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Lost Legion


Control Darumel's Realm
Uncover the truth of the Abstract
Come home victorious


Bolka'urahn, Dominus to None
Primus Tahra'urahn, Praetorian's Fury
Valus Yuvurg, Blind Razer
Valus Petritem, Corrosive Tusk
Valus Tal'alac, Abyssal Beastkeeper
Commander Leshk, the Skullbreaker
Val Pirysk, the Craftsman
Rurebyx, Dark Technocrat
Bracus Praeuro, Blazing Tusk
The Godbane, Unbroken Vanquisher
A.E.G.I.S., Factory Defender
Bracus Jor'ruk, Icon of Temperance


Firebase Manticore
Arcaeus Tyranus II
Hyperios Vae XIX
Lokaio Maxima VI


Darumel's Realm


The Lost Legion is a powerful Cabal union of marooned Legionaries and Psions who were trapped in Darumel's Realm. Due to their leadership and the abundance of resources of the Realm, they have better technology and training than their counterparts beyond the sea of screams. Now holed up in their hastily, yet impressively made Firebase Manticore, they ferociously fight their 4 sided war with one goal in mind: go home.


Command Structure[edit]

The Lost Legion use better equipment and weaponry due to their factories in Firebase Manticore. Their armor is a primary blue with a secondary white with navy blue markings printed on on them. War Beasts retain their body color, but their armor is slate with blue blades and tubes. Technology such as Scorpius turrets, Accipiters, Ships and Tanks are colored black with dark blue iconography and lighting. Higher leveled enemies will be indicated by red armor, white iconography, and teal lighting as well as more sophisticated tech, thicker armor and feathered crests decorating their bodies.

  • Scorpius: Automated Turrets employed by the Lost Legion used to defend key strongpoints and objectives. They retain their rapidly firing Slug Cannon, but also has other weapons at its disposal: a sniper mode for long distances, a flamethrower for close quarters and a rocket pod for long distance targets. Still has a permeable critical spot on its main, boxy core.
    • Advanced Scorpius: Major, more imposing Scorpius Turrets armed with the Lost Legion's most advanced tech. Can navigate the battlefield with torque joints built into their legs and has a thruster in its drive shaft. Now has a deflective shield blocking its head from the front. Can also apply an over-shield to nearby shielded enemies such as Centurions while providing an Absorption Shield for itself. It violently explodes when killed. The critical spot is located on its exposed back.
    • On higher difficulties, the Scorpius gets renamed: Rampart on Heroic, Bastion on Midnight, and Taurus on Eclipse
  • Accipiter Drone: Airborne assault drones built for harassment and combat support. It rapidly hovers around the battlefield, quickly flanking enemies and strafing gunfire. It is usually armed with a Slug Rifle on its tail, however, some variants exist with different weaponry (Advanced Centurions or Devastators can grant heavy weaponry to their Accipiters). They are usually weak to gunfire, but their sleek design and maneuverability can make them a difficult target.
    • Advanced Accipiter: Heavier assault drones armed with better weaponry and technology and are seen more as stand-alone defensive units. Despite its large frame and slowed movement, this drone can still deal massive damage and provide allies with tactical support. Now carries a Heavy Slug Thrower, a Grenade Launcher and a volatile exhaust port, which it will use to sketch out areas of denial. Can also provide immunity shields to any single ally in its vicinity while still being able to fire back. It can also drop a Major (note: not an advanced one) Scorpius armed with a temporary absorption shield. Grenades also have different payloads in each volley: Solar launches Burning Grenades that explode upon impact, leaving behind a pool of burning magma, Arc leaves behind mines that explode when shot or stepped on while causing the shock effect, and Void Grenades are finned and will slowly track their targets before coating it's target and the environment around them in a weakening substance. Critical points on this drone is located on its engines.
    • On higher difficulties, the Accipiter gets renamed: Hawk on Heroic, Falcon on Midnight, and Phoenix on Eclipse.
  • War Beast: Unlike their other, less advanced counterparts, these lupine cannon-fodder bear better tech and genetics. If another ally is in close proximity, it will tithe itself to its Cabal caretaker. If this ally is killed, the War Beast 'evolves', healing any lost health and becoming a larger, more resilient melee unit with a stronger bite than its previous form. It can do this same process to other allies until it becomes a 'Rabid Matriarch War Beast'; its final level, where it can summon more of its kind. A well placed headshot can drop these creatures, but higher levels require more punishment to bring down.
    • Advanced War Beast: A larger, technological and genetic abomination of a Beast, this creature is an absolute tank when compared to its peers. Swipe and tail swing attacks are fatal. Also has a bull-rush ability which severely damages and knocks back a target while applying the 'Gored' Debuff, which temporarily negates healing. It can also vomit a caustic liquid like a flamethrower up close or like a fireball at a distance; this caustic substance creates areas-of-denial and applies the 'Nullified' Debuff. Genetic modifications allow the Monstrosity to fire its back spikes to be fired like missiles, which will stick to enemies and surfaces before exploding with Solar energy. Torque joints mounted on its legs allow heightened mobility and armor. Armor plating protects these monster's bodies, only being able to be killed by explosives or headshots.
    • On higher difficulties, the War Beast gets renamed: War Hound on Heroic, Bloodhound on Midnight, and Hellhound on Eclipse.
  • Psion: Once former slaves to the legions beyond the sea of screams, these Psionically powerful troopers are granted more operational freedom and greater firepower. There exists 3 variants of the Lost Legion Psion: an offensive Arc variant which can hurl a powerful electrical bolt at their targets that can chain to other enemies and siphon lost health to the Psion, a defensive Solar variant that can create solid barriers for their allies while enemies that are in proximity to or passing through will be burned, and a support Void variant that creates a bond with its allies that increases their damage, resilience, and overall speed. Despite their furious power and heightened operational capacities, they can still be easily dispatched.
    • Advanced Psion: With their severely increased freedom, these Psions incorporated technology into their mental, psionic powers, making them a more versatile threat than ever before. They are fully capable of all Psionic abilities from any archetype with increased power and efficiency. They are capable of trapping their opponents in a Void Detainment Bubble, calling down pillars of Arc energy, casting forth a volley of tracking Solar orbs while also having a more powerful Arc Conduction ability, creates stronger barriers and makes allies nearly immune to damage. They have their melee ability replaced with a Quake attack and are armed with an Absorption shield that matches their current element.
    • On higher difficulties, the Psion gets renamed: Drudge on Heroic, Partisan on Midnight, Vilicus on Eclipse.
  • Legionary
    • Advanced Legionary
    • On higher difficulties, the Legionary gets renamed: Trooper on Heroic, Soldier on Midnight, and Warrior on Eclipse.
  • Phalanx
    • Advanced Phalanx
    • On higher difficulties, the Phalanx gets renamed: Hoplite on Heroic, Spartan on Midnight, and Praetorian on Eclipse.
  • Incendior: Elite pyrotechnic units that once served the Red Legion and the Loyalists, these burner units now help carve the way through the treacherous terrain and forces of the sea of screams. These units retain their ability to launch barrages of flaming bolts at their targets and launch them away with the building pressure in their back-mounted vats of magma. Now, however, they can also launch incendiary grenade canisters at their targets that will bounce and roll before exploding, releasing a potent pool of scorching magma.
    • Advanced Incendior: Enhanced Incendior grunts armed with new, state-of-the-art incendiary weapon technology. These units have their fire bolt barrages replaced with a powerful, seemingly endless stream of flame with an impressive range for a flamethrower. They are also armed with an energy barrier (note: not a shield) that provides them immune frontal protection while allowing them and their allies to fire through at their targets. They will also launch missiles from their Cabal Magma Launcher that will relentlessly track their targets before separating in close proximity and releases a cloud of flammable gas.
    • On higher difficulties, the Incendior gets renamed: Torcher on Heroic, Scorcher on Midnight, and Brazier on Eclipse.
  • Gladiator
    • Advanced Gladiator
    • On higher difficulties, the Gladiator gets renamed: Secutor on Heroic, Samnite on Midnight, and Murmillo on Eclipse.
  • Centurion
    • Advanced Centurion
    • On higher difficulties, the Centurion gets renamed: Lieutenant on Heroic, Brigadier on Midnight, Pilus on Eclipse.
  • Colossus: These Heavy troopers once helped to break enemy lines back home, but here, they make it; unfortunately, they are just as good defending lines as they were breaking them. They are capable of creating an extensive energy barrier for they and their allies to hide behind and shoot through while protecting them from enemy fire. The barrier shield moves with the Colossus, but not necessarily rotates with them, so players are free to wrap around the defensive line and attack. They can also hunch over and launch a Void mortar salvo that launches missiles into the air before rapidly slamming the ground; can be intercepted by gunfire or tall enough structures, but the blast might catch any nearby enemies. They can also pounce to another position, jumping highly into the air with mechanized joints and their jetpacks on their backs before slamming the ground of their destination, releasing a near-fatal shockwave there.
    • Advanced Colossus: Years of experience and warfare have sharpened these brutes, making them more tactical, stronger and resilient threats than they ever were before. Modifications now allow a greater semblance of movement while still allowing them to fire on the move. Rather than a barrier, they now create a dome shield with a 5 meter radius that protects them and their allies from external gunfire while still retaining the ability to fire back. Enemies within the dome shield will be slowed and damaged from a burning aura also emitted from the shield tech. Rather than the missiles and mortars their allies use, they instead call orbital bombardment from the nearby base or overhead warships, calling down a barrage of powerful cannon-shells upon their enemies (a direct hit will instant-kill a Guardian). They can also aggressively stomp the ground near instantaneously to send a directed shockwave towards their target to cripple them and launch them from cover, making them easier targets to pick off.
    • On higher difficulties, the Colossus gets renamed: Warlord on Heroic, Juggernaut on Midnight, and Ironclad on Eclipse.
  • Thresher
    • Advanced Thresher
    • The Thresher's name remains the same on higher difficulties.
  • Goliath Tank
    • Advanced Goliath Tank
    • The Goliath Tank's name remains the same on higher difficulties.
  • Devastator: A highly advanced quadrupedal Walker Tank employed by the Lost Legion armed with a shield barrier, dual Slug Cannons, two Missile Pods and a laser beam. The shield is impervious to all damage: the only way to neutralize the shield is to shoot the walker itself either at its legs in the shield's openings or shooting the walker from above. Can summon Accipiters and Scorpius Turrets for support. Using its leg-mounted thrusters, it can briefly fly over to another perch or position. It uses its thrusters as an AoE melee. The weak point is located on its optical sensor box under its "head" or the power core on its back. Weapons can also be disabled with consecutive hits. Usually are seen patrolling Firebase Manticore, but can join combat by being dropped from a Warship or a Carrier, indicated by overhead thrusters and their separation before the mech's impact with the ground.


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