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Skrisah, the Wise
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Skrisah, the Wise was a Fallen noble from the House of Lions, who was a most notable lieutenant to Yorvik, Kell of Lions, due to her knowledge and tactics, earning the moniker. When Yorvik died, she became a contender to become the new Kell of Lions. While Tariks and Skeklos struggled for control over the Andiks line of Servitors, Skrisah took control of the Jobkis line, which were an older and more common models the Lions used to relied on. However Skeklos had used his fleet to ambushed Skrisah's fleet and destroyed it, killing Skrisah.

Joskaa, a Fallen who was in the Gray Wars, attacked and killed Skeklos, who, in surprise, was actually in league with House Gray, when they killed Yorvik. Joskaa later became the Kell of Lions and led the House of Lions. Skrisah was never forgotten, and Joskaa and Lions honored her as a famous person and treasured her works and ideas.

Mecher Jobkis-23, one of the last Jobkis Servitors, and once belonged to Skrisah, was captured and held hostage by the House of Gray. Angered by this, Joskaa ordered a Guardian to find and rescue the Servitor. which Succeeded, saving the Servitor which saves Skrisah from being lost to history.


  • It's unknown why did, Skrisah commanded over the Jobkis Servitors, however they're could be a couple of reasons why.
    • It's possible that Skrisah wanted control over the Ether flow of the Lions, due to the fact that the Lions mostly relied the Jobkis line, back then.
    • Another reason, it's possible for her to taunt her opponents, however that theory is very unlikely, due to the fact that Tariks, Lion Baron and Skeklos, the Prowling had command over the Andiks Servitors, which were more superior, than the Jobkis Servitors.
      • Due to this, it's also possible that the Jobkis Servitors were the only option for her to command.
    • It's possible, that the reason why, she control the Jobkis is because she may had a liking to the Jobkis Servitors, as she had Mecher Jobkis-23, to be her High Servitor.