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Neon Wraiths


Heavy-duty excavation and weapons development


Dominus Xaruun
Primus Trau'ugahn
Primus Pro'utaul
Valus Karnask
Val Loskar
Bracus Paraquos, the Entrusted
Bracus Tu'ulc
Aquillifer Wraxaur
Commander Kolus, the Opulent


The Tartarus
Fleetbase Artemis
The Indomitable
Firebase Specter
Pit of Lore


Cyclades Macula, Europa
The Indomitable, Europa Orbit
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
European Dead Zone, Earth
Echo Mesa, Io


The Neon Wraiths are a small, powerful Cabal legion created as a means to study enemy tech and develop weapons to counter them. After the death of Ca'uor, the presiding commander, Xaruun, decided to exploit what's left of the Red Legion's leadership and became Dominus of the Cabal. Sometime later, the Neon Wraiths purchased The Bloodbound to keep the Vex and Hive back while they plot and develop weapons.

Notable Members[edit]

High Command[edit]

-Dominus Xaruun
-Primus Trau'ugahn
-Primus Pro'utaul

Excavation Team Omega[edit]

-Beastmaster Volg
-Bracus Tu'ulc
-Philech, the Manipulator
-Kabratos, the Destroyer
-Talusk, the Earthshaker
-The Neon Triplets
-Bracus Paraquos, the Entrusted

Fleetbase Command[edit]

-Valus Karnask
-Aquillifer Wraxaur
-Kylox, the Ace

Indomitable Captains[edit]

-Karusk, Railgun Engineer
-Commander Tralkus
-Val Loskar

Major Commanders and Important Names[edit]

-Val Zethar
-Val Thagul
-Bracus Pae'gor
-Bracus Tolus
-Bracus Sha'urn

Guardian Collaborators[edit]

-Sorra Lys, the Rogue
-Mikael Pryse, the Stormbringer
-Kyrha-3, the Crusher
-Rokland Myers

Unique Forces[edit]

The Neon Wraiths use the same soldiers, weapons and technology as do other Cabal legions. However, some are unique only to them and the Bloodbound, due to the Scout Legions evacuation and the condition of the Red Legion.

  • Modified War Beast—Larger, more resilient War Beasts that can poison a foe for Void damage if the melee connects.
  • Wraith Psion—Larger Psion variant which, rather than running, will crouch down and teleport to where they want to go.
  • VenatorPsions armed with cloaking tech, silenced weaponry, and the Mortem Sword. Utilizes a Solar ability that sends a spray of semi-explosive flechettes.
    • Wraith Venator—Larger Venator armed with a grapple hook for movement and pulling in targets in their Sword phase.
  • Wraith Legionary—Larger Legionary that fires 3 highly volatile Frag Detonators in a fan.
  • Hoplite—Cabal troops armed with a small shield that can be emplaced for other troops.
    • Wraith Hoplite—Larger Hoplite whose Shield also drops a mountable turret only usable by Cabal.
  • Wraith Phalanx—Larger Phalanx who carries a larger, metal shield armed with small lights with the ability to blind targets.
  • Wraith Incendior—Larger Incendior with a secondary attack which can freeze targets. Alternation between weapon types is instant.
  • Venator Prime—Cabal armed with cloaking tech, silenced weaponry, and the Mortem Sword. Hones supreme agility and utilizes thruster packs more often than other Cabal.
    • Wraith Venator Prime—Larger Venator Prime which shares the same ability as a Wraith Venator.
  • Tesserarius—A Cabal combatant with the ability to place down a device that creates an aura that heals Cabal allies. Device can be destroyed or will expire.
    • Wraith Tesserarius—Larger Tesserarius that now places the healing device now armed with a "Bubble Shield". Bubble Shield works similarly to a Ward of Dawn.
  • BarbarianGladiator variant that hones a pair of claws that double as shields. Faster than Gladiators, but less armored.
    • Wraith Barbarian—Larger Barbarian who can charge at an opponent to knock them back. Getting hit by this attack will cause a target to be disoriented.
  • Wraith Gladiator—Larger Gladiator who can throw Cleavers and place traps. Traps will lock a target in place and slowly damages them until target is killed or if the trap is broken.
  • Praetorian—Mid-sized Cabal armed with the Aquilla Staff. Extreme aggressive and nimble, they are the fastest of the Cabal. They can deflect bullets and dodge attacks. They come in 3 forms.
    • Leo Praetorian—Praetorian which utilizes Solar attacks. Staff burns a target and it's heavy attack will leave behind a pool of flame. Can cast a Solar Net on a target, trapping them in place and slowly damaging them. Net dissipates when target is killed or if the Net is destroyed.
    • Taurus Praetorian—Praetorian which utilizes Arc attacks. Staff shocks a target and it's heavy attack sends a wave of Arc energy. Can place down a Banner for Troops to rally at. Banner increases enemy damage and health. The Banner can be destroyed or dissipate if left alone for long enough.
    • Lupus Praetorian—Praetorian which utilizes Void attacks. Staff slows targets and it's heavy attack flings shrapnel in different directions. Can throw a Smoke Bomb to cloak itself and it's allies. Although attacking reveals the attacker's location, melee damage is 500% stronger.
  • Vilicus—Psions with more armor, utilizes any psionic ability, and can carry heavier weapons such as Magma Launchers and Excavation Rifles.
    • Wraith Vilicus—Larger Vilicus armed with a Missile Launcher which rapidly fires Solar Missiles. More vulnerable when firing.
  • Magus—Psion variant with more armor, and comes with a shield that matches their element type. Doesn't use weapons, but does use more powerful psionic abilities. Comes in 3 variants.
    • Ignis Magus—Magus covered in Solar energy that flings lethal fireballs at a slow rate of fire. Also can shoot a stream of flame from their palms. Both attacks burn the target, quickly sundering their health.
    • Voltus Magus—Magus coursing with Arc energy that fires a lightning bolt that branches out to other targets if present. If the bolt is targeted, the target suffers the blindness and slowness debuff.
    • Quasar Magus—Magus pulsating with Void energy that fires fast and powerful bolts similar to that of a Shrieker (D1). Can also summon large balls that work similarly to that of a Taken Centurion which can knock back enemies and disorient them.
  • Wraith Centurion—Larger Centurion with the ability to "Mark" a target. Marked targets take more damage and are targeted by most enemies. Marked debuff lasts until target's demise or effect wears off.
  • Optio—Sometimes replaces Centurions, can deploy Scorpius turrets, and carries an Arc Blade. Rarely packs an Arc shield.
    • Wraith Optio—Larger Optio which now places more resilient and shielded Turrets. Turrets now explode after death. Explosion is fatal for lower power enemies.
  • Cornicen—Sometimes replaces Centurions, can summon 3 Psions only once. Hones psionic powers.
    • Wraith Cornicen—Larger Cornicen who can shield allies. Can summon a Psion Flayer. Now has access to all psionic powers.
  • Aestus—More resilient Incendiors that carry Magma Throwers, pack Incendiary Grenades, and fire Solar missiles. Magma Malfunction is more volatile and burns for longer.
    • Wraith Aestus—Larger Aestus which fires Missiles that tunnel underground and chases a target. Missile will surface if near the target. If quick enough, the Missile can be shot before exploding.
  • ArgonitePhalanx variant that is more resilient, can fire a missile swarm and carries the Slug Repeater. Melee takes time, but impact is fatal. Speed is similar to a Colossus.
    • Wraith Argonite—Larger Argonite that carries a large Energy Shield that extends for allies to shoot through. Can still move with extended shield. Can also place shields much like a Hoplite.
  • Wraith Colossus—Larger Colossus that can stomp the ground in which opponents will be flung into the air. Those who were just outside the stomping area will get the "Tremor" debuff, grounding them temporarily. Fling area is within 5 meters and Tremor is within 15 meters.
  • Decanus—A Colossus variant that carries a Flechette Launcher and fires Void Missles that, upon impact with the ground, becomes mines. Mines deal high damage and disorients targets. The Missiles can be destroyed.
    • Wraith Decanus—Larger Decanus which carries a large arsenal of weaponry. Can deploy Turrets, deploy Roller Mines and carries a rapidly-firing Missile Launcher. Carries a countermeasure to explosive weaponry. Countermeasure quarters the damage of explosives.

Command Structure[edit]

  • War Beast
    • Neon War Beast
  • Modified War Beast
  • Psion
    • Neon Psion
    • Wraith Psion
  • Venator
    • Neon Venator
    • Wraith Venator
  • Legionary
    • Neon Legionary
    • Wraith Legionary
  • Hoplite
    • Neon Hoplite
    • Wraith Hoplite
  • Phalanx
    • Neon Phalanx
    • Wraith Phalanx
  • Incendior
    • Neon Incendior
    • Wraith Incendior
  • Venator Prime
    • Neon Venator Prime
    • Wraith Venator Prime
  • Tesserarius
    • Neon Tesserarius
    • Wraith Tesserarius
  • Barbarian
    • Neon Barbarian
    • Wraith Barbarian
  • Gladiator
    • Neon Gladiator
    • Wraith Gladiator
  • Vilicus
    • Neon Vilicus
    • Wraith Vilicus
  • Centurion
    • Neon Centurion
    • Wraith Centurion
  • Optio
    • Neon Optio
    • Wraith Optio
  • Cornicen
    • Neon Cornicen
    • Wraith Cornicen
  • Aestus
    • Neon Aestus
    • Wraith Aestus
  • Argonite
    • Neon Argonite
    • Wraith Argonite
  • Colossus
    • Neon Colossus
    • Wraith Colossus
  • Decanus
    • Neon Decanus
    • Wraith Decanus
  • Juggernaut (Category)
    • Welder Juggernaut
    • Enforcer Juggernaut
    • Mortar Juggernaut
    • Pulse Juggernaut
    • Splicer Juggernaut
    • Veteran Juggernaut
  • Magus(Category)
    • Ignis Magus
    • Voltus Magus
    • Quasar Magus
  • Praetorian (Category)
    • Leo Praetorian
    • Taurus Praetorian
    • Lupus Praetorian



  • Mortem Sword—Melee weapon used by Venators, deals a high-damage Solar attack.
  • Flechette Launcher—Heavy weapon that fires Void explosives in an arc.
  • Magma Thrower—Flamethrower that fires a continuous stream of burning Solar flame. Used only by an Aestus.
  • Umbran Missile—Void missiles that turn into mines upon impact with a surface. Fired only by a Decanus.
  • Light-weight Slug Launcher—Arc sniper that's more powerful than a Cabal Headhunter yet has a slower rate of fire. Users act more as a means to pin targets in a particular position.
  • Slug Repeater—Solar weapon that fires a fast, powerful, 10-round burst of slugs. Used only by Argonites.
  • Excavation Rifle—Arc weapon that fires semi-explosive, high-damage rounds at a slow rate of fire. Can slightly knock enemies back.
  • Drill Cannon—Void weapon that fires explosive rounds into the ground that burrows, tracks target, re-surfaces, and detonates. The explosive can be interrupted by shooting it in the ground or killing the wielder.
  • Rendis Gauntlets—Void melee weapon used only by Barbarians, doubles as a shield.
  • Aquilla Staff—Elemental staff used by Praetorians. Element type depends on type of Praetorian.


  • Imperator—Destructible gunship that carries a Heavy Slug Thrower and deploys a small squad of troops.
  • Wraith Goliath—Goliath Tank that carries 2 Cannons, has Heavy Slug Throwers on the front, Slug Rifles on the back, fires Solar Missiles that leave a pool of flame upon impact, owns an anti-explosive countermeasure, has a ramming targe, and can deploy Scorpio Turrets. It's weak spots are on it's 6 engines.
  • Anti-Air Goliath—Goliath Tanks whos turret is replaced with a turret that fires semi-explosive slugs at a target. Less resilient compared to other Goliaths.
  • Juggernaut—Largest ground "troop" of the Neon Wraiths. The Juggernaut is a bipedal, heavily armored and armed mech piloted by Cabal Legionaries. Weak points are determined by the type of Juggernaut. There are 6 variants.
    • Welder Juggernaut—Juggernaut variant that carries a Flamethrower. Has the ability to charge an opponent and, if hit, knocks them back and burns them. They send out a heat wave if the enemy attempts to close in. Weak point is located on specific vents on their Flame pack.
    • Enforcer Juggernaut—Juggernaut variant that carries a Heavy Slug Thrower. Carries a wrist-mounted spike launcher that pins an enemy to any hard surface. Punches an enemy which knocks them to the ground and disorients them. Weak point is located anywhere on their ammunitions pack.
    • Mortar Juggernaut—Juggernaut variant that carries a Projection Rifle. Carries a back-mounted Mortar that fires arcing explosives at their opponents rather precisely. If an enemy is nearby, they will grab an explosive mortar from their pack and throws it to the ground. Enemies, Guardians in particular, will, more often than not, be killed in the explosion, and the Juggernaut will take 15% of its health. Weak points are located on its aforementioned mortar rounds.
    • Pulse Juggernaut—Juggernaut variant that carries any type of common weapon. Much like a Cornicen, they utilize psionic abilities, although more powerful. Arc ability sends a splitting wave that blind and knocks back opponents. Void ability shields allies with a temporary immunity shield. Solar ability summons thermal vents that burns and launch opponents in the air. If an enemy is near, they will gather psionic energy and slam the ground. Arc disorients, Void slows, and Solar burns. Weak point is located on it's psionic amplifiers on it's pack.
    • Splicer Juggernaut—Juggernaut variant that now carries weapons from other races. Fallen variant summons Cabal-modified Shanks, Hive variant summons a longer, taller wall of darkness, and Vex variant packs a rotating shield. For close-quarters, Fallen emits a static wave, Hive "sheds" Solar energy, and Vex fires off a purge wave. Fallen weak point is located on the ramshackle Shank foundry, Hive is on the individual sigils, and Vex is on the Hydra corpse hanging on it's back.
    • Veteran JuggernautUltra Juggernaut variant that carries two different weapons rather than one. Specializes in 2 of the other fields mentioned and uses the abilities mutually. Regardless of type, they always carry a missile launcher and use a quake ability that grounds anyone in the arena. Weak spots depend on what variants make up the Veteran.
  • Neon Scorpio—More resilient Scorpius turrets that have more weapon capabilities. Can be deployed by a Major Optio.
  • Razorback Scorpio—Scorpio variant now armed with a missile launcher.
  • Sniper Scorpio—Scorpio variant armed with a Cabal Headhunter rather than a Slug Rifle. Slugs travel faster and are more fatal.
  • Wraith Scorpio—Larger Scorpio variant armed with a frontal shield, packs a Solar Shield, armed with a missile launcher, and explodes upon death. Can move extremely slowly to either find a new position or flank an opponent. Can be deployed by a Wraith Optio.