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Pit of Lore


Destiny 2: War of Attrition




Pit of Lore, Arcadian Valley, Nessus


Kill a Vex Mind before it can learn a dark secret

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The fireteam lands at the Exodus Black crash site. There are many Vex and Fallen corpses laying on the ground, and the fallen base torched. They travel to a cave leading to the Chamber of Sky.

Zavala: Engaging Fireteam Hermit. Guardian, Vex have came from the Chamber of Sky. Their attacks seemed coordinated and...defensive. Failsafe and Asher are awaiting for briefing.

Failsafe (Cheery): Hello, Captain! Vex have began to pour from the nearby cave system. They looked as if they wanted to kill the Fallen and I. (Depressed) In all honesty, the fighting was cool.

Asher Mir: And I know who is directly behind this! It's name is Psykron, the Adaptive Mind. It was present on Io in the Pyramidion when my fireteam delved into it.

Zavala: Good, any questions?

Ghost: Yeah, Asher, is this another vengeance story?

Asher: Of course it is...not.

Zavala: Good luck Fireteam Hermit.

The Fireteam pushes through the caves and reaches the portal to the Chamber of Sky. However, instead of being teleported to the Chamber of Sky, they are transported to the Ravine of Obsidian.

Ghost: Uh, guys, this isn't the Chamber of Sky.


Ghost: Guys?!

*More Static*

Ghost: Well great! We have no idea where we are and we lost all means of communication! Great! ...Wait a minute, this isn't natural static, not even Vex...

Hermit moves on through the Ravine of Obsidian to an open area. In this area is Cabal and Vex fighting. Vehicle fires and Cabal bases are scattered on the Battlefield.' A Cabal warship looms over the battlefield.

Ghost: The Neon Wraiths! What are they doing here?

A Thresher approaches the team only to be shot down by a Vex Cyclops.

Ghost: I'm picking up 3 radio jammers! Destroy them and we can re-establish contact with Asher and Failsafe!


Wanted: Tavakos, Adaptive Devotee
Psykron, the Adaptive Mind