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Volniks Prime
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House of Storm (Traditionalists)


Prime Servitor

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"Volniks Prime is a way for Zavriks to take command of the House of Storm, almost like how Tikmiks had done before in the past, so do like you did before...destroy it."

Volniks Prime is the acting Prime Servitor within the House of Storm, served by the rising Archon of Storm, Zavriks. It was created by Zavriks as a replacement to his House's failed Primes, seeing that the House of Storm needed to evolve past their former lives.


Sometime following the fall of the House of Salvation, the former Sky now Storm Baron, by the name of Zavriks, sought to reunite the traditional members of the House of Storm in order to bring it into a new age. To achieve his goals he attempted to aspire as an Archon and built Volniks Prime as not only to show the power he possessed, but the technological prowess he had learned from Praksis of the former Wolves.

Volniks would be stationed in Riis-Reborn on Europa in order to rally the disheveled members of Salvation while Zavriks held others plans and sought out to reclaim Deimos for Storm. Guardians were dispatched by Joskaa, Lion Kell to investigate the in-surging Storm forces and eliminate them at all costs. As they located and found out Volniks's intentions, it would quickly make its escape with Cruxes of Darkness along with it, making others believe its mission was more than troop gathering.




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