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Vakaal, Ether Glutton
Biographical information














1950 Ibs

Combat information


Asylum of Screams


Summon Scorn
High Durability
Overcharged Ether
Ether Shielding
Ground Slam
Servitor Ether Bond
Maw of Vakaal
Prime Servitor Bond
Servitor Eye Blasts
Ether Attraction
Ether Surge


Vakaal, Ether Glutton is a massive Scorn Abomination. Once a disgraced Archon Priest of an unnamed House, Vakaal was soon slain by the Scorn, who would resurrect him as a new soldier. Later, he would be pulled through an inter-dimensional rift leading to Darumel's Ascendant Realm. There, he began growing more and more insane from the Blight of the realm, forcing him into a feral trance where he would abduct Servitors to gorge upon Ether. Due to his apparent means of controlling Ether and his dangerous size and power, Darumel ordered Vakaal's death and he would be slain by Guardians.


Unlike other Abominations, Vakaal will retain his head, though his neck is nigh non-existent. His helmet will show have three crest atop of it, with the two on the sides being longer than the one in the middle, with each crest having three "teeth" on them, with the higher one being the longest. The helmet will show his eyes, which glow white, much like the Scorn Barons. One side of the face is severely swollen, half-covering one of the eyes. He shares the same body proportions of a normal Abomination, except with cyan scarring all around the body. A wide, yellow sash can be seen on his body with the Scorn insignia printed on it. His upper arms are bedecked in chains and his left arm bearing a spiked elbow guard. His lower arms are present, unlike other Abominations, but they appear smaller and dangle loosely from it's socket. He wears a belt with black banners hanging from it with a yellow Scorn insignia painted on it. His legs also are covered in chains and both thighs are covered by brown, "leather-like" armor. Cyan scarring is found all over his body: two on each of his shoulders, one on his right hip, one on the side of his left tricep, one on his right bicep, one on the back of his right thigh, and one on the front of his shin.

His head is capable of turning 90° in any direction, making him capable of seeing anyone on the battlefield. He fires his Overcharged Ether blasts the same way any Abomination would. When collecting (see Gameplay) he will raise his arm in a similar fashion to Morgeth, the Spirekeeper. The scarring on his body will emerge into boils, which are seen throughout the fight (see Gameplay).


Guardians will first enter the Arena (named Ether Reservoir) and see Vakaal laying on the floor as well as an entangled, torn-apart Prime Ether Servitor hanging above him. To begin the encounter the Guardians, first, must find a Major Arc Chieftain, named the Taskmaster Chieftain, and take the Charge they drop to a terminal to the middle "Altar" underneath Vakaal. As soon as this is done, Vakaal will rise up to engage with the aggressors, Servitor corpses will spawn all around the map and Scorn troops will spawn to help Vakaal engage the Guardians.

To begin a damage phase, Guardians must go to the dead Servitors to collect Ether Essence to damage the boss; the more dead Servitors occupied, the quicker the Essence builds up. Other Guardians should also focus on hunting the Taskmaster Chieftain to input a charge into one of the terminals to begin the damage phase; the charge can detonate if it isn't put into a terminal. Occasionally, a pop-up text will say, Vakaal begins his collection, where the Essence Guardians will be frozen in place, similar to Morgeth, the Spirekeeper. These frozen Guardians will slowly take damage and lose some of their Essence; if killed, Vakaal will gain a sliver of health if any was lost. To prevent this, the Taskmaster Hunters will have to shoot two bulging boils found anywhere on his body. The Guardians also have to keep an eye on the Prime Servitor, who will show a symbol in it's eye. This symbol will indicate which monitor needs to be shot at the end of the damage phase to prevent a wipe. Once enough Essence is gathered (to the Fireteam's liking or to prevent a wipe, the team will gather at one of the terminals to begin the damage phase. Vakaal will engage with his Overcharged Ether (like he has throughout the entire encounter) and also activate the Prime Servitor to open fire upon the Fireteam with extremely powerful Eye Blasts. Vakaal will also "drag" Guardians towards him, suppressing their weapons and bringing them close to Vakaal so that he could instantly kill them with his Ground Slam; to prevent this, one or more Guardians must shoot a newly spawned boil on Vakaal. By the end of the damage phase, the monitors around the arena will light up, showing various symbols on them. The team must shoot the proper monitor quickly to prevent a wipe and end the damage phase. This is to be repeated until Vakaal is killed by the team.