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"Killing the leaders of the factions you faced here isn't the end. There are those among these insidious groups that seek to fill the leadership gap you created, now giving their friends new ideas you probably don't want to run into on patrol in this desolate wasteland. Delve deep into enemy territory and break the newbies giving out orders... newbies that are somehow more powerful than the leaders you killed. These incursions are just like Dungeons, only more ruthless to those who dare to do it solo. And the champions you meet at the end? They'll help get that point across. But don't take it from me, see for yourself... because my life is at stake here! Please kill them for me, hehe... I hate my predicament."

The Trials of the Immortal are endgame activities released following week 7 of the Crusades of the Screaming Plane within the Asylum of Screams.


Much like Dungeons, players must embark deep into uncharted territory, face a relentless and merciless opposition, and come face-to-face to the most resilient and dangerous enemies of the Screaming Prison, the Immortals, an unaffiliated group of extremely armed and resilient bosses. These missions are notably unforgiving due to the enemies' aggression, new weapons and tactics and a full restart if the team is wiped anywhere. Each Trial has a total of 9 encounters with 3 boss encounters being one of these few; despite that most of the encounters are simply combat arenas where players must kill all enemies in the area, each combat arena should not be underestimated, especially those that have mechanics and most certainly the bosses.

The Different Trials[edit]

Trial of the Visage[edit]

Well of Tears[edit]

Glyphs of Spite[edit]

Slayer's Admittance[edit]

Gospel of Despair[edit]

Hellpriest's Sermon[edit]

Alvuuk, Bred from the Void[edit]

Shrouded Ritual[edit]

Rovâth, Hellpriest[edit]

Drâera-Hul, Visage of Blasphemy[edit]

Trial of the Oppressive[edit]



Warden's Response[edit]

Alitsion, Oppressive Mind[edit]

Convict's Walk[edit]

Maintain your Existence[edit]

Alipious, Oppressive Mind[edit]

Merge the Timelines[edit]

The Polymorph, Oppressive Minds[edit]

Trial of the Heretical[edit]

Tainted Narthex[edit]

Open the Sacristy[edit]

Penitent Conjuration[edit]

Cleanse the Bramble[edit]


Gates of Remembrance[edit]

The Slain Undertaker[edit]

Defiled Memory[edit]

Khadaraa, Heretical Cheiftain[edit]

Trial of the Seditious[edit]


The Laser Grid[edit]

Thermal Baths[edit]

The Competition[edit]

Challenge of the Traitors[edit]

The Siege Siblings[edit]

The False Prize[edit]

The Seditious Flayers[edit]

Erathyx, Partisan of Sedition[edit]

Trial of the Relentless[edit]

Oblivion's Foyer[edit]

Fraudulent Projections[edit]

Blyxion, Fraudulent Mind[edit]

Shrine of Deceit[edit]

Draining the Shrine[edit]

Lhânük Vör, Priest of Counterfeit[edit]

The Empowered Servants[edit]

Entropy's Anchor[edit]

Likeness of AJ, the Relentless[edit]

Trial of the Legendary[edit]

Storm the Ketch[edit]

The Webwork[edit]

5.H.A.N.K., Thane of the Legend[edit]

Scale the Hull[edit]

Grehk, Devotee of the Legend[edit]

Escape the Lockdown[edit]

Reaver's Guardsmen[edit]

Challenge of Honor[edit]

Randal, the Undying Legend[edit]

Trial of the Unbroken[edit]

Perimeter Defenses[edit]

Perimeter Scanner[edit]

Checkpoint Terminals[edit]

Eliminate the Prototypes[edit]

Engineers of the Godbane[edit]


Decrypt the Protocol[edit]

Discovery of Project Godfall[edit]

The Godbane, Unbroken Vanquisher[edit]

Trial of the Dreadtongue[edit]

Necroplex Siege[edit]

Eyes of the Anointed[edit]

Masazël, Anointed Songstress[edit]

Defiler's Tribute[edit]

Passage of Madness[edit]

Anthem of the Harmonybane[edit]

Ahrakür, Harmonybane[edit]

Escape the Pylon[edit]

Boltakor, the Sanguine Song[edit]

Trial of the Recursive[edit]

Break the Sequence[edit]

Haldron, Recursive Sentinel[edit]

The Tributary[edit]

Elatipos, Enlightened Mind[edit]

Ascend the Spire[edit]

Re-ascend the Spire[edit]

Gaze's Reflections[edit]

Confluxes of Sacrilege[edit]

Aertyrion, Gaze of Infinity[edit]

Trial of the Apothiosian[edit]

Amorphous Halls[edit]

Bypass the Gate[edit]

Adaption Cortexes[edit]

The Vengeful Minds[edit]

Navigate the Silo[edit]

Production Terminus[edit]

Tasithos, Constructive Mind[edit]

Call forth the Apotheosian[edit]

Soliritos, Guardian of Apotheosis[edit]

Trial of the Beastkeeper[edit]

Security Detail[edit]

Hunter's Playground[edit]

Corridor Lockdown[edit]

Sagittarius Turrets[edit]

The Thicket[edit]

The Hunting Grounds[edit]

Peilatl, Beastkeeper's Hound[edit]

Disable the Fence[edit]

Valus Tal'alac, Abyssal Beastkeeper[edit]

Trial of the Agonarchs[edit]

Harrowed Eulogy[edit]

Deathsinger's Lament[edit]

Fury of the Contemptuous[edit]

The Voracious Brood[edit]

Hunger of the Voracious[edit]

The Bloodied Pits[edit]

Wrath of the Tormentor[edit]

Sashruhk, the Contender[edit]

Agonarchs of Sorrow[edit]

Trial of the Despised[edit]

The Tournament[edit]

Kill the Cheaters[edit]

The Union[edit]

Union Traps[edit]

Scorn Contestants[edit]

Viikraa, Gladiatorial Chieftain[edit]

Zelkris-Alpha, Arijaks' Sentinel[edit]

Arijaks' Mercenaries[edit]

Arijaks, the Despised Machinist[edit]

Trial of the Praetorian[edit]


Escape the Bombardment[edit]

Val Kala'sur, Juggernaut Commander[edit]


The Ambush[edit]

Gas Flow[edit]

Val Molgreth, Inheritor's Adviser[edit]

Royal Guardsmen[edit]

Primus Tahra'urahn, Praetorian's Fury[edit]

Trial of the Mastermind[edit]

Breach Security[edit]

Press through the Casino[edit]

The Opportunistic Patrons[edit]

Thermal Drill[edit]

Aviziklis, the Wildcard[edit]


The Debt Collector and Cheat Corrector[edit]

Planting the Virus[edit]

Teleymis, Godmother Mastermind[edit]

Trial of the Symphonizer[edit]

The Rhythmic Mind[edit]

Shockwave Relays[edit]

Tracking the Source[edit]

The Malevolent Path[edit]

Core of Discord[edit]

Hestias, Algorithmic Mind[edit]

Chords of Metamorphosis[edit]

Symphonizer's Song[edit]

Armonias, Patternbound Symphonizer[edit]

Trial of the Zealot[edit]

Clear the Ingress[edit]

Douse the Sigils[edit]

Claim the First Key[edit]

Evade the Stranded[edit]

Nokthûl, Drowned by the Abyss[edit]

Roam the Hellscape[edit]

The Scourge Guards[edit]

Forest of Solace[edit]

Alashtûl, Zealot of the Darkbreaker[edit]