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Blacklight Syndicate


Malphikaris, Avaricious Claw
Teleymis, Godmother Mastermind
Erethix, Splicer Priest
Phiriks, the Gunrunner
Ropheliks, the Renegade Bomber


Unnamed Prime Servitor
Kalkis Prime, Overseer
Shasis Reborn, the Kitbashed
Teneks-3, Eye of Malphikaris
Makis-Beta, Sentinel Servitor


Long Shadow Monastery
Palkisaan Casino
Hyenaship Shasis-Fel
Snowship Teneks-Syn
Daggership Kalkis-Syn


Darumel's Realm


The Blacklight Syndicate is a unionized Fallen criminal empire created with the mutual goal of surviving Darumel's Realm. Because of the unnerving cohesion of the lost Fallen crews, they now bear better ramshackle tech and defenses. This new crime syndicate cares not if they are trapped or freed from this wretched place, instead, they only care about one thing: profit.


Command Structure[edit]

  • Dreg
    • Castaway Dreg
    • Ringleader Dreg
  • Wretch
    • Castaway Wretch
    • Ringleader Wretch
  • Vandal
    • Castaway Vandal
    • Ringleader Vandal
  • Marauder
    • Castaway Marauder
    • Ringleader Marauder
  • Captain
    • Castaway Captain
    • Ringleader Captain
  • Servitor
    • Kitbashed Servitor
    • Overclocked Servitor


Mob Bosses[edit]

Prime Servitors[edit]

  • Unnamed Prime Servitor - A Massive Prime Servitor from an unknown house, presumed destroyed by Darumel.
  • Kalkis Prime, Overseer - The Prime Servitor originally from the House of Daggers. Now oversees production of the Syndicate's arsenal.
  • Shasis Reborn, the Kitbashed - A Rebuilt Prime Servitor originating from the House of Hyenas. Now serves as a secondary Ether Source.

Notable Members[edit]