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Tharum, Hunger of the Void
Biographical information




The Mediators




Taken Gladiator





Combat information


Asylum of Screams: Lost Lament


Void Severus Cleaver


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Cabal Melee
Honed Infestation
Summon Hungering Visages
Unstable Strength
Abstract Grasp
Summon Satiated Savant
Power Starvation
Blighted Power
Molecular Consumption


"You are ambitious Tharum, Cabal Val, commander of your subordinates and servant of the Envious One. You have fought boldly against those who strive to end your legacy. Many times over, you have looked over your shoulder, thinking your sins of your past will finally end you for what you did. [We] have observed. We [saved] you. Do not be afraid. Embrace our will, push its [assuring] embrace into your hollow void. (...) What keeps you from apotheosis? What is barring you from becoming whole? What is making you [hollow]? Your starvation of strength. You are afraid of your sins because you aren't given the power to keep you safe, you are dismissed, for power is already filled. Fear not. We will make you [strong] again. Embrace your hunger. You now will [consume] all of existence and everything within. [Devour] your sins, they will now slake your hunger."
The Void corrupting Tharum.

Tharum, Hunger of the Void is a Taken Cabal Gladiator corrupted by the Abstract. Once a Red Legion Val, she marched under the Legion's banners as a subordinate of Dominus Ghaul. She was present during the Midnight Coup and the Red War, painting a target on her back for many of those wronged. She would later be pulled into the Asylum of Screams, finding new leadership under Bolka'urahn, tasked with manning a Lost Legion dig site. Later, however, she would be consumed by the Abstract Void and become one of it's mindless pawns. Finding her existence-devouring abilities infuriating and troublesome, Darumel would order a bounty on the lost Cabal Val, where power-hungry Guardians would end her tormented existence once and for all.