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Val Jo'arrc
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Blind Legion (Champion)
Star Blazers (commander)





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Upon The Stars


Heavy Slug Thrower


Quake Attack
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High Durability
Summon Cabal
Burning Spots
Psion Burner Shield

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Val Jo'arrc is the Cabal champion of the Blind Legion and the commander of the Star Blazers, an elite pyrotechnic detachment on Mars.


A member of the Blind Legion, Jo'arrc had a major significance to the Martian Cabal, as he was mention, that he led a Reckless squad of his own, went to Vex, and destroyed a Gate Lord of significance. Due to this, He became a legend and was later promoted to a Val, and had a operational freedom. In which, he created the Star Blazers, to act as his personal guards, which later become as a Flametrooper detachment.

Betrayal of Trau'ug[edit]

When Valus Trau'ug was requesting permission to invade The Reef, which was denied, Trau'ug attacked and slew his commanding officers. Jo'arrc attempted to protect the rest of his commanders from Trau'ug's wrath, including: Primus Sha'aull, Primus Ta'aun, Valus Ta'aurc, and Bracus Tha'aurn. He began to pursue the traitor into the Reef, only to be stopped by Sha'aull, who ordered him to report back to him, to be congratulated by the Cabal Empire. He was given permission to become a Valus, only for Jo'arrc to decline. However, the heroic Val was able to obtain a personal command ship, and Tank, as well as expand his guard, which became a Cabal legion, known as the Star Blazers, with him becoming their commander.

Death of Sha'aull[edit]

After a boldful and relentless Guardian infiltrated the Blind Legion's base, and assassinated Sha'aull, the Blind Legion fell under the command of Sha'aull's son, which due to him being inexperienced, caused the Legion to lose, time and time again. But while some the Legion's members attempted to desert the Legion, Jo'arrc reported to the Cabal chain of command, who tell him that the son is unfit to be a Primus, and wanted the son removed, or demoted to a lower rank. This action was successful, and he was stripped of his rank. With his demotion, the leadership of the Blind Legion fell onto its remaining commanders. Jo'arrc was tasked with overseeing the Blind Legion's mining installations.

Taken War[edit]

When The Guardian found the Skyburners's Fleetbase Korus, and Oryx invaded Saturn, Jo'arrc was still in command of some of the mining installations, when he received an urgent transmission from Primus Ta'aun himself; the message itself ordering all Cabal who to evacuate their bases, in the face of such devastating attacks. While listening to the message, one of the Val's officers was Taken, prompting Jo'arrc to order the Blind Legion to evacuate the site. Subsequently, many Cabal were immediately Taken by Oryx, while the survivors escaped into the Val's ship, and fled into the far edge of the Reef.

Siege on Mars[edit]