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The Polymorph, Oppressive Minds
Biographical information




Null Collective





Combat information


Asylum of Screams (after the destruction of Kataklysmos)


Slap Cannon


Summon Vex
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Temporal Shockwave
Rapid Strafing
Limited Flight
Brief Temporal Shielding
Summon Barriers
Summon Supplicants (Seeker variant)
Summon Oppressive Sub-Routine
Corrupting Slap Grenade
Suppression Field
Conflux Empowerment
Radiolarian Pools
Summon Fanatics


"There's a Vex abomination that's been causing my soldiers some trouble. A pairing of two Vex minds in one body, and they have a quaint sense of sadism, especially for the Vex. It's been keeping my troops captive, again, a weird thing for a Vex unit to do, and I want it destroyed! Just... beware: its temporal prowess might require some company to distract that thing from unleashing it on you, so, yeah, get a friend with you. If nothing, you'll have company if it captures you!"

The Polymorph, Oppressive Minds is a Null Collective Herald seen as an Immortal Boss in the Asylum of Screams. Once two separate Minds (a Harpy and Minotaur), as a result of their indoctrination into the Null Collective Vex sub-type, they united into a Herald chassis. As a result of their former programming, they became the wardens of the Plinth of the Endless, abducting countless other inhabitants of the sea of screams and using them for study. After the destruction of Kataklysmos, the Vex Minds initiated a plan to enhance itself and other Vex units through the study of their enemies and establish itself as the de-facto head of the Null Collective. Hearing of the trouble it has provided his troops, Darumel would order a bounty on the Vex abomination only for the most seasoned of Guardians.