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House of Lions (formerly)
Delkris's Coup (commander)


Captain (formerly)
Dreg (currently)

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Led a coup against Joskaa, Lion Kell, but failed and was docked by the Kell himself


"This House has every weaponry and tech, that was able rival both the House of Wolves and Kings, and has all the power, at our fingertips. Yet, we are ruled by a child, who holds us back, from our potential."
— Delkris, speaking against Joskaa

Delkris was a former noble from the House of Lions, who went against Joskaa and led a coup.


Once a noble of the Lions and a member of the Lions' Council, he led a coup against Joskaa for focusing and helping with the poor and middle class of the Lions, instead of protecting and catering to upper-class and powerful Lions. His members of this coup was mostly the nobles and upper-class Fallen of the House, with most notably Devris, Shadow's Barrage, Bovriks, the Unbent Hand, Warvriks, Archon Priest, Dovsis, and Pevkis. His coup would go beyond limits, such as almost deactivate the Jobkis Servitors and blow-up a section of Lionship Andiks-Fel, to pin the blame on Joskaa. However, this coup would not last, thanks to Julsis, Joskaa's Father and Mugnusk, the General of the House of Lions, they were able discover the operations of this coup and stop them, from pulling off their biggest assualt, as all of the members were captured and sent to prison. While Delkris went to the Throne room of Andiks-Fel, and confronted Joskaa over his rules and powers, only to be docked secretly and was sent to a unknown room at the bottom of the Ketch, wailing and screaming to be freed.



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