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Valus Yuvurg, Blind Razer
Biographical information




Blind Legion (formerly)
Lost Legion (currently)









Combat information


Asylum of Screams: Going in Blind


Dual Slug Drivers
Missile Launcher
Tracking Bolts


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Summon Sentry Drone
Shield Projectors
Summon Electro-Barriers
Tracking Arc Trails
Release Toxic Gas
Summon Scorpius
Block Path
Summon Security Officers
Toxic Overflow


"Yuvurg speaking to the Lightbearer perpetrators on site: I imagine you never wanted to be in this Acrius-forsaken place, and that feeling is mutual. I honestly just want to get back home. I'm sick of this ridiculous war of attrition and taking orders from nobodies, because, I mean, seriously, I took orders from Primus Sha'aull's son. *Sigh* I hated him so much, as much as you can imagine. So, I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to kill you and be on my way. See you at the top, Guardian. Yuvurg out."
— Yuvurg challenging the Guardian Fireteam

Valus Yuvurg, Blind Razer is a Cabal commander head of the security for Firebase Manticore. Once a subordinate Valus under the command of Primus Sha'aull, he witnessed the downfall of Cabal influence firsthand. After the death of Sha'aull, he then fell under the command of his son, who had no tactical leadership, resulting in repeated defeat for the Blind Legion. However, before he could defect against the inexperienced Primus, he would be pulled into the Asylum of Screams, where he would only end up in more of a predicament than he originally was. Finding new (and exponentially better) leadership under the command of Bolka'urahn, Dominus to None, he would become the security chief for Firebase Manticore and retrieve new weapons and armor from the Lost Legion. Ambitiously awaiting the day for freedom from the sea of screams, he would support the aspirations of his Dominus while coordinating operations within the Firebase. However, his leadership and weaponry, as well as his position in defending the Dominus, would be perceived as a threat to Darumel, and, as a result, he would be killed by Glimmer-hungry Guardians.



"It's about time you got here. *sigh* For Acrius' sake, I can't take this anymore. I just really want to leave this place and, well, so do you. Here's the plan: we shoot each other until one of us drops dead. The one left standing gets to go. Bets are it's probably you who's going to win. And while we're at it, could you sweep this place? No one deserves to be subject to this hell. Best of luck."
— Yuvurg right before fighting The Guardian