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Ghalkor, the Butcher
Biographical information




Spawn of Crota (Formerly)
Independent (Current)










850 Ibs

Combat information


Asylum of Screams


Butcher's Hook


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Hive Traps
Dark Immunity
Burning Light


"Meat... I need your Light. ...I... hunger... for your Light. Time... to slaughter!"
— Ghalkor threatening the Guardian

Ghalkor, the Butcher is a Hive Knight seen in the Asylum of Screams. Once a Blade of Crota of the Spawn of Crota, Ghalkor would aspire to be a Darkblade one day. However, he would be pulled into Darumel's Ascendant Realm. He would grow mad from the Blights growing in the area and disappeared from the remaining Spawn of Crota army. He would emerge one day and soon began killing anyone he would come across, regardless of their race, and drag their remains to his den. After loosing enough Hive loyalists, Darumel ordered his death and he would be slain by Guardians.


Ghalkor will have a helmet with spikes protruding and curving backwards with smaller spikes protruding from the top of the helmet. His helmet will have two blades sticking down from the cheeks, giving the impression of two large fangs. He wears robes which cover mostly his back, with hooks coming down from these robes. The chitin on his arms are like that of normal Darkblades but with stripes of cloth hanging from them. On his left shoulder hangs the helmet of an Abyssal Sorcerer (like that of Omnigul, Will of Crota), and his right is natural, with spikes jutting backwards. From his right hip hangs a War Beast pelt and from his left hangs a Captain's cloak overlapped by a Hunter's. His legs are, once again, covered in upward facing spikes. His helmet shows a dark and faint green light where his eyes would see. His chitin armor will be of a blackish olive color. His Cleaver would be blood-stained, serrated with razor sharp teeth and the top of the blade holding a rear-facing, angular hook.

During the damage phase, Ghalkor will burst into flames and his armor covered in a glowing, crackling blaze. His eye patterns will be a bright white. After enough damage is done, Ghalkor's chitin will be seen broken, cracked, and singed along with his "collection".


After escaping Ghalkor's "dungeon", the Guardians will find themselves in a room near pitch-black with lamps similar to the of Crota's End. To begin the encounter, the team must first gather around the lamp in the middle altar. There, Ghalkor will appear and will shatter the lamp with a move of his hand. The team must scatter to find other lamps. Thus, the encounter begins.

The team must find dimmed out lamps while avoiding Ghalkor, his traps, and his hook, where his Cleaver can instantly kill a Guardian. He will often maintain a walking pace, but will run to catch up to a Guardian target and can teleport if one is far enough away. Also roaming in the dark are Major Shadow Thralls and Shadow War Beasts, named Lost Souls, which behave much like they normally would, hunt and chase any target down. Then, the team must try to activate these lamps to brighten the room and do damage to Ghalkor. If enough time passes and the lamps aren't activated or enough damage phases pass, Ghalkor will get impatient and charge his foes down. Once the lamps are activated, the team will go to the middle altar lamp to initiate a damage phase. To note is that, when a lamp is activated, Ghalkor will not go into the light of said lamp. Once the team rendezvous at the middle lamp, a barrier around the lamp activates (trapping the team in), and the arena will brighten, "igniting" Ghalkor. The team will then lay into the weakened Knight, while Ghalkor will try to run them down. Once enough time passes, the barrier will collapse, Ghalkor will shatter the light, and anyone within range of the lamp will be detonated. This is to be repeated until his demise.