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The House of Storm is a House of the Fallen, distinguishable by their pale turquoise colored armors and torn light gray cloaks. They were once the enemies of the House of Lions.



"'House Storm' was never of a House, for you see, they were only just remnants of a long forgotten House, before Whirlwind struck, named 'House Sky' and their Banners was raised high as their moniker."
— A blurb from the "Monseek'ir Gray"

The House of Storm originated from one of the older Fallen Houses that existed among Riis, called the House of Sky, whom were known for their skill with ship-to-ship combats. In the aftermath of the chaotic Whirlwind, the House was prone to a large conflict known as the Gray Wars, fighting against another House known as the House of Lions. When the Wars ended, most of Sky's nobility, along with their Kell, were eliminated, and most of their ships were stolen or salvaged by other gangs of Fallen belonging to the House of Lions. This would lead to the House of Sky effectively leaderless and broken, presuming its possible demise and extinction, however, what remains of the House would be stranded over at Alpha Centauri,

Few years later during the aftermath of the Taken War, a former rising Archon known as Tikmiks, who was the son of the Lion noble Skevsis, the Prowling, would discover remnants of Sky deep outside the Sol System. Seeing a potential opportunity with gaining revenge against Joskaa, who defeated his father and became the Kell of Lions, Tikmiks would take over the House and attempted to strengthen his leadership by creating Raviks Reborn, a rebuilt version of Raviks Prime, the Prime Servitor of the House of Sky that went missing during the Gray Wars. However, rather than restoring the broken House to what it was, he instead created a new House with its goals of attempting to destroy the House of Lions to take revenge for those they lost in the Gray Wars, calling themselves as the "House of Storm", with Tikmiks leading them as their Archon.

Recent Events[edit]

Rise of the Storms[edit]

During the waning hours of the Siege on Mars, the House of Storm would finally emerge from the shadows and entered the Sol System, hiding on Deimos, one of the two moons of Mars. However, due to their low numbers and supplies, Tikmiks would begin to pillage from remnants of broken Houses and tried to called out to any Fallen to join their cause, evening reaching to Prison of Elders' prisoners. Soon they would attempt to struck a blow against the House of Lions by attacking their Prime Servitor, Andiks Prime, but would be unsuccessful, catching the attention of the House, resulting a battle between the two Houses, forcing the Storms to flee to Mars, and took refuge within Cerberus Vae III, pushing the Cabal out of the tank and driving a patrolling Fireteam away from the Valley of the Kings. Meanwhile the Lions would begin to rally their forces to attack the Storms on Mars, getting those of the likes of Magnusk, Lions' Wrath and Grask, Lion Captain, even gaining help from one of their most powerful allies, AJ, the Relentless to hunt down the Storms. Travelling to Mars to take the House down, but would enter a skirmish with the provoked Cabal. However the Vanguard would take notice in the displaced Fireteam and sent a Guardian in dealing the commotion, soon they would intercept the fighting Lions and Cabal, and would be forced to work with the Fallen under the influence of AJ, they would take out the Cabal and force the House of Storm out of the tank and drew out Tikmiks, however he would unfortunately escape. This gave the Lions a temporary victory and a loose alliance with The Guardian for the time being until they could catch the fleeing Archon.

Breaking the Storm[edit]

Remnants of Storm[edit]

Despite of the House of Storm's surrendering to the Lions, and Joskaa becoming their Kell, there were some Storms that rebelled against Joskaa's rule. But most of those would be sent to the Kell's Dungeon. Tikmiks, who was still alive after his capture, was ordered to a duel against The Guardian in the Kell's Gauntlet in hopes of Freedom, however he was defeated and executed.

Despite this, a few Storms would leave the House, and joined other Houses and factions such as The Jackal Syndicate, a Fallen organization led by Seriviks, its acting Kell and a former House of Lions Archon, and the House of Emperors, led by Atrykis, a former Lion Baron. However, the Factions would be both found and destroyed by the Lions.

Season of Storms[edit]

"I was once of House Sky, then House Salvation, now I am back where I belong, Storm will rise once again, this time not under a false Kell."
— Zavriks, Storm's Rebellion

The House of Storm would return in the Season of Storms, fractured into two, thanks to the arrival of Zavriks, a former House Sky Baron and a former helper within the House of Storm during the era of Tikmiks. Zavriks would attempt to weed out any rebellious Fallen and call them for his cause. This side would be called: "Storm Traditionalists", or "Storm Loyalists," while those who were still loyal to Joskaa would be seen as "Storm Reformists", who wanted the House to be reformed into the old House of Sky. This would cause a major stalemate to the House, to see who would come out as the true fate of the House.

To gain further support from the traditionalists, Zavriks would build a new Prime for Storm known as Volniks Prime and a new god for the House to worship. His bid for power would bring in new commanders into the House of Storm, one of these individuals would be known as Skeldiks, Slayer a Fallen mercenary known for killing Vex, Hive and Cabal alike.


"House of Storm wasn't a House, it was just a small band of Fallen that attempted to kill us as vengeance for the death of their Past Lives."
— Joskaa

The House of Storm is a newly made House mostly formed up of Remnants of an older House, with their goals mostly of taking vengeance against the House of Lions, serving as the one last attempt of House of Sky, (the House of Storm's predecessors). Instead of being led by a Kell at the time, its proper leadership was mostly in the hands of their Archon, though, the House has other leaders alongside their Archon as well, such as their rebuilt Prime Servitor. The Storms are also shown to be seeking new members through recruiting other Fallen from broken Houses to join the Storm's banner, one of these attempts would be Skarviks, a former Captain from the House of Winter who tried to join the Storms for personal reasons.

However, after the later defeat of Tikmiks, the House of Storm would be assimilated into the House of Lions as their Kell, Joskaa, would take over the Storms as their new leader for unknown purposes, possibly to learn over the House's knowledge with Deimos and more. Eventually, the House would be prone to a change in their structure, as Joskaa would attempt to restore them back into the House of Sky.




Prime Servitors[edit]

Notable Members[edit]

Storm Traditionalists[edit]

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  • The House of Storm are the second Fallen House to be absorbed and working with a another Fallen House, that being the House of Lions. The first to do this was the House of Winter, as they were taken over by Skolas, the Kell of the House of Wolves.
  • It is unknown whether or not Tikmiks was the true founder of the House of Storm as Zavriks, the former Baron of the House of Sky, claims to be one of if not the original founder of the House of Storm.


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