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Star Blazers


Elite Pyrotechnic Operations
Crowd Control


Val Jo'arrc


Kenvage Col V
Cornobas Vae X
Fleetbase Alexandria (formerly)



At war with:

House of Lions
Virgo Prohibition
Sol Imminent
House of Storm

Allied with:

Blind Legion
Siege Dancers
Most other Legions


"These Cabal are more…aggressive and ambitious than any other Legions I've seen, more trigger happy, and—burnt than a usual Skyburner."
The Ghost

The Star Blazers are a Cabal detachment within the Scout Legions led by the Blind Legion champion, Val Jo'arrc. They are deployed across Mars, with their operations being headed within their flagship, Kenvage Col V.


The Star Blazers serves as both an elite Flametroopers unit, as well as Crowd control for the Scout Legions on Mars, deployed whenever a outpost is being overrun with enemy forces. However, in the aftermath of the Taken War, the Star Blazers have taken up a more aggressive assault approach to their battles. They're identified by their bright red and yellow armor with a brush on their helmets, just like the Skyburners. However, their Colossi appeared to be more orange, while their Centurions are more yellow.



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  • Going by the Siege Dancers to the Dust Giants, the Star Blazers are most likely a subdivision of the Blind Legion, as their commander, Val Jo'arrc, is a member of that group.
    • Several high-ranking leaders and units within the Star Blazers appear to be Blind Legion soldiers, such as Bracus Jar'uarn and the Kenvage Guard whom wore Blind Legion armor and have a Blind Legion killcam.
    • During the boss fight against Val Jo'arrc in the Upon the Stars raid, he has Blind Legions soldiers assisting him rather than Star Blazer units.
  • The Star Blazers have a similar appearance to the Skyburners, due to their equipment, and appearance (mostly the brush on their helmets).
    • However, what differs from them and the Skyburners, is that the Star Blazers' Legionaries and Phalanxes wear re-breathers on their helmets, just like to Sand Eaters's re-breathers. The Skyburners do not have such rebreathers.

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