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Valus Petritem, Corrosive Tusk
Biographical information




Unknown Mercenary Legion (formerly)
Lost Legion (under contract)




Centurion (special)





Combat information


Asylum of Screams: Toxic Retrieval


Modified Cabal Bronto Cannon
Canister Mortar


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Nullify Effect
Void Immunity
Viral Shield
Wyrmsinge Grenade
Cellular Virus
Genetic Breakdown
Hotspot Auras
Summon Cellular Virologist
Antidote Tolerance
Cure Arena


"Uh, yeah, for some reason, I got REAL hungry again. And as we all know, that means nothing go-"
Darumel sensing desire.

"I've waited long enough for this! This is Valus Petritem of the Lost Legion!... and you're the feckless interloper who killed my little brother. He used his primal fire, which was his weakness, now you'll taste the bitterness of your sins! That and my gas, and, maybe, the dry clay on the ground, gotta be prepared for every probability. But I digress; You won't be leaving here alive!"
— Petritem revealing herself over comms.

— Darumel, knowing exactly the kind of trouble to expect.

Valus Petritem, Corrosive Tusk is a Cabal mercenary seen leading an excavation operation in the Asylum of Screams. Once the leader of a mercenary group followed by her brother, she worked countless contract, using the earnings to pay for weapons, her crew, and virology, who was her preferred weapon of choice. On one contract, both siblings would be pulled into the Asylum of Screams. Without purpose, the two joined the Remnants and became personal lieutenants to Bolka'urahn. She made many strategic incursions against many of the stranded enemies of the realm, as well as it's rightful inhabitants, rarely making a personal appearance to spread her pathogen. One day, she would hear of her brother's demise in battle with The Guardian and their Fireteam. Distraught and vindictive, she swore vengeance upon her brother's murderers. She would find them again searching for an Artifact she, too, was looking for, and would end up cornering them. However, she would be killed instead, as the Guardian managed to ignore the adverse effects of the virus.