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Yorvik, Kell of Lions
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Yorvik, Kell of Lions was the previous Kell to the Fallen House of Lions.


Yorvik was a well-regarded Kell in the House of Lions and is one of most strongest, wisest, fearless leaders in Eliksni society. he is rumored be more powerful than the Kell of Kings and possibly be a close canidante of being the Kell of Kells. However during the Whirlwind, He and his house fled into one of their territory outposts. There, they stayed hidden until a Fallen House, by the name of House of Sky, began raiding their camps and outposts, killing everyone within those enclave territories, causing Yorvik to declare war against the gray. during most the wars, the Lions had a higher adventage against Gray, however some battles within the war went to the Gray's favor. however when one of the Lions spies where able to inflatrate the Sky's lair. With learning the coordinates, Yorviks and most of the Lion Fleet attacked Sky's Lair. Destroying it and the Kell of Gray within it. declaring a victory for the Lions. However, some of the Gray were able to band together and continue the war. Dakiliss, a House of Sky Baroness, and her Fleet led an assault to kill Yorvik. While Yorvik was in middle of collecting Ether, from some asteriods, he was pinned by the Fallen Gray and destroyed his Ketch, killing Yorvik within it. His Death instigating a three-way struggle among the Lions for the newly vacant Kellship, that was eventually won by Skeklos, the Prowling.


Despite Skeklos's victory to Kellship, he was overthrown by a rebellious group led by Joskaa, Burning Blade who later destroyed the House of Sky's prison, Prison of Scars, trapping the Sky within the Prison and later killing Skeklos, ending the Gray Wars, and became the new Kell of Lions.

An Artifact, which was a memorial stone was named in his honor. and there are some Eliksni Lion holiday to honor and celebrate Yorvik and other Lions who served and fell during the Gray Wars.

During the Aftermath of the Crusades of the Jackals, Dakiliss, now a commander of The Jackal Syndicate, fled into the EDZ. Devrim Kay, a EDZ scout found her Ketch, Splicership Dreksor-Syn in the outskrirts, sent a Guardian Fireteam, who (apparently) are associated with House of Lions, entered her ketch and fought guards and solved puzzles along the way, leading to the control room where, Dakiliss, was found, despite her guards and tacticts, she was killed, avenging Lions who were killed by her, and finally letting Yorvik rest peacefully.


  • It was rumored, that Yorvik had a minor relation to the Kell of Kings, mostly a minor rivalry, between the two, but it is unknown why.
    • There was also some rumors of Yorvik being related to Craask, presumably brothers. But it was never confirmed from the Lion Kell himself nor his King counterpart.
  • He is the second Kell, that came before a current House Kell. The first was Virixas, Kell of Wolves, who came before Skolas, Kell of Kells.
    • It was mentioned that Yorvik had a friendship with the Kell of Wolves, before the Whirlwind, due to both their Houses being sister factions.

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