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The Godbane, Unbroken Vanquisher
Biographical information

Other names:

Kotylan, Vindictive Edge




Lost Legion




Automata (Devastator)



Combat information


Asylum of Screams (after defeating Bolka'urahn, Dominus to None)


Slug Cannons
Missile Barrage
Micro-Nuclear Warhead
Mining Beam
Flash Incendiary Grenades


Summon Cabal
Extremely High Durability
Limited Flight
Concussive Blast
Shield Barrier
Summon Accipiters
Summon Devastators
Anti-Explosive Countermeasure
Shatter Wave
Quantum Bind
Nova Ruptures
Toxic Gas
Flame Jets
Nullifying Aura
Seeker Bolts
Psionic Immolation
Geomorphic Telekinetic Armor
Voidfire Boulder
Godbane Javelins


"Ever since the loss of their commander, the Legion have doubled their weapons production to compensate for that loss. Now those factories are churning out more and more Tanks, Ships and Guns. No biggie, I know you can easily dismantle them. However, recently, my scouts have warned me about a new weapon they've been working on, imbued with Psionic power with the firepower to match. Odd, since I just heard this after you killed those bickering traitors recently... I hope this isn't another vengeance play. If there is such an abomination, you must destroy it. We are in no condition to fight whatever marvel they throw at us."

The Godbane, Unbroken Vanquisher is a massive Devastator class Cabal walker seen in the Asylum of Screams as an Immortal Boss. Following the death of the seditious flayers with the destruction of Erathyx, Partisan of Sedition, their youngest sibling and only sister, Kotylan, who remained loyal to the Lost Legion, began plotting revenge on their murderer. She then uncovered an ancient and scrapped weapons project that fused weaponry and Psionic power. Ambitious, she then conceptualized psionically powered weaponry and vehicles, most notable of these concepts was psionically charged walkers, one even capable of permanently killing Ascendant Hive even if they had an Ascendant Realm. Desperate and impressed by her weapon's designs, what was left of the Lost Legion leadership backed up the project. Only hearing the existence of such an abomination, Darumel ordered only the most seasoned of Guardians to delve deep into Firebase Manticore's research blacksite, Acrius Labs, to shutdown the production of new, experimental Cabal weaponry and confirm and destroy the walker and it's psionically controlled pilot.