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Barca-3, Void Warped
Biographical information




Vanguard (formerly)
The Mediators (unwillingly)




Warlock (formerly)



Combat information


A Versatile Nowhere
Asylum of Screams: High Stakes


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Axion Bolts
Distorted Nova Bloom
Debris Vortex
Debris Shielding
Abstract Implosion
Debris Loss
Warp Negation
Abstract Empowerment


"We must stay strong, our light can only provide us enough power, and whatever lies here seeks to consume it. But nothing we've never handled before, eh?"
— Barca-3 rallying his Fireteam, 7 hours before corruption.

Barca-3, Void Warped was once an Exo Voidwalker prior to his corruption. Leader of his own Fireteam, Apollo, he lead his team through the Red War and participated in the Hunt for the Scorn. Sometime later, he and his team would be pulled into the Asylum of Screams, and were either picked off by the denizens or corrupted by the Mediators, which Barca-3 suffered the fate of the latter. Stripped of his will and corrupted by the Abstract, Barca-3 became a thrall of the Mediators, where he lurks the Asylum, ensuring the protection of his masters' territories. Some time later, he encounters the Guardian and attacks them in hopes of either killing them or infecting them. However, he would be, instead, injured and forced to retreat. Finding him again and willing to eliminate a Mediator enforcer, Darumel ordered a bounty on him, where the aforementioned Guardian and their Fireteam track him down and finally put him out of his misery.


  • TBC


  • TBC