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House of Lions
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Yorvik, Kell of Lions
Joskaa, Lion Kell
Warvriks, the Deserted
Seriviks, Lion Archon
Grayria, the Queen of Lions


Jobiks Prime
Andiks Prime


The Lions' Run 
Splicer's Watch
The Empty Tank
The Prime's Nest
The Watchtower
Lions' Pride Relay
Monégasque Ruins


Gray Wars
Crusades of the Jackals
Season of Dawn
Season of the Relentless


"Not all of the Fallen had faltered to your wrath. Yes?"
Variks, The Loyal

The House of Lions are an old, but vigilant Fallen House, distinguishable by their vanilla armors and roundish dark brown fur cloaks. They are allies to The Last City and The Reef.


"Many Houses were known for their worth within Riis, yes? (Wheeze) House Wolves for weavering, House Rain for their prophecies, House Sky for their ships, House Lions for their courage, and House Kings for their leadership. But the Whirlwind tore it apart, and now...not much of us follow our previous ways, yes? What a shame..."
Variks, the Loyal

During the events before the Whirlwind, the House of Lions were amongst many Houses that prospered under the Traveler on their home planet Riis, and noted to be one of the oldest Houses within their civilization. They were seen as the pride of their people and were noted to serve as enforcers and help the House of Judgement keep the peace between the rest of the Houses, as well as being known for their control over many Star Systems and their courage. Their power and influence would rival some from the House of Wolves and Kings. Although the Lions' Kell would be part of a council of Kells, from the Wolves, Kings, Judgement, and the House of Rain and Stone. But during the events of the cataclysmic Whirlwind, where the Lions would attempt to defend their home against the Darkness alongside some like the House of Stone and help evacuate many fleeing Eliksni, but while those who helped escaped, other would succumbed to the Darkness, only Yorvik would survive and escape with the rest of the Lions. They would escape amongst one of their Star Systems, which included a Planet known as Sineria.

Gray Wars[edit]

Wars between, the House of Lions and the House of Sky

Phase One[edit]

The Wars started when a House known as the House of Sky entered the Lions’ territory and raided multiple camps, killing countless Fallen. This caused Yorvik, the Kell of Lions, to wage war against them. It was long courses of Battles, until Grayria, a spy for the Lions, went undercover, as a Sky scavenger, to search for the House of Sky's Lair, in which she does. She gives the report to the Yorvik, and with this info, he would lead the Lions to manned raid against House Sky, and combine with the Lions' most powerful forces, they destroyed the Sky's Lair and killed the Kell of Sky, along with it.

Phase Two[edit]

With the Kell dead, the House of Sky took revenge, while Yorvik was trying to collect Ether from one of the Astroids, Sky then cornered his ship, and destroyed it, killing him along with it. With Yorvik's death, the House of Lions fell into civil war, splitting into 3 groups, Tariks, Lion Baron, Skrisah, the Wise, and Skeklos, the Prowling.

During the civil war, Skeklos began to strangely rise to power. He first destroyed Skrisah's fleet, and then tricked the House of Sky into Defeating Tariks. With all of his rivals dead, He became the Kell of Lions, Although his rule did not Last, because most of the Lions saw him as a cruel and unfair Leader, when thing began uneasy, The Lions revolted with the help of Joskaa, Burning Blade, Grayria, Winter Lost, and Andiks-5. The attack, then led into a chase, ending in The Prison of Scars, A House of Sky facility. With the bulk of the House of Lions, they were able kill Skeklos, who apparently helped Sky kill Yorvik; Joskaa would then, destroyed the Prison, causing the Sky to trapped, with the War over, The Lion crowned Joskaa, as the new Kell.

Arrival in the Sol System[edit]

Magnusk, of the Kell's Wrath

A Fallen house
Hostile level: 0 (Presumably non-hostile)

Base: 2 Pallas

Personal Response: non-wolf fallen, but has unknown objectives.


— A reef agent to command base

The Lions later arrived to the Solar System and lived around areas within the Kuiper belt, but some of their scouts and scavenging parties would be seen around the Reef and Jupiter, mostly in the vicinities of 2 Pallas and Callisto. But at some point, their Prime Servitor, Jobkis Prime, would go missing. Later on, while the Lions were scavenging around 2 Pallas, they would suffered Aattack, led by the House of Wolves, during Reef Wars. When this happened, the Lions stationed there, would retaliate, by driving the House of Wolves out of reef. But this went unsucceseded, but caught the attention of the Queen of the Reef, and a audience from the Awoken, to learn if they hostile or if they were friendly. Joskaa would be non-hostile if they are left alone, but would allow any of the Houses to enter the Reef, unless it would harm them in any way.

Wolf Rebellion[edit]

Despite not physically being in the Wolves' Rebellion, the Lions were approached by Skolas, who tried to convinced Joskaa into joining forces with him, in order destroy all of the Fallen’s enemies and take back the Traveler to restore their civilization. In which the Lion Kell declined, believe that it would backfire and both of their Houses would suffer terrible casualties, including the deaths of both of them. However after the Wolf Rebellion, the Lions would be pushed back out of the inner Reef, making sure what side are they on. But the Lions would partially stay as their allies

During in the aftermath of the Wolf Rebellion, a Guardian, known as AJ, discovered the lair of the Lions. Attempting to gain their trust, AJ would keep the discovery a secret, and doing several errands for the Kell, such as participating in the Kell's Arena. Sending messages to some Houses, and doing Bounties for the House. He would then, become a honorary Baron and become the Champion of the Kell's Arena, after defeating Kralikss, Joskaa's Champion, the former Champion of the Arena, and would gain trust from Joskaa.

Taken War[edit]

When Oryx arrived in the Sol System, they would attempt to keep their control over the Kuiper belt, but would backfired, thanks to his power of the Taken. They would flee and abandon any location, belonging to Oryx and would stay within the Reef, within the shadow of Pallas, and would act as safe haven for surviving or deserters of Fallen Houses, affected by the Taken War.

Recent Events[edit]

Return of Gray[edit]

Tikmiks's Rebellion[edit]

In the Aftermath of the Taken War, the House of Sky would return, under the name: House of Gray, rallying under Tikmiks, An Archon and Brother of Skeklos. When the threat returned, The House of Lions proposed The Guardian and Variks into helping them. They accepted their offer, and began hunting down the Gray over Mars, Found Tikmiks Rallying the Remnants of Wolves into joining them, despite of this. Tikmiks' rally was put down by the Guardian capturing Tikmiks and sent him into the Kell's Dungeon, with the House of Gray on loose, Joskaa opened up the Kell's Wrath.

Kell's Wrath[edit]

Joskaa began providing Bounties against the House of Gray, but with the help of the Guardians, they put down most of the Gray Forces.

Rise of Skarr[edit]

With the Capture of Tikmiks, his Archon Servants began pulling strings over Gray. For Control, they captured Skarr, a fallen Bounty Hunter, and Brainwashed him, into becoming their Kell. when the Lions found out about this, They made an attack against the mad Kell. While on Venus, the Guardians found Skarr leading a group of fallen, with the opportunity, they killed the Kell.

Rainiks Reborn[edit]

To replace their Lost Leaders, they built Rainiks Reborn, a Prime Servitor. When hearing about this. The House of Lions Led an attack in Hong Kong, with the help the Guardian. they head into the Lair and destroyed the Prime Servitor.

Gray's Last Stand[edit]

With the Gray in ruins, the House of Lions led an Attack on Mars. With the death of Gray's Generals, the destruction of a Gray ketch and the breaking of the House of Gray, the House of Lions pinned them down, however, instead of destroying them. Joskaa becomes the new Kell of Gray.

Allies of The Reef[edit]

Despite the House of Gray submitting into the House of Lions, Joskaa believes that there will be some new leaders that will rise against the Kell, and the House of Gray may become can threat again, so in order to keep the Gray from getting strong and coming back again, the Kell open up Kell's Arena, which is a area that is open to gladiator fights and with the Help of The guardians. To end Tikmiks' Rebellion, Joskaa staged a gladiator match for The Guardian, against the Archon, despite Tikmiks's weapons and followers, he was killed quickly by The Guardian. Joskaa later declares that the House of Lions will do anything to help The Last City.

Rise of Iron[edit]

In the aftermath of Taken War, Skorvik and The House of Lions began helping the Awoken in infusing Taken energy into weapons, the House of Lions' Splicers, The Lion Splicers began having a major factor, they began crafting Taken-Infused armor and weapons and giving them to the House of Lions' Soldiers, created a new class of Fallen in the called: Infused-Fallen, giving them new abilities for fighting, they also even help Guardians during certain campaigns.


The return of the Exiled Priest, Warvriks

Before the events of the Hunt for the Scorn, many of the House of Lions would be attacked by the Scorn during their rampage across the Reef. The Lions would survive the attack but just barely, as a result they would flee from Pallas and over to Earth, seeking to try to find a new home. They would soon find ruins of Old Monaco and began setting up shop there, however their arrival to the ruins would be challenged by some forces of the Red Legion Remnants and some scavengers of the House of Dusk. However they would soon form a beachhead up in Mont Agel and began to slowly gain control over Monaco day by day.

After the destruction of the Scorn and the failures of The Kell's Scourge Syndicate, the Lions would push back the Cabal out of Monaco with the assistance of AJ. But their situation with Dusk was a different and more troubling problem, as their former Archon Priest, Warvriks, whom was now a House of Dusk member, would attempt to wrestle control over the Lions by building a replica of Jobkis Prime, the previous Servitor to the Lions. To make matters worse, the House of Dusk would deploy Cabal from Dusk Legion, a Cabal Legion that are loyal to Dusk, to capture Andiks Prime and hold the Servitor hostage. With Andiks out of the way, it would grow a power vacuum of the position of Prime Servitor, allowing Warvriks to assume command with the use of Jobkis, causing a split between the Lions. Those who were still with Joskaa were eager to rescue Andiks from the Dusk Legion, they would dispatch AJ once again to recover Andiks and help put a end to Warvriks' plan. Him along with a team of Lions, they would infiltrate the Dusk Legions' Outpost amongst the Monégasque Ruins and break out Andiks and kill its jailers. Now with Andiks free, Joskaa would pull off the assault against Dusk as they entered where they had Jobkis, destroyed the False Prime and drive Dusk out, finally giving the Lions the control over Old Monaco. After their victory, The Lions would later contact and ally with Mithrax to help bring any Open-Minded Eliksni to the Humanity side.

Crusades of the Jackals[edit]

"The Forgotten Sibling"
"So, this "Syndicate" made by my sister, thinks they're a theat to us, We'll show them whos the real threat here, hehe.."

Joskaa's sister, Seriviks, who was once a notable Archon to Andiks Prime, left the House, due to the Lions making peace with The Last City and Awoken. But after years and years of waiting, she would gathered up many Fallen from all around the system, including House of Gray remnants, who refused to bow to Joskaa and Lion deserters who were loyal to Seriviks, to form the Jackal Syndicate, and remain hidden from the system. However, a Jackal member, by the name of Chelsik would began an attempt to assassinate Joskaa and Grayria by hacking Lion Shanks and Walkers, to distract any Lions or Guards, while his crew infiltrates the area to kill them. But The Guardian, However thwarts his attempt and kills him, but would cause the Jackals to be revealed, and thus, the Crusades of the Jackals begans.

After the failed assassination, Seriviks, would take refuge on Nessus through a abandoned Kell's Scourge lair. But when scouts, belonging to the Lions found her location, Joskaa send in The Young Wolf to take her down and capture her. While arriving to Nessus, She was seen commanding Jackal operatives. But after She spotted the Guardian, she would escaped and would send Giltris, the Prowler to distract The Guardian, while She escape. After the unsuccessful capture, Joskaa would order the guardian to stand down while letting his Invisible Claw dealing with her capture. But despite the Guardian unable to capture her, they would intercept a hidden transmission from Magnusk, Lions' Wrath, which would include the coordinates to her location, deep within the vicinity of the moon: Titan. The Young Wolf would discover Jackalship Semkis-Fel and would fight her Kell's Guards, to reach her in the throne room, but even though they have almost catch her, She would escaped once again. Joskaa would find the Guardian, and question their motives. But they would explain it to him, he would allow the Young Wolf to continue their hunt over the Jackals, while he would re-open the Kell's Wrath to counteract the Jackal leadership.

With the return of Kell's Wrath, Guardians all around the system began hunting down any Jackal's Barons, Baronesses, or Generals such as Thresik, the Swordsman, Graksul, the Headhunter, Kithiks, the Pathfinder, and Pavik, Once Meek, they even make a more bigger blow with the destruction of Semkis Prime, The Crimson Widow, and the Metal Siblings. But with these victories, the Lions would staged a full-scale assault into the The Jackals' Den to defeat Seriviks and any remaining Jackals. So with the help of the Guardians, they were to kill most of Jackals' Generals, push further into their Lair and face Seriviks. But despites her Stock pile and reinforcements, they were able to execute her. crippling the Jackals, and the end of the Crusades.

Battle of the Yarkora[edit]


Operation: “Duskfall”[edit]

In the aftermath of Forsaken and the Battle of the Yarkora Homeworld, Joskaa began observing the House of Dusk, seeing them become more dysfunctional than usual, thanks to the rivaling powers within the House. This led to Joskaa forming Operation: "Duskfall", a plan to dismantle Dusk’s competing sects. Such as destroying their Cloning factories and targeting their Political Figureheads. This would go on for long, before being disbanded before the events of Shadowkeep.

Wolf Resurgence[edit]

Despite the House of Wolves becoming extinct, by the Scorn, there has been some Wolf Loyalists who have recently joined the House of Lions, notably Trigoris and Lirsis. However it's unknown if they have allegiance under the Lion banner or if they are still truly loyal to the Wolves.

Hibachi's Sting[edit]

"This is Robert E. Lee Speaking,in the my camera Feed in Hoth A Man left a note and tried to break into my system but failed
Guardian we need to Catch them ASAP
Robert E. Lee telling the gaurdian to get ready

A Human snuck into warmind E.lee to steal some info, for a unknown reason, but failed and escaped. The House of Lions began spying on the Hibachi’s Sting Syndicate, to learn info about them, the Guardian then was sent by the Vanguard to dismantle the newly risen Syndicate.

Season of the Relentless[edit]

After the Red Legion's fail on the Sundial, Joskaa would call up The Guardian, to meet AJ, in person, to inform of a possible chance to break the loop. However, after the Guardian stop Apithalos, a Taken Hydra, and contained his Fragments. It turns out to be simulation, weaved by Quria, Blade Transform, in which Joskaa calls up Jolkron, an ally of his, to pull the Guardian, out of the time loop, which succeeded. Joskaa orders The Guardian to search for AJ's hidden weapon cashes, hold weapons to defeat the Taken. While searching for his Weapons, they were able to defeat a Nightmare of Menkrodos, a Vex Axis Mind, that AJ once faced. As well finding the Exotic Hand cannon, Firebringer, on Venus, within the abandoned Caves, that formerly belong to the House of Winter. After returning to the Reef, Joskaa order a full on assault to the bowls of the Dreaming City, to rescue their captured friend AJ. After defeating the Taken that guards the path to AJ's cell, they would find him, Taken, under the supervision of Erpatha, a Taken Hydra. However despite of AJ's Void powers, and Erpatha's reinforcements. The Guardian was able to destroy Erpatha and free AJ from the Taken corruption.

Season of the Emperors[edit]


Season of Elders[edit]


Season of the Vipers[edit]



Shadowkeeper Apocalypse[edit]

During the rise of Kirito and Asuna, the Shadowkeepers weaved havoc amongst many of the Factions of the Sol System. This included the Lions as well, as they were attacked by the Shadowkeepers’ House of Shadows within Monégasque Ruins. Luckly the Lions were able to defend themselves from the onslaught, thanks to some help of The Guardian. But, while many Factions who were attacked by Kirito and were broken enough to be forced to serve him, many of the Lions stood strong and kept their loyalties to their Kell. However, one Lion did willingly defect the Joskaa to serve under Kirito.


"House Lions are not like the rest of the others. They are quiet, they prowl, learn your tactics, learn your ways, and learn your weaknesses. But, just like Variks, they are smart enough to side with you than to face death (laughs)."
Variks, The Loyal
The Lions' Kell, Joskaa

Just like its sister House, the House of Wolves, the Lions has a complex structure within their ranks, as not only they have Kells, Archons, and Prime Servitors as their main Leadership, like most Houses, they also have a new leadership branch that only the Lions are know to have access to, This type of leadership called are Fallen Queens. Fallen Queens serve as the Queen of the house and consort of a Kell, but have other duties, as for an example, if the Kell is a female, then the house will pick the second oldest female child or female relative of the previous Kell to serve as Queen for Second-in-command, or if the heir is still a child, then their mother, who should still be the Queen, will serve as the acting leader of the House. They can also get large amounts of Ether. As for the Kell, if they are too young or unfit to rule, they will be assisted by the Lions' Council, helping make the rules, until the Kell is old enough to rule, and will acts as jury to those who've broken the House's rules. They also have new stations in the House, such as Lions' Guards, Lion enforcers, Lion pike gangs, Invisible Claws, Lion Scouts, Lion Scavengers, Lion Kell's Guards, Lion mechanics. The hierarchy of the Lions, also differs from the rest of the other Houses. The Dregs of the Lions, are no longer distinguished as dishonored or shameful Fallen. Instead, they are listed criminals, or traitors of the House, and would either be: locked up in Prison, or docked and overseen by a Lion Enforcer, or a Lion High Servitor, similar to a parole, and would serve their penalty, until the Lions' Council lifts the docking, or would go rouge, but would not be able to set foot, within any Lion territory. However there is a chance that a Dreg can be partially pardon of their crimes by a the Kell, resulting them in becoming either a Unbounded Dreg, or a Wretch, depending on their importance, Unbounded Dregs are Semi-freely and can operate among Freelance Captains or Vandals, or can lead a Pike Gang. Lion Vandals has the biggest operational freedom, than the rest of Vandals of other Houses. As they can have any role they want, as they can be Freelancers, giving their serves to other Houses or Factions, but would still be loyal to the Kell of Lions, would serve within battle; as Scouts, solders, marksmen, battle-field medics, or they can serve within the House, as guards, lawmen, Merchants, or Gladiators that fight within the Kell's Arena, Vandals are able to maintain how much their own Ether they can use. Captains have the same roles, as Vandals, but with more power, than the Vandals, as they can either have their own crew, or work solo. They can either be teacher to other Fallen, who trying to become Captains as well, or can serve as field operatives. They can also serve as Wardens, within the House's Prison. Servitors retains the role as machine gods, but, can be utilized by any Fallen crews, factions, or workers, and are no longer only to be used by nobles or high-ranking Captains.

In Destiny 2, majority of the House would begin to change, starting off with their units’ armors displaying a “House of Salvation style”, with a bit of their own spin to it, mostly their colors mainly being colored mainly Vanilla and Dark brown, Elites' colors are switched to Dark Brown and Vanilla; While their higher-ranking members are colorized in a similar style to Joskaa, being that their colors are bright red, yellow, and Orange. They also became a algamation of both the old ways and new, while the House's members filled with more Younger Eliksni, including their Kell, as he follows more in the Human culture than that of his own kind’s, even taking in a Exo in as one of his Consorts. But the House still allows some of the old ways, such as leadership of Kells, Archons, and Barons, but they a bit of their power a bit more lessen in favor for freelance and fairness. Primes and Servitors are still revered as gods amongst them, but is overshadowed by the Earth culture and religions that the House also follows; Servitors are more so seen as either companions or assistants/Pilots or conduits, even their Prime Servitor more used for crafting weapons in their arsenal than the use of religious purposes, as well as adopting the use of Prime Ether Servitors to help extend the House's Ether supply. The Lions are also is shown to have some technology from other powerful Factions, such as the House of Salvation, Kell's Scourge, House of Scorpions, House of Vipers, and the Anarchy's Children. Even showing the use of Champions and SIVA at their disposal. Making out the House to be seen as a Mega House.


House of Lions' members


Prime Servitors[edit]


Lions’ Council[edit]

Notable Fallen[edit]

Notable Servitors[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]

Former Lions[edit]

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Unique Forces[edit]

Major variants

Minor variants



  • Chauchat—WW1 LMG, rarely used by Unbounded Dregs, Uncommonly used by Resilient Captains
  • Khvostov 7G-02—uncommonly Used by Veteran Vandals and rarely used by Unbounded Dregs
  • Khvostov 7G-0X—Rarely used by Freelance Vandals and Resilient Captains
  • AK-112 assault rifle—used by Unbounded Dregs, Freelance Vandals, and uncommonly used by Claw Assassin
  • Rangemaster hunting rifle—uncommonly used by Resilient Marauders and commonly used by Claw Assasin, uncommon for a Claw Assassin with a scoped verison
  • Lions' Pride—a Hand cannon that looks and acts similar to Stolen Pride hand cannon, except its has Solar damage and has House of Lions colors, used very rarely by Dregs, and uncommonly used by Unbounded Dregs. Joskaa uses dual Lions' Prides as a backup weapon
  • UP9—blueprints given from the spider when they took a photo on a Rouge Exo
  • Baron's Sigil—A Artifact used by Guardians, will summon a squad of Fallen and Skiff (depending on the area, the user is in), they'll aid you in Combat until all enemies are down.
  • Memory of Jobkis-Fel—A Titan artifact
  • Remnant of a Prime—A Warlock artifact
  • Horn of Telksor, the Shadowed Claw —A Hunter artifact



  • The House of Lions could be the descendants of the House of Wolves, since their Kell was formerly part of the wolves.
    • This theory was later debunked as not true, due to Joskaa’s predecessor, Yorvik was the kell and not a former wolf.
    • However, the Lions are a sister House to the Wolves.
  • To the Lion members, they call the House: "House Lions", while rival Fallen or Non-Fallen May sometimes call the House: "Lion Pack".
  • They are one of 3 houses that to not worship Servitors, the other 2 is House of Dusk and The Scorn.
    • They are also the first and only house that worship the christian religion.
      • However, after the Crusades of the Jackals, Joskaa allowed the Lions to have the freedom of religion, meaning that the Fallen can worship whatever they want. Most of the Lions went back to worshiping Servitors, while others continued to follow the Christian religion and other Earth religion, notably Joskaa and Askar, Lions' Patriarch.
  • The Lions are the first that eat other food that is not Ether.
  • It was seen that the Empty Tank, was a Hideout to the Lions, seen by it Lion Banners and white flags over the areas (Fan Fiction).
    • It was confirmed by Joskaa, however, the lair was supposed to be used a celebration party area, which was used for victories for the Lions, it also use as a relaxing and cooling down area for Joskaa, as the throne inside the fighting pit chamber was actually a replica of his throne, which the original is inside of Lionship Andiks-Fel (another Fan Fic Story).
  • It has been rumored that there's a House of Lions' Den in the vicinity of Jupiter, as it been noted that there's some Lion Scouts seen on Callisto, one of the moons of Jupiter.
  • The Lions are the only known House, to have both their House Archons to desert their House, as Seriviks, the Archon of Andiks Prime, left the House to create The Jackal Syndicate, while Warvriks, Jobkis's Archon deserted his House to join the House of Dusk.
  • Their appearance in D1, stays the same in D2, with the exception of some of their members having a resemblance to House of Dusk Fallen (mostly their Wretch and Marauder units), possibly former Dusk members who defected from Dusk and join the Lion banner. However, ever since Beyond Light, the House of Lions' appearance would change entirely; their units carrying a similar style to their House of Salvation counterparts. This would be the same for the House of Vipers, the House of Emperors, and other newer Houses, after them.
    • However, their Servitors carry the appearance of the Destiny 1 Servitors, with the Elites and Majors having a Lion High Servitor and the Overpowered Servitors. Reason why for this is because their Servitor line, the Andiks line, are the only Servitor line from D1, that still exists in D2. The only known other House that has this, are the Shadowkeepers’ House of Shadows, but are a bit altered with a style of Eramis’s armor design.
  • Originally the Lions the lived among the Kuiper belt, but was changed to the Reef, but was changed back, but as a reference, as they did used to live there until the Taken War, and they moved to the Reef.

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