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The Mediators

Focal world(s):

Darumel's Realm


Unite Light and Dark
Exterminate all Opposition
Break free from Darumel's Realm

At war with:



Blackish-White, Translucent Tendrils (Mediators and Infested Vex)
Stone Armor (Golems)
Spiky, engraved Chitin (Hive)
Tarnished Armor (Infested Vex)
Violent, spastic twitching (Mediators and Infested Vex)
Swollen Growths and Pustules (Mediators and Infested Vex)

Average lifespan:


Notable individuals:

The Abstract Void
The Echocrypt
Makal, Prince of Shadows Unspoken
Zûk Akallu, Heart of the Void
Ekthael, Will of the Void
Urbaxx, Cardinal of the Void
Zakalam, Shield of the Void
Teraltion, Caustic Vector
Barca-3, Void Warped

Other names:

The Spurned
The [Heretics]
The Penumbral
The Lost and Damned


The Mediators is a conglomerate of Hive, Vex, Taken and Guardians who have bent their knee to the power of the Abstract, a power created through the unison of the power of both the Light and the Darkness. While the Hive willingly joined the Mediators, the Vex and Guardians would be absorbed into the dark confederacy through the Abstract corruption and the Taken fell to it's influence. As a result of the coagulation of this power, Abstract Golems are created.


Command Structure[edit]



The Mediator Hive are a more ferocious Hive Sect due to the Abstract empowerment. They have thicker, dark green chitin engraved with deep, inscrutable patterns and have curved spikes protruding from their bodies; they have more armor than their familiars. Their cloth, robes and body paint is dark grey and white. They have a more muscular yet sickly frame, with visible black veins seen all around. Wizards have a lightish purple glow to their eyes, Ogre's heads glow red beneath the pulsating tissue, the rest still bear the iconic green eyes, even the Thrall. Higher level enemies will have a greyish, white chitin with orange and red cloth, as well as more imposing spikes and red eyes. As for the enemies:

  • Thrall: The iconic cannon fodder of the Mediator Hive Cult, they still bear the same tactics: charge and overwhelm their enemies. However, they bear a more armored physique, with rigid shoulder plates, thigh and chest armor, which makes them more resistant to damage. Regardless, a well placed shot to the head will drop them near instantly, as well as a good melee (if they aren't levels higher than the player).
    • Apothican Thrall: Major variant of the Thrall. They now hulk over even Knights, but aren't as tall as Ogres The armor now almost fully covers their body and is totally impenetrable by small arms fire. Shots to it's head or explosives will depose the monstrosity, however, the Thrall can cover it's face if it begins taking damage.
    • On higher difficulties, the Thrall gets renamed: Serf on Heroic, Shrill on Midnight, and Savant on Eclipse.
  • Acolyte: The shock troop of the Mediator Hive Cult, they still retain the same tactics and abilities of their familiars. A noticeable difference, however, is the throbbing boils on it's back. When prompted, it will hunch over and the boils will slowly begin to envelop it's body. It will then either metamorphose into a Proto Knight or a Proto Wizard. They can still be killed in this stance, which also makes them more permeable to damage.
    • Apothican Acolyte: Major variant of the Acolyte. They are about the same size of a Knight. Their Grenades have a larger blast radius and has a larger area-of-effect. Metamorphosis is longer, but turns the Acolyte into an Ultra class Knight or Wizard.
    • On higher difficulties, the Acolyte gets renamed: Clergy on Heroic, Missionary on Midnight, and Apostle on Eclipse.
  • Knight: The heavy troop of the Hive Cult, they can still create their Wall of Darkness and carry heavy weapons. However, the shield will be larger and spiked and, on occasion, will bull rush their enemies to strike them with this shield. Getting hit by this shield instantly kills the target, missing will cause it to retract the shield, and hitting an obstacle will stagger the target while making it more susceptible to damage.
    • Apothican Knight: Major variant of the Knight. They're as tall as an Ogre with a similar bulk in their frame and armor. They will do an animation which will draw all allies to it's vicinity. Once a few of these attracted allies are there, a bubble will form around everyone, which will heal and increase all damage for everyone in the bubble. The bubble can only be bypassed by staggering the Knight with a headshot or explosion. The Knight's shield is larger and creates an air stream which damages any enemies it passes.
    • On higher difficulties, the Knight gets renamed: Paladin on Heroic, Berserker on Midnight, and Inquisitor on Eclipse.
  • Wizard: The cult witches and progenitors of the Mediator Hive Cult, they still have the Darkness Blasts and Poison Clouds. They now also have the ability to use magic which summons a horde of Thralls, which only happens when it has it's shield. These Thralls can also heal the Wizard as long as they're alive and the Wizard has lost health. The rift closes once the Wizard loses it's shield.
    • Apothican Wizard: Major variant of the Wizard. They're about a half taller than their Minor counterparts and bear a more muscular stature. The rifts now summon Guardsmen, which now coats the Wizard in an Immunity shield while the Wizard still heals from this ability. They can now Ground Pound, as well as teleport through a rift.
    • On higher difficulties, the Wizard gets renamed: Hag on Heroic, Magus on Midnight, and Pontifex on Eclipse.
  • Ogre: The war machines and sentinels of the Hive cult, they still ground pound and blast with their eyes. They can also entrap enemies in a Hive Trap in order to snare their enemies in place to finish them with it's ground slam. The Eye Blasts also Nullify targets, slowly damaging targets while making them more susceptible to damage.
    • Apothican Ogre: Major variant of the Wizard. Their larger and have a bulkier frame. The Hive Traps now damage trapped targets and Ground Slam kills heal the Ogre. The Eye Blasts are now fired in an explosive spread which also Nullifies targets.
    • On higher difficulties, the Ogre gets renamed: Troll on Heroic, Giant on Midnight, and Behemoth on Eclipse.
  • Shrieker: The unblinking and resolute machinations of the Mediator Hive Cult, still have their impenetrable, rocky armor. However, rather than the different Void flechettes their familiars fire, they instead hurl a volley of arcing Solar mortars which applies the Burning debuff if a target is hit.
    • Apothican Shrieker: Major variant of the Shrieker. Thicker and more plentiful armor plating circle the massive Shrieker to protect the permeable core within. Still fires the Mortar volley, but also fires a tracking Arc laser which can (barely) wrap around cover and deals massive damage, and can spin around, launching tracking Void flechettes like the previous versions of the Shrieker, with all of these bolts potentially fatal if many of them lock onto a target.
    • On higher difficulties, the Shrieker gets renamed: Nymph on Heroic, Siren on Midnight, and Banshee on Eclipse.


The Taken's combat tactics remain relatively the same, with some encounter Taken bearing tactics of their own; nevertheless, no big changes except with the names on higher difficulty.

  • Taken Thralls (Devoured Serf, Consumed Shrill, and Absorbed Savant)
  • Taken Acolytes (Devoured Clergy, Consumed Missionary, and Absorbed Apostle)
    • Acolyte's Eye (Clergy's Gaze, Missionary's Oversight, and Apostle's Vindication)
  • Taken Knights (Devoured Paladin, Consumed Berserker, and Absorbed Inquisitor)
  • Taken Wizards (Devoured Hag, Consumed Magus, and Absorbed Pontifex)
  • Taken Ogres (Devoured Troll, Consumed Giant, and Absorbed Behemoth)
  • Taken Vandals (Devoured Hooligan, Consumed Ruffian, and Absorbed Outlaw)
  • Taken Captains (Devoured Officer, Consumed Enforcer, and Absorbed Ringleader)
  • Taken Goblins (Devoured Imp, Consumed Demon, and Absorbed Tiefling)
  • Taken Hobgoblins (Devoured Bugbear, Consumed Wendigo, and Absorbed Lyncanthrope)
  • Taken Minotaurs (Devoured Draguyr, Consumed Sleipnir, and Absorbed Fenrir)
  • Taken Hydras (Devoured Orthrus, Consumed Manticore, and Absorbed Cerberus)
  • Taken Psions (Devoured Drudge, Consumed Partisan, and Absorbed Vilicus)
  • Taken Phalanx' (Devoured Hoplite, Consumed Spartan, and Absorbed Praetorian)
  • Taken Centurions (Devoured Lieutenant, Consumed Brigadier, and Absorbed Pilus)

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