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"The blood that binds them to their contract is the blood that they spill."


Distract Vex from the Neon Wraiths


Primus Pyrhaeus
Primus Yalari
Primus Vahuln
Warden Cavuul
Valus Lurkuros
Valus Kra'aur
Val Tro'olus


Checkpoint Ares
The Inquisitor
The Indomitable
Fleetbase Artemis


Cyclades Macula, Europa
The Indomitable, Europa Orbit


The Bloodbound are a Cabal mercenary Legion purchased by the Neon Wraiths. While their clients study the Vex structure called The Tartarus, the Bloodbound must fend off the local Vex and recently awakened Hive. What makes up for their small numbers is the technology granted to them by the Neon Wraiths, being able to survive against even the greatest of odds.



  • Fragment Rifle: Solar Grenade Launcher which fires timed Grenades inaccurately.
  • Ferrum Cutter: Large Void Sawblade welded by Taskmasters. Attacks sunders health. Depending on variant of Taskmaster, the blade can be swung at a target.
  • Heavy Slug Driver: Large weapon welded by Bloodbound Colossi and Decani which fires a 3 round burst of high damage and highly accurate Arc slugs. Slugs launch opponents backwards.


  • Burrow Scorpio: Scorpio Turret armed with an explosive payload. They burrow underground and wait for an enemy to get into close proximity. The Scorpio can be "tricked" into exploding by shooting at it's antenna.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Psion (Bloodbound)

Psion which now has a focus on support capabilities rather than offensive capabilities. Solar variants increase ally damage, Arc increases ally speed and rate of fire, and Void gives allies a Void Shield.

    • Freelancer Psion

Ultra Bloodbound Psion which now come with a Shield which represents their element, and who's abilities are now 3x more powerful. Melee launches enemies backwards.

  • Venator (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Venator
  • Legionary (Bloodbound)

Legionary which, instead of firing a Frag Detonator, tosses a Cabal Fragment Grenade, which bounces off surfaces and explodes 5 seconds after being thrown. The grenade explodes with solar energy.

    • Freelancer Legionary

Ultra Bloodbound Legionary which throws 3, more volitile variants of the Cabal Fragment Grenade. Packs an Arc Shield.

  • Hoplite (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Hoplite
  • Phalanx (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Phalanx
  • Incendior (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Incendior
  • Venator Prime (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Venator Prime
  • Tesserarius (Bloodbound)

Tesserarius that places an emplacement that increases damage and rate of fire.

    • Freelancer Tesserarius

Ultra Bloodbound Tesserarius with an emplacement that now covers allies with a Solar Shield. Any opponent entering the aura will be burned for Solar damage.

  • Evocatus
    • Freelancer Evocatus
  • Barbarian (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Barbarian
  • Gladiator (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Gladiator
  • Vilicus (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Vilicus
  • Centurion (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Centurion
  • Optio (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Optio
  • Cornicen (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Cornicen
  • Aestus (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Aestus
  • Taskmaster
  • Argonite (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Argonite
  • Colossus (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Colossus
  • Decanus (Bloodbound)
    • Freelancer Decanus

Command Structure[edit]

  • War Beast
    • Dishonored War Beast
  • Modified War Beast
  • Psion
    • Dishonored Psion
    • Freelancer Psion
  • Venator
    • Dishonored Venator
    • Freelancer Venator
  • Legionary
    • Dishonored Legionary
    • Freelancer Legionary
  • Hoplite
    • Dishonored Hoplite
    • Freelancer Hoplite
  • Phalanx
    • Dishonored Phalanx
    • Freelancer Phalanx
  • Incendior
    • Dishonored Incendior
    • Freelancer Incendior
  • Venator Prime
    • Dishonored Venator Prime
    • Freelancer Venator Prime
  • Tesserarius
    • Dishonored Tesserarius
    • Freelancer Tesserarius
  • Barbarian
    • Dishonored Barbarian
    • Freelancer Barbarian
  • Gladiator
    • Dishonored Gladiator
    • Freelancer Gladiator
  • Vilicus
    • Dishonored Vilicus
    • Freelancer Vilicus
  • Centurion
    • Dishonored Centurion
    • Freelancer Centurion
  • Optio
    • Dishonored Optio
    • Freelancer Optio
  • Cornicen
    • Dishonored Cornicen
    • Freelancer Cornicen
  • Aestus
    • Dishonored Aestus
    • Freelancer Aestus
  • Argonite
    • Dishonored Argonite
    • Freelancer Argonite
  • Colossus
    • Dishonored Colossus
    • Freelancer Colossus
  • Decanus
    • Dishonored Decanus
    • Freelancer Decanus

Notable Members[edit]

High Command[edit]

-Primus Pyrhaeus
-Primus Yalari
-Primus Vahuln

Indomitable Officer[edit]

-Warden Cavuul

Fleetbase Command[edit]

-Valus Lurkuros
-Valus Kra'aur
-Bayar, the Cloaked

Major Commanders and Important Names[edit]

-Val Tro'olus
-The Merc Triplets
-Val Shogul
-Bracus Vala'avor