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Cyclades Macula



Hostile races:

Fallen (Hard Landing,deployed At The Hallowed City)


Complete "Radiolarian Retribution"

Landing zones:

Shattered Platteau
Alpha Sector
Carved Ravine


"What happens on Europa goes right under the Vanguard's nose. That's why The Nine meet here. That's why the Vex skulk here. That's why the Cabal have worked here somewhat in peace."
— Ghost (Veteran)

The Cyclades Macula is a place on Europa thought to be desolate. However, ever since the Guardian landed here, it has been revealed that the Cabal legion known as the Neon Wraiths have been excavating the land, searching for new weapons to collect from the Vex and accidentally awaking an ancient, banished Hive Sect.


After a recent attack on the Last City, weapons picked up from dead Red Legion troops were traced to the factories on Europa. There, the Guardian learned that a new legion has been digging and creating weapons at the Cyclades Macula. The Guardian is tasked to halt the operation. Eventually, the Guardian meets a new, friendly Vex collective called the Configurative, and one of their leaders, The Skulker.


Back during the Golden Age, many eager colonists were willing to start a new life on Europa. After cities were finished being built, a science team discovers ruins similar to the ones found on Venus and Mars. They discover Vex units and begin to record them. During the Collapse, all files on the Vex were mysteriously erased. Sometime later, a meteor, which turned out to be a Hive Seeder, struck at the Cyclades Macula. After the fall of the Last City, the Red Legion deploys the Neon Wraiths to Europa to set up a Fleetbase which will eventually be Fleetbase Artemis. After some digging, they discover the Vex. They eventually bring in drills to begin experimentation with the units. Through some scouting, it seemed that the Vex were fighting each other, making things for their excavation crews easier. The Neon Wraiths capture a Vex structure called The Tartarus with little resistance. Then, the Cabal awake the Hive exiled long ago. Forced into a 2-front war, the Neon Wraiths purchase the Bloodbound.




-Altar of Howls

  • Investigate a suspicious Hive ritual hidden inside Europa's crust

-The Inquisitor

  • Hunt down a major Bloodbound gunrunner inside his Carrier

-Hard Landing

  • Disrupt a fallen commander's plan to control Vex

-Scylan Gate

  • Destroy a major Vex Gate and the mind controlling it


-Back in Black

  • Corrupt the Neon Wraith's oil supply

-Blood Brothers

  • Eliminate two Cabal Commanders of a major dig operation

-Howling Banshees

  • Hunt down and destroy a major Cabal tank division

World Quests[edit]


-The Tartarus
-Worm's Grave

Raid Lairs[edit]

-Checkpoint Ares