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Biographical Information

Other Names:

Sky Elder
Gray Baron
Gray's Slayer
Gray's Rebellion
Salvation Elite (formerly)
Archon of Gray (self-proclaimed)
Rival to Joskaa




House of Sky (formerly)
House of Salvation (temporary)
House of Gray (currently, traditionalists)




Baron (formerly)
Rising Archon





Combat Information




Shrapnel Launcher
Molten Welder


Temporary Immunity
Ultra Smash
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Fallen
Summon Skiff
Summon Servants of Zavriks

"I will see to it that the House of Gray will rise once again, its ties to Sky severed, a true Prime to serve and a leader to stand above all of them."
— Zavriks

Zavriks is a former Fallen Baron of the House of Gray and Rising Archon of the Gray Loyalists. He seeks to usurp the House of Lions from ruling the House of Gray and from turning it back into its predecessor, the House of Sky, believing that the House has evolved beyond what they once were.


Formerly a member of the House of Sky, Zavriks was once a noble Baron, renowned hunter and skilled strategist. He was a favored commander under the Kell of Sky who helped with facing against the House of Lions. He was also most notable for assisting Dakiliss to assassinate the Lion Kell, Yorvik. Though his notoriousness of this event led to a bounty being placed on his head, however many had tried to search for him afterwards but to no avail, in which many believed he had vanished from existence.

In exile, he would discover a great of many things, even at one point coming face to face with none other than Oryx, the Taken King himself and in the process learn various secrets of the Darkness. His encounters would lead to him developing a new philosophy, one in which he would abandon his former house to craft a new one

He would resurface by the time of the second phase of the Gray Wars in which he would join within the ranks of the House of Gray as one of their Barons to assist Timiks in forming this new House. He commanded a Ketch by the name of Swift Endurance which was used to terrorize the forces of the House of Lions and the Guardians. However like before, as the forces of Gray, the destruction of Raniks Reborn and the capture of Tikmiks, Zavriks would disappear once again.

Shortly after the return of the Darkness, Zavriks would be join within the ranks of the House of Salvation, working as one of Eramis's lieutenants. His whereabouts were unknown to the Guardians as he held intentions of using the powers of Stasis as a catalyst to unite the forces of Gray to rebuild their shattered remains.

His plan wouldn’t come into fruition until the defeat of the Witch Queen. He began to gather various Fallen to his cause and even forge a Prime Servitor by the name of Volniks Prime. In the process of his proper resurgence left a target on his head by Joskaa, Kell of Lions along with a divide between the House of Gray, the "Traditionalists" and "Reformists." Which Zavriks controls the Traditionalists, as for the Lions, they had the Reformists.



  • Zavriks bears a striking resemblance to the Archon Aspirants of the House of Salvation.
    • This is due to the fact that he was once a former member of the aforementioned House.

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