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Star Blazers


Elite Pyrotechnic Operations
Reserve Enforcement


Val Jo'arrc


Kenrbus Vege V
Cornobas Vae X


Kell's Arena, asteroid belt
Dreadnaught, Saturn
Meridian Bay, Mars

"Those guys are good with their flames, so you better hope you brought them something cold to put out their ambition."

The Star Blazers are a Cabal Legion that is mostly seen on Mars with a few of them within the the Kell's Gauntlet within the Reef, they also make a prominent appearance in a Raid within their ship, the Kenrbus Vege V.


The Star Blazers serve as both a Reserve Enforcement, and advanced Flametroopers to the Cabal. However, they were quite rare to see, as they were utilized to protect powerful items and tech, captured by the Cabal. They were also use for crowd control and flushing out enemies, to reveal their location. They're identified by their bright red and yellow armor with a brush on their helmets, just like the Skyburners. However, their Colossi are more orange, while their Centurions are more yellow.



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  • Going by the Siege Dancers to the Dust Giants, the Star Blazers are (most likely) a subdivision of the Blind Legion, as their commander, Val Jo'arrc, is a member of that group.
  • The Star Blazers have a similar appearance to the Skyburners, due to their equipment, and appearance (mostly the brush on their helmets).
    • However, what differs from them and the Skyburners, is that the Star Blazers' Legionaries and Phalanxes wear re-breathers on their helmets, just like to Sand Eaters's re-breathers. The Skyburners do not have such rebreathers.

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