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Exiled Val
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Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Independently (currently)







Combat information


Asylum of Screams


Cabal Severus


Suppression Dome Armor
Blindness Effect
Berserker Charge
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Deploy Scorpii
Summon Beasts
Solar Net Mines
Throwing Cleaver
Shield Generator Overload
Overclock Tech


"Hmm, I sense a desire, but this time, another Guardian. Not you two (you'll always be my favorite!), but a significant Guardian, named AJ. You might know him, could be wrong. *Ahem* What does he want?... That guy! Yeah, I hate him too! Spoiler alert: he brought a Cleaver to a Gunfight."
Darumel speaking of the Deserted Cabal

The Exiled Val is a Cabal Val that was scorned by the Red Legion due to failing to kill AJ, the Relentless, who was infamous for killing Valus Ta'ul. He later left the Legion in anger and distrust, Hoping to seek vengeance against the Red Legion and AJ. However, he would be pulled into Darumel's realm, later to go mad, but still seek vengeance who wronged him, however his desire would be sensed by Darumel and would be intercepted by The Guardian



The Exiled Val will be coated in a shield barrier which suppresses any on inside, preventing any chance for damage. The Val will relentlessly chase Guardians around the arena with his Cleavers, which can instantly kill a Guardian. He will also occasionally call upon help from his War Beasts and Scorpius Turrets. If anyone's far enough, he can toss a Cleaver at them, which can totally remove their shields while also applying knock back. If the Guardians keep avoiding his advances, he can activate Scorpius turrets laced around the arena, which will entrap a Guardian inside of a projected bubble until a free Guardian frees them or the Val kills them.

In 3 places in the cavernous arena, there will be three generators. Over time, they will continue to cackle and fizzle with electricity until they explode, killing all but the armored Val in the shaft. To prevent this, cores dropped from killed Scorpius Turrets must be placed in these Generators, which will set back the timer and provide the player with an Arc Discharge Debuff, which will kill them in 20 seconds. To remove it and draw closer to a damage phase, a player must draw the Val's attention by shooting his shield, where he will attempt to run them down and kill them instantly. While the Val is preparing to retaliate, the Arc Charged player should sneak up behind him (getting in front of him will cancel the attack) and slam their electrical charge into his shield pack, where he will stager, and his shield will become noticeably dimmer. Once he is hit by three of these attacks, he will attempt to Overload his backpack instead and kill everyone. To stop this, players should locate a Major War Beast, named Sentinel of the Exiled and kill them before picking up it's enhancement tech and march up to the Val. There, he should strike the player, only to stagger from the overloading electricity of the Hound's tech and be open to damage. The players have about 10 total seconds to damage him, but can prolong it by 10 by using the Discharge effect (keep in mind, the generators can still blow), however, this can only happen once. As his health gets lower, the Val moves faster and more resilient Beasts and turrets join his ranks. Once killed, his tech will begin to overload, knocking him to his knees, persistent, he strikes the ground and slowly tries to get back up, just before a whine sounds and the pack explodes.


  • Bad Bodyguard: Kill the Exiled Val
  • How Selfless!: For every phase, no player should collect the Discharge twice (enhancement tech counts to this challenge).
  • Guess that's one Way...: Kill the Val (and yourselves) with the generators.