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Null Taken


The Null Throne


Reserve Forces

Other names:

Void Taken
False Taken
Taken Mimickers


The Void Wars


Count AJ, the Ringmaster
Shade of the Relentless
Xormos, Hand of the Relentless
Sword of the Relentless
Mind of the Relentless
Banner of the Relentless
Fist of the Relentless


The Null Taken are a artificial constructs of Pure Void Energy, acting similar to the Taken.


  • AJ, the Ringmaster - The Leader and creator of the Null Taken, A Void Elemental
    • Shade of the Relentless - The Most powerful Shadow of the Relentless, unlike the other Shadows, who's form is similar to AJ's Guardian Armor, it form is the same as AJ's normal Suit.
    • Xormos, Hand of the Relentless - A Null Taken Chimera, it carries the most devious acts of it's Master, loyal to the Will of AJ.

Champions of the Relentless[edit]

Champions are a group of powerful Null Taken, created by the purist Void Energy and are bullet sponges, they represent AJ in ways


  • (TBC)