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Star Blazers


Elite Pyrotechnic Operations
Reserve Enforcement


Val Jo'arrc
Val Jos'urn
Bracus Jar'uarn
Bracus Ph'inn


Kenrbus Vege V (formerly)
Cornobas Vae X


The Reef, asteroid belt

"Those guys are good with their flames, so you better hope you brought them something cold to put out their ambition."

The Star Blazers are a Cabal Legion seen on the Reef.


The Star Blazers serve as both a Reserve Enforcement, and advanced Flametroopers to the Cabal. However, they were quite rare to see, as they were utilized to protect powerful items and tech, captured by the Cabal. They were also use for crowd control and flushing out enemies, to reveal their location. They're identified by their bright red and yellow armor with a brush on their helmets, just like the Skyburners. However, their Colossi are more orange, while their Centurions are more yellow.



Taken War[edit]

Due to the Taken War, and the death of multiple Cabal Leaders, Val Jo'arrc was one of the last leaders of the Solar System Cabal. He was called up by Dominus Ghaul, to work with another Cabal Legion called the Gold Legion, and was tasked to evacuate most of Cabal out of the system. The Gold Legion’s Primus, Primus Dor'nugh, ordered the Val to escort the Primus' brother, Valus Tor'iekk, out of the Prison of Elders. The Val, however, tried to decline, but due to the Primus's position, he had to follow his orders. Similar to Skyburners invading The Dreadnaught, he ordered a Harvester to ram into the Prison. The strike team successfully invade the Prison, however, things didn't go well for the group, as they were put down by The Guardian, and Tor'iekk was unfortantely Taken and slain by the very same Guardian. Jo'arrc than later plans on creating a foothold on the Reef, in hopes of defeating the Guardian. Despite the Guardian attacking the Legion in every corner, Val Jo'arrc decided to invade the Lions' Run, and capture the Fallen den to created as a base of operation. A Raid party, led by Bracus Jar'uarn and Bracus Ph'inn found the Fallen Lair, however they were intercepted by The Guardian, who believed they were the leaders of the Legion; subsequently killing the Field Commanders, and suppressing the Star Blazers, however they were wrong, as they discovered Val Jo'arrc, as he had sent a assault team to destroy the Vestian Web to suppress the Awoken, and as revenge for loss of the invading party on the Lion's Den. However, The Guardian, once again, intercepted the attack, and the Val's guards. With the stolen key, the Guardian attacked the Kenrbus Vege V, and confronts the Val personally. Despite his weapons and swarming guards, he would be defeated by The Guardian. However, despite his possibly sealed fate, he would escape into his personal Land Tank, and blow up the Cabal carrier. But the Guardian manages to escape before the ship self-destructed.

Despite a very humiliating defeat, Jo'arrc utilized his tank, Cornobas Vae X, to stay hidden and regather his Legion's strength. However, thanks to some Scouts belonging to the Vanguard, his Land Tank was discovered, its existence was then, reported to Commander Zavala. Now knowing of the Tank’s location, Zavala ordered a Strike to kill the Val. After the Strike Team found and track the Tank’s trail, the confronted and corned the Commander engaged them in battle. However, despite his strength and battle-hardended soldiers, he was killed, finally ending his reign. The Val’s death crippled the Star Blazers, forcing them to fully hide, once more.


Unique Forces[edit]


  • Going by the Siege Dancers to the Dust Giants, the Star Blazers are (most likely) a subdivision of the Blind Legion, as their commander, Val Jo'arrc, is a member of that group.
  • The Star Blazers have a similar appearance to the Skyburners, due to their equipment, and appearance (mostly the brush on their helmets).
    • However, what differs from them and the Skyburners, is that the Star Blazers' Legionaries and Phalanxes wear re-breathers on their helmets, just like to Sand Eaters's re-breathers. The Skyburners do not have such rebreathers.
  • Despite being a Pyrotechnic force, they don't carry any fire-related weapons. However, they do utilize Psion Burners, a type of Psion, that were mostly seen within the Skyburners.

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