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Xîn, War's Eternity
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"Those who lead you are pathetic, arrogant...weak. Oryx... Savathûn... Xivu Arath... they betray you, they lie to you. The Hive have been forever... lagging... in evolution. But, what if I told you that there is a way to ascend, to make better your kind. I shall show it to those who wish to join me. Although you will now be seen as a heretic, in the end, your kind shall bow down to your might and majesty. They shall behold your perfections. All I ask of you, lowly Thralls, mighty Knights and cunning Wizards , is that you join me, and it shall be beautiful."
— Xîn, War's Eternity

Xîn, War's Eternity is a Worm Goddess who left the Hive due to her mistrust in the Hive progeny. After disappearing with her followers after a long war, their names were removed from The World's Grave and forever forgotten by the Hive.



"Why do you resist Lightbearer? You have so much unused potential... I only sing songs of evolution and perfection, while Oryx only sought cataclysm. Yet you still desire the sight of my downfall. I may not be able to stop you, but I will make you bleed."
— Xîn threatening the Guardian