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Warvriks, the Deserted
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Warvriks, the Deserted (formerly known as Warvriks, Archon Priest) is a former Archon for the Fallen House of Lions, and was once powerful believer of Jobiks Prime, he served the House of Lions as their Archon Priest. That was until, the aftermath of Gray Wars, where he went against Joskaa, the new Kell of Lions, due to unknown reasons. He later joined a coup to against the Kell, but left the coup and his House, before the coup's final assault. Later on, he joins the House of Dusk as a commander. During the events of Forsaken, he began to spy on the Lions secretly, until when Andiks Prime went into hiding, this gave the advantage he needed to secretly destroy Joskaa and his followers. He first used the Dusk Legion, disguised as Red Legion, led by Bracus Za'ourg to capture Andiks Prime, and begins to build a replica of Jobiks Prime as a means to lure the Lions into joining forces with Dusk. However, Joskaa would called up The Guardian to rescue Andiks Prime and to Stop Warvriks. But, Warvriks would quickly escape before the False Jobiks Prime began to malfunction, and its later destruction.


  • Warvriks is the first House of Lions Archon, right after Askar (unoffically), and Seriviks.
    • Warvriks is also the first Lion Archon to defect the House, second being Seriviks herself.
  • Due to the fact, that Warvriks is the Archon of Jobiks Prime. It's possible he went against Joskaa, because Joskaa supported the Andiks line of Servitors, while Warvriks supports the Jobiks line.
  • Since Warvriks is the Archon of Jobiks Prime, he may had allegiance with Skrisah, the Wise, who had command over the Jobkis Servitors.
  • If Warvriks was the House of Lions' Archon, this means that Seriviks may had a stronger authority than Warvriks does because, while Warvriks is a servant of Jobiks Prime and was the first Archon, Seriviks was a servant of Andiks Prime. (To help clear things out, the Jobkis models are more older and common servitor line, while the Andiks models were more superior, than the Jobkis).

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