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Mecher Jobiks-43
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"After Skeklos’s victory, the remaining Lions searched for survivors of the attack, the only living things there was a heavily damaged Servitor. Skrisah was dead..."
Joskaa’s Journal, Chapter 27

Mecher Jobiks-43 is a High Servitor in the House of Lions that is one of the last existing Servitors of the Jobiks line, which were an older and more common models that most of the Lions had used to relied on. Mecher Jobiks-43 had once belonged to Skrisah, the Wise, which the Servitor was used to store very large amounts of information regarding the Eliksni's culture. However when the Baroness perished by the forces of Forum:Skevsis, the Prowling, the Servitor was salvaged in the aftermath by crew of Joskaa, the Open-Minded, making it as the only living memory of Skrisah herself.

Mecher Jobiks-43 was later captured by the House of Storm during an unknown mission, but was quickly rescued by The Guardian on the orders of Magnusk, a general of the House of Lions.

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