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Xaviks, Cunning of the Void
Biographical information




The Mediators




Taken Captain



Combat information


Asylum of Screams: Shadowed Wit


Void Molten Welder
Solar Shock Grenades


Summon Taken
High Durability
Ultra Smash
Darkness Visage
Abstract Bombardment
Blight Empowerment
Pocket Dimension Warp
Pocket Dimension Atrophy
Lightened Shadow
Blight Implosion
Unstable Abstract


"You are witty Xaviks, Fallen Baron, leader of your ambitious, power hungry crew, Dreg to the Prideful One. Many times over, you have outmaneuvered your enemies, picking off those you know you can win against. You are always watching your crew, ensuring they'll never betray you and leave you to be docked by your Kell or starved of Ether. [We] have observed. We [liberated] you. Do not be afraid. Embrace our will, push its [enlightening] embrace into your hollow void. (...) What keeps you from apotheosis? What is barring you from becoming whole? What is making you [hollow]? Your suppression of thought. You have been a slave to your natural necessities and your Kell, they override your intelligence and shackle you to instinct. Fear not. We will make you [clever] once again. Set free your mind. Take your time and plan your [defenses] accordingly. [Outplan] your enemies, revel in their arrogance."
The Void corrupting Xaviks.

Xaviks, Cunning of the Void is a Taken Captain corrupted by the Abstract. Once a disgraced Fallen Baron that once served the House of Exile, leading other outcasts and exiles on the Moon. Years later, before the emergence of the House of Dusk, Xaviks wold be pulled into the Asylum of Screams and finding sanctuary under Malphikaris and his Blacklight Syndicate. Under this new leadership, he became one of his prominent Barons, but many times, he had to suppress countless rebellions and betrayals within his crew by those who seek to steal his status and Ether. Later, however, he would be corrupted by the Abstract Void and become one of it's mindless pawns. Finding his tactics and weaponry infuriating and troublesome, Darumel would put a bounty on the lost Baron's head, where power-hungry Guardians would end his anguished existence once and for all.