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Blood Sect


Serve Xîn, War's Eternity
Snuff out the Light
Kill the original Hive Progeny


Xîn, War's Eternity
Xî Feynzii, Herald of War's Approach
Xî Kalixii, Priestess of War's Approach
Rahluk, Son of Kalixii
Sartholk, Daughter of Feynzii
Rogoth, the Amorphous
Raaktûl, Bow of Feynzii
Udra-Hur, Node of Corruption
Orm Qurahn, Hunger of Feynzii
Eye of Feynzii
Darumel, Pride of Xîn


Cyclades Macula, Europa
The Indomitable, Europa Orbit


The Blood Sect is a renegade Hive sect who only fights for the will of their worm god, Xîn, War's Eternity.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Marked Thrall
    • Marked Shrill
    • Marked Howler
    • Marked Screamer
    • Berserker

Large, Ultra Thralls found in the Worm's Grave Raid. They are armed with high damage Solar Claws. They also can charge their foes with their Arc Honed Horns. Charge attack launches the victim backwards, disorienting them, and applies the "Gored" Debuff, which quickly sunders Shields and Health.

  • Marked Acolyte
    • Marked Peon
    • Marked Devotee
    • Marked Apostle
    • Apotheosian
  • Marked Wizard
    • Marked Mage
    • Marked Summoner
    • Marked Magus
    • Deepcaller
  • Marked Knight
    • Marked Celebrant
    • Marked Aspirant
    • Marked Priest
    • Paladin
  • Marked Ogre
    • Marked Troll
    • Marked Torrent
    • Marked Abomination
    • Demigorgon
  • Carved Shrieker
    • Carved Overseer
    • Ballista

Fires off highly volatile Arc bolts which tracks down targets and explodes. Those caught in the blast radius will be disoriented. Blasts create an area of denial. When killed, it will deploy a "Vengeance Bolt" which quickly and relentlessly tracks and instantly kills its killer. Only found in the Worm's Grave Raid.