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Likeness of AJ, the Relentless
Biographical information


Null Taken


Null Taken (formerly)
The Mediators (currently)




Shadow of the Relentless (formerly)

Combat information


Asylum of Screams (Trials of the Imortal)


Counterfeit Firebringer
Void Blasts
Counterfeit Complex Solution


Summon Taken
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Void Blight
Mimic Fallen
Mimic Hive
Mimic Vex
Mimic Cabal
Mimic The Guardian
Wrath of the Void
Summon Null Taken
Void Oversoul
Extremely High Durability
Enrage mode
Nova Warp


"You are a Shadow of the Daring and cunning Guardian, AJ. You serve as a copy, and a weapon of him...You are stuck in this form, a broken purpose, and don't even have a will for your own. stuck in an endless loop of fighting, serving, and living as the eye for him,. [We] have observed. We freed you. Do not be afraid. Embrace our will, push its [Identity] embrace into your hollow void. (...) What keeps you from apotheosis? What is barring you from becoming whole? What is making you [hollow]? Your reliance on Servitude. You rely on the thing you were created to serve as; You were a minor mirror for a being, who didn't care about your existence. Fear not. We will make you [Serve] again. Remember your purpose. You no longer [Serve] for a Will, now you [Serve your own]. [Corrode] you toils, let them see your own existence and purpose."
The Void corrupting a Shadow of AJ

Likeness of AJ, the Relentless is a Void projection of AJ, the Relentless, a Guardian who has extreme powers, which are connected to the Void. Like the rest of the Shadows, It served as a probe, decoy, and minor attack advantage for AJ. Later on, It was recently pulled into Darumel's realm, during one of the Warlock's battles. Within the pocket world. The Shadow began surving on it's own. Fighting against minor marooned combatants, converting the Taken, into Null Taken, and placing Void Blights within the realm. Fighting with a lost purpose. But the Shadow began to decay, caughting the attention of the The Abstract Void, who then capture it, and converted it. stoping it from withering away, it also gave both a will and the ability to transform into any being it desired. It later began to wreak havoc among the Asylum, causing Darumel to place a Bounty on it's head, where it would be destroyed by power-hungry Guardian. As well as catching attention to AJ, himself.