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Arachanos, the Putrescent
Biographical information




Null Collective (formerly)
The Mediators (currently)





Combat information


Asylum of Screams: Withering Reverence


Void Harpy Slap Rifle


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Temporal Shockwave
Initial Immunity
Festering Darkness
Light's Decay
Reverent Atrophy
Arc Blight Fissure
Writhing Temporal Shields
Summon Light Pools
Grasp of the Void


"You are meek Arachanos, Vex Weaver, Splicer of Time and slave of the Absolute One. You have failed your coerced directive. You have been oppressed, by both overmind and reality, dueling for your right to being. [We] have observed. We freed you. Do not be afraid. Embrace our will, push its [fulfilling] embrace into your hollow void. (...) What keeps you from apotheosis? What is barring you from becoming whole? What is making you [hollow]? Your reliance on existence. You rely on the thing you were programmed to carve through; you were the knife that cut through the firm fabric of existence. Fear not. We will make you [strong] again. Remember your purpose. You no longer [dig a path] through existence, now you [destroy] it. [Corrode] you toils, let them feel your harshness now."
The Void corrupting Arachanos.

Arachanos, the Putrescent is a Taken Vex Harpy corrupted by the Abstract. Once a Vex Weaver, it was responsible for countless resurrections of Vex Minds, even responsible for calling fake copies of The Undying Mind back into the Black Garden. It would later be pulled into the Asylum of Screams, where it would then be absorbed into the Null Collective, and was tasked with calling back the many sub-minds of Kataklysmos. Later, however, it would be consumed by the will of the Abstract Void and become a mindless pawn for it. Finding its existence-destroying power infuriating and troublesome, Darumel would order a bounty on the lost Vex Mind, where power-hungry Guardians would end it's twisted existence once and for all.