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Solitary Abyss



Asylum of Screams


Destiny 2



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Darumel's Realm


Roam the Asylum of Screams in search for treasure

Seek priceless treasures in the most perilous of places.

The Asylum of Screams is an end-game activity where Guardians go to a remote area of Darumel's Ascendant Realm in search of powerful loot. There are many encounters to fight in and many puzzles to solve here, with loot continually getting better and better with enemies getting harder and harder. The landscape changes every newly loaded game, forcing players to adapt to an entirely different map. Enemies of all sorts of factions can be seen roaming the place.



The Asylum of Screams is a Dungeon of sorts, where players are put in an open-world area where they are free to explore the area in search of secrets or encounters which lurk around each and every corner of the map. Enemies of all sorts of factions lurk the realm from The Kell's Scourge Syndicate of the Fallen to the Taken.

The place is a continual Darkness Zone, where if the team is wiped, 3 total times, they are transported back to orbit with their finds. For boss encounters, however, the Fireteam is brought to orbit if they are unable to defeat the boss within 9 attempts. There also will be a 2 hour timer to pick up the pace of players

After an encounter or puzzle is successfully beaten, the denizens of the realm get continually harder, challenging players who stay in the realm to collect more rewards. The rewards continually get better after each encounter, increasing the chance for unique rewards and even Exotics if lucky enough. Boss encounters usually double the universal chance for better rewards.

Sometimes, there will be a mission, called Darumel's Wrath, with preset encounters and set dialogue in which the players can stumble into. These encounters can be set like a Raid Lair with hectic combat scenarios and unique Bosses at the end. Although, what makes this particular activity interesting, and somewhat infuriating to those unbeknownst to this rule, is that the loot claimed from these missions cannot be claimed until the end of the mission. Once completed, the loot can be definitively claimed and the players teleported back to the beginning (to shorten travel time and ensure more playability in the realm.


There are 6 difficulties to choose from:

  • Normal:
Laugh and laugh at even the biggest of Dark Champions! Risk is exponentially low, but so is the reward.
  • Hard:
The Darkness comes strong, but with enough Light, you may triumph. Your reward will provide you with enough.
  • Heroic:
The Darkness is ready to snuff your Light and it's army ready to stamp on your corpse, though chances of survival are only depended on your skill.
  • Midnight:
The Darkness will swallow you whole and your Light forever lost from the warm embrace of the Traveler. You WILL not live once.
  • Eclipse:
Your ties to the Light have been shattered and the denizens of this realm are ravenous for your Light. May the Traveler have mercy upon your soul...

Catalyst Mode[edit]

Use this ancient tool to make your adventure... ,or perhaps, break. Reward chances are determined by your set difficulty.

The Catalyst is claimed after a successful run of the Asylum of Screams, which provides the Fireteam leader to determine the power level and modifiers of the run, which will define the quality and power of the loot of the realm. While there's the power level to determine the strength and resilience of the enemies, the modifiers can turn a run to a living hell or a cakewalk by the leader. Many of the modifiers include:

  • Fresh Troops
  • Blackout
  • Iron
  • Famine
  • Match Game
  • Grounded
  • Champions
  • Etc.

However, there are more buffs and debuffs added, including:

  • Anointed: Anointed Enemies have a chance to spawn in encounters.
  • Allies: Guardians now have NPC companions to fight along side them in encounters.
  • Shieldless: Can be modified to remove either enemy shields or Guardian shield, or even both.
  • Linger: Effects such as Burn, Shock, and Nullify lasts longer and deals more damage.
  • Rapid Fire: Enemy weapons fire exponentially faster.
  • Pugilists: Melee enemies have more health. Guardians using Swords or Cleavers get a resilience bonus.
  • Assassins: Melee enemies now have invisibility.
  • Bandana: Guardians now have infinite ammo.
  • Dimmed: Can be modified to either make Supers and light-based abilities half as efficient and powerful or last half as long as they normally will, or can be modified to allow both.
  • Whisked Away: Ghosts now move when a Guardian is killed. Can be beneficial or detrimental depending on where the Ghost goes.


  • Boss Encounter
  • Puzzle Encounter
  • Ambush Encounter
  • Stronghold Encounter
  • Time Trial Encounter
    • Marathon Encounter
    • Sparrow Encounter
  • Stealth Encounter
  • Siege Encounter
  • Defense Encounter


There are 3 layers and 5 segments that compose the design of the terrain and coincide with each other:


  • The Hellscape: The surface of the Asylum of Screams, mostly flat with rocks jutting out from the dry, sandy surface. Often laced with natural trench-work and dotted with flora that somehow manages to survive the desolate wastes.
  • The Cavity: The tunnels within the diamond-dense rock, appearing so natural, yet not so. Like arteries and veins, these tunnels shrink and dilate as they enter vast ravines of absolute nothingness. If the darkness of this place isn't blinding, the light certainly will be. Not even the strongest of Fallen eyes, Cabal floodlights or Vex lenses can penetrate further than 10ft ahead.
  • The Underhang: The hanging stalactites protruding from below this hellscape offers some haven, as well as the natural sensation of vertigo, hanging over a plane of entropy. Rocks continually fall away, but never seem to deplete; almost as if they were being replaced. Many denizens of this realm hesitantly call this place home.


  • Den of Abandoned Kells: A Fallen encampment dotted by either make-shift forts or the most advanced ramparts the Fallen have to offer. Here, a united and fervent scavenger conglomerate patrol and plunder this place. Massive Ketches hover in the sky with Skiffs circling them like insects around a Hive. Within it's confines, the Fallen continue to dabble in nefarious and heinous plots as they prepare bloodthirsty machinery and their self-actualized apotheosis. Below, the Fallen observe and make homes over the insurmountable oblivion. That's just excluding the heresies of the Scorn who pace the sovereign like impatient animals.
  • Cathedral of the Void: A graveyard of Hive structures with heretical and malevolent purposes. Everyday, their shrines emanate with occult power, furiously and agonizingly flickering from within. The new and demented Hive cult have consumed all who have dared step in their path, and have "absolved" those Hive who came "unenlightened", only a few get independence through refuge in borders. Their pits within the shadowy caverns are exponentially worse; it would be miraculous if you didn't hear the roar of an Ogre in the distance as their flesh is being peeled away so that the machinations of the Hive can feed in their torment. The depths lack the neatness of some Hive necropolis', rather festering like maggots emerging from a rotted corpse. The Hive alone are bad, but these aren't the Hive we're all familiar with.
  • Plinth of the Endless: An imposing Vex structure with what appears to be an endless pit beneath it. The Vex, lost from their former collectives, have found a newer, more darker purpose that almost fits the Sol Divisive. The ground that the Vex have claimed is carved with trench work that conceals machinery. In the plinth itself, it has been said no one has ever escaped, even the shallowest ends of it. The tunnels almost act as the marrow for this Vex Collective, continuously summoning these units from each end of time to fulfill this eviler pattern. Underneath, the Vex have made into what appears to be prayer sites, or, perhaps, a router for their source of power. What ever Axis Mind holds control of these units has clearly become something worse.
  • Firebase Manticore: An entire, bustling military fortress covered in sickly factories and bases. Turrets blankly watch the sky and mortar rain is common weather on their battlefields. The Cabal here almost seem stronger and better than ever despite their lack of cohesiveness back home, bearing superior tech and armor. Warships herd around massive Carriers, who continue to rain down troops on their hapless enemies. The tunnels are observed by turrets and unwilling patrols, who guard the extent of their labors such as massive assembly lines and new experimental weaponry. The Underhang provides dry-docks for their needy and battle-scarred ships. The Cabal certainly have seen better days, but not by much.
  • Oversight Spire: Your home in the middle of it all, protected by impenetrable walls thanks to yours truly. See what opponents in this damnable place are itching to fight a light-wielding marauder such as yourself and display your kills to awe at. Just one thing: don't stay here for long.


Centuries ago, a major segment of Darumel's Ascendant Plane splintered off from his prison. Over the years, enemies of many factions were ripped from their realms and forced to walk the infinite realm of screams. Forgotten for years, the treasures of this Asylum remained untouched.

During it's time of disappearance within the infinite, a mysterious ship would end up marooned within the fragments of the prison, spreading it's influence around the fragment. A few weeks later, a shard of the Traveler was pulled from the material realm. The ship interfaced with the fragment, too weak to combat it and too persistent on allowing the fragment to go unscathed, creating a paracausal power of strange capabilities. This new power coagulated into a new, sentient being bent on uniting the Light and Darkness into a single sovereign, becoming the power only known as the Abstract and those bent to it's will, The Mediators.

Once again appearing, the many enemies who roam this land engaged with Darumel's Hive, causing widespread casualties. With it's appearance, the enemies also began to worm their way back to the physical realm, sowing havoc at wherever they once again appear. Seeking retribution, Darumel called upon the wrath of Guardians to dispose of his rivals in turn for the bounties and treasures of the Asylum.


Boss encounters come in many varieties; from basic Ultra encounters to Raid sophisticated bosses.

Unique Bosses[edit]

Named Bosses[edit]







Immortal Enemies[edit]

An Immortal Enemy only shows up as part of a monthly event, but can be repeated (at the cost of Writhing Idols) once they and their respective Trial are beaten. All of these enemies are always open to damage with no wipe mechanics, but are extremely resilient to all damage. Still capable of other mechanics, but, usually, not much. Killing these bullet sponge of enemies provides tons of loot, with an exponentially increased chance for Exotics and curated rolls from other Boss-specific loot.

Unnamed Bosses[edit]


  • Castaway Dreg
  • Castaway Vandal
  • Castaway Marauder
  • Castaway Captain
  • Kitbashed Shank
  • Kitbashed Servitor
  • Kitbashed Walker
  • Eidolon Raider
  • Eidolon Chieftain
    • Eidolon Scorch Chieftain
    • Eidolon Volt Chieftain
    • Eidolon Abyssal Chieftain
  • Eidolon Abomination
  • Kitbashed Scorn Walker
Dusk Splicers[edit]
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  • Warlord Acolyte
  • Warlord Wizard
  • Warlord Knight
  • Siege Ogre
  • Siege Shrieker


  • Disconnected Harpy
  • Disconnected Goblin
  • Disconnected Hobgoblin
  • Disconnected Minotaur
  • Abducted Hydra
  • Crafted Cyclops


  • Rogue Psion
  • Remnant Legionary
  • Remnant Phalanx
  • Remnant Incendior
  • Remnant Gladiator
  • Remnant Centurion
  • Remnant Colossus
  • Remnant Salvaged Goliath
  • Remnant Salvaged Thresher


  • Forgotten Pathfinder (Taken Vandal)
  • Forgotten Baron/Baroness (Taken Captain)
  • Forgotten Idol (Chimera)
  • Forgotten Aspirant (Taken Acolyte)
  • Forgotten Summoner (Taken Wizard)
  • Forgotten Priest (Taken Knight)
  • Forgotten Dreadnought (Taken Ogre)
  • Forgotten Receptor (Taken Goblin)
  • Forgotten Processor (Taken Hobgoblin)
  • Forgotten Node (Taken Minotaur)
  • Forgotten Nexus (Taken Hydra)
  • Forgotten Lineman (Taken Phalanx)
  • Forgotten Pointman (Taken Centurion)
  • Mediator Titan
  • Mediator Hunter
  • Mediator Warlock
  • taken cyberdemon
  • Taken Spider Mastermind

Anointed Enemies[edit]


  • Anointed Captain: Larger Captain class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Armed with a Molten Welder which drops flames while traveling through the air and violently detonates upon impact, leaving behind a large pool of burning darkness. Can paint their targets with a debuff which makes them extremely susceptible to damage (lasts only a few seconds, but long enough to be killed by a massive assortment of adds. Melee attack takes time, but is fatal if it connects with a Guardian.
  • Anointed Shank: Larger Heavy Shank class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Rotary Cannons slowly speeds up from 75 to 240 RPM. The projectiles travel faster and deal more damage. It is capable of activating a barrier shield to protect allies while increasing their damage through it; the Shank is incapable of firing it's Cannons when doing this. Can melee enemies with an Arc discharge similar to S.A.B.E.R.-2.
  • Anointed Servitor: Larger Servitor class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Eye Blasts are slower but quickly speed up while tracking targets (fires these Eye Blasts at the basic speed of a Prime Servitor). Instead of a Shield Ability, it releases a Spore Cloud which heals allies underneath it while making enemies stuck in the Spore Cloud more susceptible to damage. Has the ability to melee like an Ultra class Servitor.


  • Anointed Ogre: Larger Ogre class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Eye Blasts deal Solar damage and applies the Burning Effect to enemies. When close to death, it regains all of it's health and loses the ability to fire it's Eye Blasts, instead, it becomes melee focused and quickly approaches it's opponents. In this Rage Trance, it can lunge from great distances to slam the ground, can send a shockwave forward towards enemies and can launch tracking Solar Wisps which targets an enemy and launches towards them like a missile. Ground Slams leave behind a burning area of denial and are as quick as Unstoppable Ogres.
  • Anointed Knight: Larger Knight class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Armed with varying powerful weapons: Shredders fire rapidly like a machine gun and slows opponents, Boomers launch projectiles which leaves behind an area of denial which blinds and shocks targets, Splinters launches projectiles similar to Gahlran's Incendiary Rune, and Cleavers deploy the Arc trail which tracks targets. Can cast a spell which gives grants all allies in his vicinity their respective Absorption shield. Melee takes time, but is fatal if it connects.
  • Anointed Wizard: Larger Wizard class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Capable Darkness Blasts track and can solidify these rounds into balls similar to Axion Darts. Poison Clouds now ensnare targets within and must be destroyed like a Vex Detainment Bubble. When killed, she releases a smoking ball which tracks the closest and strongest ally in the vicinity. When the Ball connects, the ally becomes a deadlier and stronger opponent, turning into a Possessed enemy, becoming an Ultra class enemy if they weren't already and is capable of the Wizard's Poison Cloud ability. This enemy now possesses an aura which increases ally firing speed, overall agility, and resilience to damage. These Wizards can defend themselves with a Ground Slam when prompted to.


  • Anointed Minotaur: Larger Minotaur class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Torch Hammers have a faster travel speed and a larger blast radius, Slap Rifles apply a shock debuff and slows movement, and Vex Laser Rifles fire 4 beams which have fires in randomized directions and tracks various targets. Has the ability to summon Shackle Harpies, which behave like Supplicants, but, instead of exploding, traps their prey in an Entrapment Prism, which is slowly brought to the Minotaur. If a sacrifice is brought close enough, it will activate its Cyclone of Purification, which will sent a spiral of Walls of Deletion. Once the Cyclone is finished, the sacrifice will be killed. The sacrifice can be freed to end the Cyclone. Melee takes time, but is fatal if it connects.
  • Anointed Hydra: Larger Hydra class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Will become immune and engage in an animation similar to the Templar completing a Ritual of Negation. Once completed, a series of Oracles will spawn in the area, providing every Vex unit in the area with a Rotating Shield exactly like the Hydra. To remove these shields, the Oracles must be destroyed. Capable of a Temporal Shockwave, wields a more powerful Aeon Maul, and has a different means of dying. When killed, it doesn't separate like a normal Hydra, instead, it violently explodes, creating a massive Radiolarian Puddle and releasing explosive shrapnel towards its enemies.
  • Anointed Harpy: Larger Harpy class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Can extend itself into a position where it will utter a loud Vex cry, indicating it's going to use its Detain ability. Anyone trapped with these bubbles will slowly take damage until the bubble is destroyed or the person dies. Same rules apply to the bubble (Suppression Field). Any damage taken in these bubbles applies a quickness buff for nearby Vex units: increasing maneuverability, ability regeneration, and firing speed. Always uses an Aeon Maul and is capable of the Temporal Shockwave melee.


  • Anointed Colossus: Larger Colossus class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Heavy Slug Throwers are semi-explosive and can burn targets if enough rounds connect and Cabal Slug Launchers knock back enemies, as well as blinding and slowing them. Instead of firing a missile swarm like a normal Colossus, they fire Rocket Mortars into the sky, which paints their impact sites before coming down and violently exploding (can instantly kill a Guardian regardless of Power if they are on the markers) and leaving behind a burning area of denial. Can launch these missiles while they are still firing. Quake attacks have a larger area of effect and briefly applies the Tremor debuff to all enemies in the area.
  • Anointed Centurion: Larger Centurion class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Slug Rifles fire like the Skyburner's Oath (both firing modes), Cabal Slug Shotguns apply slowness and blindness debuffs, Projection Rifles leave behind Burning areas of denial and Cabal Bronto Cannons sends a wave of Void energy which negates cover. Can place down a device which creates a dome shield which also increases ally resilience within the bubble and summons Scorpius turrets. The device can be destroyed or can expire over time (Scorpius turrets, however, do not). Can Quake like Valus Thuun and bears the same melee ability.
  • Anointed Psion: Larger Psion class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Same weapon rules as the Centurion, but also has a Cabal Headhunter which fires 3 tracking rounds which can penetrate through cover. Three variants of these Psions exist: Void Psions have the ability to lift targets into the air and suspend them there until the Psion staggers, the target is dead or the Psion's powers deplete. Arc Psions send out a wave of concussive energy which exponentially slows down the target and suppresses their weapons and abilities. SolarPsions can create a rift which teleports targets into an open area or directly behind enemy lines while burning them and weakening them to gunfire. All of these Psions, as well as other Psions in the area, are enveloped in their respective Absorption shields. Melees take time, but are fatal if they connect.


  • Anointed Screeb: Larger Screeb class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. No longer a suicide unit, instead, it will emit an explosive pulse of dark energy. Any damage taken from the explosion will heal the Screeb. Can tear boils of Dark Ether from its back and throw it like a grenade; leaves behind an aura which can strip a Guardian of their shield. Capable of a lunge, where it will tear up a Guardian before killing them (instantly, practically speaking). Violently explodes when killed.
  • Anointed Abomination: Larger Abomination class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Overcharged Ether fires indefinitely like a Trace Rifle, where the electricity can chain to other enemies. Has small pustules all over its body, which can grow over time and burst. Once burst, dozens of Dark Ether balls will be released, where they will seek the closest ally. Once they connect with an ally, the Scorn troop will gain Major level resilience and an Arc Immunity Shield. Ground Slam applies the Shock debuff to all enemies caught in the blast.
  • Anointed Chieftain: Larger Chieftain class enemy pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Scorn Blasters creates a net which burns and slows targets, Scorn Cannons drop burning fumes of molten Ether to create areas of denial, Scorn Rifles applies the Nullified debuff which slowly damages health and makes target's shields more susceptible to damage, and Scorn Mine Launchers create mines if a target isn't found (mines will expire overtime, becoming duds). Comes in 3 variants: Solar Chieftains allow all enemy attacks to apply the burning debuff to enemies and increases ally damage, Arc Chieftains will slow all enemies in the area and suppress their light-based abilities while increasing ally speed, and Void Chieftains will create a totem which absorbs any light-based attacks and generates health for all allies, and increases ally resilience. Melee takes time, but is fatal if it connects.


  • Anointed Taken Incendior: Large Taken Incendior pulsating with the power of the Abstract. The Magma Launcher launches a steady stream of Voidfire which slowly burns targets while applying the Nullified debut, which makes the target's shields more vulnerable to damage. Can cast a Voidfire Incantation, which marks an area on the map with a purple glow with Hive Glyphs marked in it, where a massive explosion of Void energy erupts, creating an area-of-denial and spews out Shadowbeasts and faster tracking Axion Darts with the ability to apply the Nullified debuff. The incantation subsides overtime. Utilizes a Voidfire Compression Blast as a melee, which launches a perpetually moving wave of Voidfire which can utterly destroy shields (can be disrupted by cover).
  • Anointed Taken Hydra: Large Taken Hydra pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Solar Aeon Mauls can burn targets caught within the explosion's blast radius (direct hits have a longer burn time) and can send a swarm of Axion Darts. Can summon Blight Spheres with the ability to make all enemies within the Sphere's aura immune while rapidly sundering an enemies health. The Sphere can be destroyed, but requires a lot of fire power, and those who were once inside the Blight will spawn an Acolyte's Eye, a massive swarm of Axion Darts, or a resilient Shadow Thrall when killed. The Taken Hydra itself will have a rotational shield and a Temporal Shockwave ability which blinds enemies in a way similar to how a Darkness Bolt blinds.
  • Anointed Taken Marauder: Large Taken Marauder pulsating with the power of the Abstract. Armed with an Arc Shrapnel Launcher that bears semi-explosive rounds and can Shock targets. Has the ability to cast a spell which provides all of their allies with invisibility, while spurring them into a melee frenzy. When made invisible, all Taken allies deal increased melee damage that can also disorient enemies. The spell can eventually wear off and end the Taken's melee frenzy. Much like a Taken Captain, the Taken Marauder is capable of a Darkness Bolt. Melee takes time, but is fatal if it connects.



  • Scrounged Pariah Armor: From Fallen encounters.
  • Divine Oblivion Armor: From Hive encounters.
  • Pattern Beyond Armor: From Vex encounters.
  • Lost Legion Armor: From Cabal encounters.
  • Mediators Will Armor: From Taken/Mediator encounters.




  • Shattered Ambition: Ascendant version of Legal Action II Pulse Rifle, automatically obtained from Daughter of Nokris
  • Renegade Warhead - Grenade Launcher, chance to drop from Ropheliks, the Renegade Bomber
  • Tempo's Razor - Submachine Gun, chance to drop from Keriks, the Bladedancer
  • Traitor's Cleaver - Sword, chance to drop from Ghalkor, the Butcher
  • Forfeit Bloodline - Shotgun, chance to drop from Velraak, Scion of the Void
  • Vindictive Will - Grenade Launcher, chance to drop from Valus Petritem, Corrosive Tusk
  • Draconis Sanguis IV - Rocket Launcher, chance to drop from the Draconis Gunship
  • Flames of Narcissism - Shotgun, chance to drop from Bracus Praeuro, Blazing Tusk
  • Grasp of Hatred - Sniper Rifle, chance to drop from Drakion, Hatred of the Void
  • Desecration's Ward - Auto Rifle, chance to drop from Zakalam, Shield of the Void
  • Juggernaut - Hand Cannon, chance to drop from The Warmonger


  • Ramshackle Needle - Chance to drop from Shasis Reborn, the Kitbashed
  • Stormchaser Sigma - Chance to drop from Thyellaion, Environmental Mind
Ghost Shells[edit]
  • Festering Ally - Chance to drop from Teneks-3, Eye of Malphikaris
  • Longbow Spotter - Chance to drop from Commander Leshk, the Skullbreaker
Writhing Idols[edit]

Writhing Idols are somewhat of a collectible Token received from the various encounters of the Asylum of Screams. Chests have a rare chance to drop 1 to (rarely) 5 of these Idols, basic encounters can drop 5-15 of these Idols, named bosses and Darumel's Wrath side-missions can drop 10-25 of these, and the Unique Bosses can drop 20-50 of these Idols. These Idols can buy perishables, Rally Banners, modifiers for the Catalyst, or even armor from Darumel, can upgrade boss specific loot, and summon the Immortal Bosses.