Lion Pack".
  • It has been rumored that there's a House of Lions' Den in the vicinity of Jupiter, as it been noted that there's some Lion Scouts seen on Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter.
  • The Lions are the only known House, to have both their House Archons to desert their House, as Seriviks, the Archon of Andiks Prime, left the House to create The Jackal Syndicate, while Warvriks, Jobkis's Archon deserted his House to join the House of Dusk.
  • Their appearance in D1, stays the same in D2, with the exception of some of their members having a resemblance to House of Dusk Fallen (mostly their Wretch and Marauder units), possibly former Dusk members who defected from Dusk and join the Lion banner. However, ever since Beyond Light, the House of Lions' appearance would change entirely; their units carrying a similar style to their House of Salvation counterparts. This would be the same for the House of Vipers, the House of Emperors, and other newer Houses, after them.
  • Originally the Lions the lived among the Kuiper belt, but was changed to the Reef, but was changed back, but as a reference, as they did used to live there until the Taken War, and they moved to the Reef.

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