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Tornaketh, Shepherd of Souls
Biographical information




The Mediators









Combat information


Asylum of Screams (during the Festival of the Lost event)


Hive Axe (Bull-rush only)


Summon Hive
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Fist of Darkness
Resurrect the Dead
Shrieker Bolts
Axion Darts
Summon Necrophytes
Necrophyte Armor
Harrowing Scream
Activate Curse Totems
Energized Crystals
Burdening Terror
Darkblade Bull-rush


"If you haven't noticed already, some enemies have popped up all around the Solar System, enemies bearing a rather strange aura. Then those guys turn into... whatever those things are when you "kill" them. I found the culprit in charge of this heretical witchcraft: Tornaketh, Ritual Master, Runekeeper, son of Makal. He's holed up in some dark chamber somewhere within the Cathedral of the Void, overseeing this heresy, plotting, waiting. We might not stem the tide of these "zombies", but we might just slow it down with this a-holes death. Oh, and suggestion: the ritual is heavily guarded and Tornaketh is no push-over. I'd advise you bring a friend... or two... or an army of friends for that matter."

Tornaketh, Shepherd of Souls is a Hive Prince seen as the antagonist of the Festival of the Lost event, where he coordinates a Ritual that "zombifies" slain enemies in an attempt to avenge his family. The youngest son of Makal, he was always seen as a runt by his older siblings. He took on the Knight morph, however, took some attributes from a Wizard, where he would establish himself as a leader of occult practice within the Cathedral of the Void. After the death of his relatives, he decides to strike back at the Guardian who killed his family and friends. During the Festival of the Lost, he unleashes a Hive spell that corrupts many of the inhabitants of the Solar System, granting them an advanced state of necrosis, thus "zombifying" them; turning any vanquished opponent into an extremely aggressive melee grunt. Seeing this magic firsthand and noticing the problems it has produced, Darumel ordered a bounty on his head, which would result in his death, despite his death-defying magics and heightened witchcraft.